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  1. I assume that WPT in L:G1000_MFD_WPT_INP means waypoint identifier name, but what is DTO in L:G1000_MFD_DTO_INP?
  2. Thank you, that is what I needed to know. It was not obvious that saving last position will also save the zoom level, and I did not select that option because saving the last position was not something I wanted, but it is ok because once my flight loads the map automatically jumps to my departure location and retains the zoom level, which works fine for me.
  3. Thanks for reply. I looked there but cannot see how I would set a map scale. I am starting without a flight plan if that is relevant.
  4. When Littlenavmap is started the map loads at maximum zoom-out scale (8000nm). Would it be possible to have a user setting to specify a preferred startup scale, e.g 30nm?
  5. Does AI traffic takeoff now instead of clustering at the threshold?
  6. Is this going to be of any use for live traffic or it only a thing for Offline AI?
  7. I use SpaceDesk and two 10 inch Android tablets for extra displays, plus SkyElite for PFD and MFD. Set up my computer as a WiFi access point and connected the tablets via WiFi Direct for best performance. I believe SpaceDesk also works with iOS devices (eg. iPad). I also tried Splashtop, good but it can only connect to one tablet device. I also use an Aimos rotary controller with SkyElite (new feature), which works kind of like Knobster. Took a while to set up and get working reliably, but seems pretty good so far, although I do get occasional glitches which seem to be MSFS/Win10 related rather than the apps that I am using.
  8. Where is this community folder of which you speak? Newbie here.
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