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Word is out that FF 777 nearing beta

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For those who have looking for news on the FF777 v2, I just saw this update 

Here is clip from the announcement from the org:

Dear Friends,

As we approach the holiday season, I find it important to share some updates with you. I understand the anticipation surrounding the release of the 777, and all of us appreciate your patience. At this juncture, we are not yet ready to ship the aircraft. I'd like to provide a concise overview of the remaining open issues that must be addressed before reaching the public beta phase:

- FMS: LNAV and VNAV guidance
- EFB: Performance calculator, pilot utilities
- EFIS: weather radar and terrain
- Liveries and manuals

Additionally, for the final release, post-beta, we have aspirations for:

- Document reader and other apps in the EFB

"Why has it taken so long?" you may ask. Allow me to emphasize that we are striving for an unprecedented level of excellence, focusing on both system depth and overall user experience. We've implemented advanced features such as crew interaction, full vocalization of procedures, and voice control. This is the first model where we've meticulously programmed the maintenance side of the airliner world. Our proprietary sound system is entirely new, based on authentic recordings of the actual aircraft. Personally, I underwent Type Rating training and certification to deepen my understanding of this remarkable airliner.

Admittedly, we've encountered setbacks over the past couple of years, notably due to regional conflicts here in Europe impacting our operations deeply. Furthermore, the release of X-Plane 12 has necessitated our attention to ensure compatibility across all our models.

Despite these challenges, we've reached a significant milestone. Our model boasts more features than any we've ever made, offering a new level of immersion, aerodynamic and engine performance suitable for real pilot training. It encompasses every addition our customers have ever requested, from simbrief integration to RAAS, workarounds, thousands of failures, and comprehensive training scenarios.

This intricate work is nearing completion for the upcoming public beta, expected in the next 8-10 weeks. It signifies the beginning of an exciting journey, as we have a substantial list of additions and expansions planned after the initial release.

Other projects are not forgotten and news will come soon.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas 





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One of my favourite's the triple seven. This is something very much to look forward to.


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