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VDXR and Quest 3 Colour Settings, from meh to wow!

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When I first tried a Quest 2 (previously Odyssey+) with MSFS, everything looked washed out and I never took it any further.  Now on a new PC (4090) with a Quest 3, I found the same thing and the whole world looked nice and sharp, but like it was made out of plastic.  Thanks to a tip-off from @Donka I found the colour settings in OpenXR toolkit (first enable post-processing).  I can't believe the difference.  After a bit of tweaking, on an evening flight in Scotland, I actually got the feel of evening and everything looked so much more real.  This was a huge step-up in immersion.  I'm not there yet and I doubt that these settings will work in all conditions, but this is what I was using:

Contrast: 42.5
Brightness: 40
Exposure: 50
Saturation: 50
Vibrance: 0
Highlights: 40
Shadow: 0

Gamma in Virtual Desktop is left at 1.0.

There's probably a bit more fiddling to be done, but I'm just going to enjoy flying for a bit.

I do wonder if there is something different about my setup, since nobody else is reporting this.  The only thing in common with my old and new PC setups is that they were both connected to a TV as the main monitor, maybe some setting somewhere adapted to this.  I'd be interest to hear from anyone else.

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How are you connecting,  Steam Link?  I have to disable  open xr toolkit  or it wont  in Steam link , trying to find a solution






3080rtx  on a i7 12700k with 32 Gig ddr5. 2gig Ssd

Quest 2

Windows 11

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I am using Virtual Desktop with its built-in OpenXR.  I have the MS Store version of Flight Simulator.

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