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MSFS WT G1000 Bridge (softkey labels)

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Hello @ll,

on the axisandohs.com website there is a new download for a G1000 Bridge addon package. 

With this addon package you can read the softkey labels from the WT G1000 PFD and MFD as LVarsin AxisAndOhs. 
Drop the contents of the ZIP file into your community folder.
The softkey labels can then be accessed in your AAO Gauge, WebPage or StreamDeck profile using the following variables:


n = 1 - 12

(L:G1000_XXX_SOFTKEY_n, String) -> the text of the label
(L:G1000_XXX_SOFTKEY_n_INDICATOR) -> 0/1/2 green indicator bar (none/grey/green)
(L:G1000_XXX_SOFTKEY_n_ENABLED) -> 0/1 shows if the softkey is disabled (grey) / enabled (white)

The following variables show the content of the input field when entering a waypoint:
(L:G1000_PFD_DTO_INP, String)
(L:G1000_PFD_WPT_INP, String)
 (L:G1000_MFD_DTO_INP, String)
(L:G1000_MFD_WPT_INP, String)
Finally, this variable contains the magenta route string in the top left corner of the AP panel on the PFD
(L:G1000_PFD_AP_RTE, String) 


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8 minutes ago, Downed_Aviator said:

I assume that WPT in L:G1000_MFD_WPT_INP means waypoint identifier name, but what is DTO in L:G1000_MFD_DTO_INP?

All the INP variables contain the value of the input fields where you enter ICAO codes with the scroll buttons.

One is the input field when you open the Direct-To subpanel (DTO)

The other is the generic input field that you get when entering waypoints, for example in a flight plan (WPT).

All Variables are read-only.

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