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    EFB for Mac Version 1.1


    FSWidgets EFB for Mac () has been updated to Version 1.1  - a free update  for all registered users.  

    This native Mac app is an Electronic Flight Bag and moving map with support for X-Plane, FSX or FS2004.  

    The biggest change to Version 1.1 is the complete overhaul of the mapping engine, which now uses a more capable underlying rendering engine that supports some great new features and enhancements.  

    Updates includes new world-wide weather  options that feature Cloud, Rain, Pressure and Wind data overlays for the map.  

    Three new Base Map types have been added and include a satellite map  with Hybrid (Road overlay) options.  

    Here is the full list of changes:  

    - New mapping engine powered by Amazon cloud servers  
    - New Base Map: Shaded Terrain Hybrid (Shaded Terrain plus roads)  
    - New Base Map: Esri Satellite (World-wide Satellite Images)  
    - New Base Map: Esri Satellite Hybrid (Esri Satellite plus roads)  
    - New Weather Option: World Cloud Data (World-wide cloud cover data layer)  
    - New Weather Option: World Rain Data (World-wide rainfall data layer)  
    - New Weather Option: World Pressure Data (World-wide pressure data layer)  
    - New Weather Option: World Wind Data (World-wide wind data layer)  

    To update  to Version 1.1, simply download the free demo  from the FSWidgets EFB for Mac product page and replace the .app file.

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