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Improving my PC for MSFS VR.

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Hi all

I have a PC that I built specifically for MSFS and now only fly in VR. It has the following specs

Intel i9-9900K @3.6GHz

MSI MS-7B18 Motherboard

32mb RAM


Nvidia GeForce 2070

NZXT Cooler

Hard wired into 1GB internet

Occulus 2 wired connection


MSFS boxed version


I'm not getting the performance i'd like. VR is ok with the basic aircraft but with PMDG it's hit and miss. I usually fire up MSFS and then go to the Occulus desktop and Ctrl+Tab into VR.

The game is unplayable and hangs plus has black areas with no visuals if I turn my head. I need to have the tray tool open and this makes things better but every now and then swap to it and click save as it seems to go back to hanging up and stuttering.

I have heard people talk about openXR but not sure if I should be using that. Is this just for the Steam version?

I built my PC but just plugged it all in and turned it on, is there any configurating I can do to improve things? I have heard about overclocking, should I try that?

Any help would be much appreciated. I just got the Fenix A320 but it is unplayable even with the settings that runs ok in PMDG and saving the tray tool.

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Possible your graphics card holding you up? I have a 3080 and wasn’t great with a wired connection but I installed the open xr  toolkit to make it look better.


still had some really poor sessions though but have since installed Steam link  app on the QUEST 2 , even though I have the Microsoft store version and am getting smoother performance with that than the wired connection

3080rtx  on a i7 12700k with 32 Gig ddr5. 2gig Ssd

Quest 2

Windows 11

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