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Brave New World

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Right, not a few minutes walk.


The tires are worn.  The shocks are shot.  The steering is wobbly.  But the engine still runs fine.

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Posted (edited)
On 12/30/2023 at 10:47 PM, birdguy said:

Would you give up your lifestyle now because somewhere, someplace, people are suffering the hardships of war?

It's not about my "lifestyle" it's about the resurrection of a German Regime (that apparently gets censored here) that was embraced by an ex-US-President and supported by a surprising large percent of US population.  We seem to be returning to "those times" and like I said, has anyone here actually had their home with your kids present bombed by the can't be name Germain regime?

As far as teaching, education is fundamental to a healthy population but some parts of the country seem to think "burning books" is the way to go?  Gun violence not a problem, but anything remotely related to sex and it's suddenly a big deal (the hypocrisy is thick on that side of government)?  As far as salaries and benefits, that's something you either love to do or find another career path.  I wish I had 2-3 months of the year where I didn't work, I'm lucky to get 2 weeks a year and much of the time have to respond late nights until 2am as that's the nature of my work and why I get paid well for it.  There are many times where I've thought about working in a coffee shop and coming home leaving my work behind entire, no worries, no concerns.

I'm hoping the $400,000+ plus I put into Soc Sec over the years will be there when I come to retire, sure I have my own other investments (401K etc.) but there is a certain segment of the government that wants to either increase the age for retirement or do away with Soc Sec entirely ... which is why I'll NEVER vote for that 1/2 of the government.

On 12/31/2023 at 5:51 AM, Luke said:

Apparently, the free market disagrees with you. And you are a free market guy, right?

Lobbyist will do as much as possible to control a market, so no, it's rarely "free" ... take a look at DJI drones, banned (if only guns could banned as quickly) for 2024 unless you buy from a single US company Skydio who lobbied to get our government to ban DJI drones because they were made in China.  Free market, heck no, maybe circa 1500's we did.  Apparently Drones are far more a threat to US citizens than guns even though gun deaths rack up 48,000+ deaths per year and drone (non-Military) deaths rack up ... ZERO.

I have no idea if my post is borderline political or not, the goal posts seem to move daily with updates to what can and can't be communicated, so if you need to delete this post go for it because I've given up guessing what is and isn't acceptable to post.


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CO2Neutral, it's very hard to respond to your post without going political.  So let me say this; I can only speak for myself.  I never had a job I didn't like and I had many jobs.  I chose to be a 'jack of all trades' as opposed to having a career where I did the same thing all my life.  Once when I was unemployed and looking for work I turned down a higher paying job for a lower paying job because I thought the lower paying job would be more fun.  Of course having enough money to give a family of six the essentials was important.

Back in my day our personal lives were more important than our political lives.  Whichever side you were on didn't matter that much and never entered the realm of friendships.  That was when a Republican president (Reagan) routinely invited his friend, a Democrat Speaker of the House (Tip O'Neil) to the White House for dinner.  Republicans and Democrats could be friends and seldom did they argue politics.  I had a fly fishing friend who was a Democrat and I was a Republican at the time but the important thing when we went fishing was who caught the largest rainbow trout.

Letting politics play a large part of your life can lead to a great deal of anxiety and grief if you let it.  That is especially true when you are not in a position to do anything about it except vote.  I would advise you not to let it consume you.

Personally I pay little attention to the political news anymore.  It's not something I choose to worry about. I already know how I will vote and I think most of us do.  So the side show of politics is just another reality show I tune out.

Chill out, CO2Neutral.  Worry only about the things you can change in your life.  What goes on atop Mount Olympus or in Foggy Bottom is pretty much out of your control.


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The tires are worn.  The shocks are shot.  The steering is wobbly.  But the engine still runs fine.

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9 hours ago, CO2Neutral said:

I have no idea if my post is borderline political or not,

It is so tread carefully. 😉

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Ray (Cheshire, England).
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On 1/7/2024 at 7:55 AM, birdguy said:

I already know how I will vote and I think most of us do.

I don't, my mind remains open ... perhaps that's problem?  Facts and Truth decide my swing be it life decisions or political ones ... some are easy to find, others take work (sometimes a lot of work).  But being prepared is as fundamental as going thru checklists on aircraft ... your life can depend on it.

On 1/7/2024 at 8:13 AM, Ray Proudfoot said:

It is so tread carefully.

Hopefully that was careful enough?

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