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    Flightdeck Solutions Preview “MX” Series B777 Package


    The “MX” Series products are designed to deliver high on realism, scale and functionality.
    The FDS-B777-MX-MCP1 is made up of the Mode Control Panel (MCP), EFIS Control panel as well as the Display Select Panel (DSP).
    A single USB connector is utilized for PnP interfacing. A Universal power supply is also included.
    Flightdeck Solutions attention to detail shows in all the elements and the product is backed with the FDS name and 15 year history of delivering great simulation products.

    Features include:
    - Full Scale Design
    - FDS Proprietary “Integrated Backlit” (IBL) Panels
    - Accurate Green Backlight (As per the real aircraft!)
    - Excellent Tactile Feel Push Switches with Dual Backlight
    - Functional Bank Angle Selector
    - Functional AUTO/1,000 Altitude Selector
    - Amber 7-Segment LEDs
    - Metal Powder Coated Knobs
    - Metal Powder Coated Case
    - Universal Power Supply (110/220v) Included
    - Backlit EFIS and DSP Push Switches
    - EFIS BARO and MINS Rotary Control with Accurate 2-Position Selectors
    - Optional First Officer EFIS Available
    - Compatible with Sim-Avionics, PMDG777 and Project Magenta

    Shipments begin October 20, 2014

    Visit the MX Series B777 Information Page for a look at the new package
    Image 1
    Image 2
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