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    FSWIDGETS QuickPlan For Android, iPad and Mac


    FSWIDGETS have released QuickPlan on three platforms (Android, iPad and Mac) with support for three flight simulators (FSX, FS2004 & X-Plane).


    QuickPlan is a visual point and click (or tap) flight planner that makes it easy to generate flight plans in native FSX, FS2004 or X-Plane formats. These plans can then be saved and copied to your simulator's flight plans folder. The entire route is drawn and generated visually, by clicking or tapping on the map to progressively add the departure airport, intermediate waypoints and arrival airport in the same order that you intend flying the plan. If desired, the entire route from departure to arrival can be created without reference to any navigational aids or official airports.


    This is handy for bush pilots who often use unlicensed airfields and small landing strips (or seaplane landing areas). Helicopter pilots can also quickly create plans that depart from off-airport locations like building rooftops or land on a road.


    For those wishing to extend the application to create more advanced IFR flight plans QuickPlan has support for the FSWidgets Cloud Based World Nav Data product (free KSFO - San Francisco Bay area data included) and FSWidgets Cloud Based Aero Chart products (free Cuba/Puerto Rico WAC included). QuickPlan utilizes a new mapping engine and includes 12 world-wide map styles. World-wide Metar/TAF data and US Nexrad (Next-Gen Radar) data is included free. The Android and Mac versions are available as free demos.


    For more details and screenshots please see the FSWIDGETS Homepage.






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