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    France VFR Obstacles & VFR Landmarks for MSFS


    Obstacles & VFR landmarks – FRANCE is an addon for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® covering the entire French territory and designed to add more than 500 000 landmarks to the scenery, including virtually all of the obstacles to navigation identified by the SIA (Service for Aeronautical Information), that have been qualified and geo-referenced.

    The ambition of this product is to provide a true benchmark of obstacles and landmarks for VFR simulated navigation. We have set up a monitoring and reporting system that allows to regularly specify, modify existing data and add new objects or object classes.


    More than 4000 obstacles identified by S.I.A. including:
    - 1 000 radio and television antennas, telecommunications towers
    - 1 000 microwave towers and telecom transmitters
    - 200 cooling towers, smokestacks and flares
    - 1 500 water towers
    - 130 lighthouses
    - churches
    - biggest bridges and viaducts
    - entire set of thermal and nuclear power plants

    Details of obstacles and landmarks included:
    - 350 000 power towers with lighting in the vicinity of airports, representing virtually all High Voltage and Extra High Voltage networks
    - 3 000 HV substations
    - 8 500 windmills
    - 65 000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas, chapels and religious buildings
    - 55 000 agricultural greenhouse
    - 11 000 water towers
    - 16 000 agricultural silos
    - 12 000 industrial tanks
    - 14 000 antennas
    - 3 500 lifts/cable car

    More information and screenshots from France VFR

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    Just got this last week  - although at a discount as I already had the P3D version.

    If you like flying in France and do it frequently - esp in VFR, this is a must. Not cheap - but tens of thousands of salient objects; bridges, power stations, windmills, lighthouses - I mean France without Churches and Water Towers - come on!

    I can't vouch for nationwide accuracy - but in the areas I am familiar with (Cote d'Azure and Basse Normandy) it looked pretty good. Even Renault's Chateau on Chausey Island is there (offshore Granville, Normandy - LFRF).

    So thumbs up from me! We need it for the UK now.




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