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Air Force One

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Guest Bizub4

Does anyone know if the US Goverment is questioning sbout getting s more fuel effienct 747-800 or 787?

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Certainly not. The VC-25s are not flown enough hours a year to come anywhere near justifying a new airplane. It would probably take some centuries of fuel savings from the newer planes to cover the cost of a new jet outfitted like the VC-25.Also, keep in mind that the VC-25 is not equipped with the older JT9 engines found on most other B747-200 variants, but rather with much more modern CF6-80C2 fans, which are still fairly efficient by today's standards.RegardsBob ScottATP IMEL Gulfstream II-III-IV-VSantiago de Chile

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From Global Security.org"With the continuing march of technology and the prestige attached to the U.S. Presidential airlift fleet, Air Force plans recommend a system review date of 2010."& "Principal differences between the VC-25A and the standard Boeing 747, other than the number of passengers carried, are the electronic and communications equipment aboard Air Force One, its interior configuration and furnishings, self-contained baggage loader, front and aft air-stairs, and the capability for inflight refueling. The VC-25A is capable of flying half way around the world without refueling and can accommodate more than 70 passengers. "These are among the most expensive aircraft flying in the world. The political battles to fund them and the design and construciton process took almost 10 years.I would not expect a replacement until 2018 or 2020.Also be aware that the C32 (B752) is occasionally flow as Air Force ONE to airports too small for the B742.I'm sure you're also aware that Air Force One is not the aircraft's designation or name - but a call sign. There are two VC-25A's.The call sign Air Force One, Marine One, Navy One, Army One - is only supposed to be used when the president is aboard.The assignment / creation of the Air Force One call sign is itself interesting - check it out on the web.

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