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    FS2Crew Announcements

    FS2Crew (www.fs2crew.com) is happy to make the following announcements:

    The QualityWings 787 edition has been released!

    This is an advanced flight crew simulation that supports FSX, P3D V4 and P3D V5.

    It was designed exclusively for the QualityWings 787.

    It includes Voice and Button Control interface methods and allows you to fly your 787 like a real-world airline pilot using actual airline checklists and SOPs specific to a 787.

    At the same time, FS2Crew has updated the following products to support P3D V5:

    FS2Crew: Maddog X Reboot

    FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II Version

    FS2Crew: Ultimate Ground Crew X

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