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    AVSIM to Provide Wrapper System for Developers

    Tom Allensworth

    We are pleased to reveal that early next week AVSIM will be releasing its Product Wrapper System (PWS) for Add-On Developers. The PWS offers add-on developers the opportunity to securely provide their products to their customers, using a key and machine code system to protect their products and IP from pirating. The system uses AVSIM's secure servers to provide global key look up and activation. The system allows flexibility in number of activations allowed, MAC binding, duration of activation, activation on one or more machines, and so on. There is a considerable degree of flexibility for the developer and we will document all of that prior to our bringing the PWS online.


    In a nut shell, here is how it works; you provide us your product, we wrap it according to your PWS feature choices, and we then send it back to you with a separate file containing the keys for your product. The wrapper contains YOUR license, YOUR web site address, YOUR support links, and more. We anticipate that turn around times will be less than 3 days for most products.


    The most important part of the AVSIM PWS is that it reduces your costs to implement a secure key system for your product and allows you a greater return on your investment. Here is just a short list of features for you to consider:


    1. Setup Costs: If you were to do this on your own, it would costs thousands invested in a variety of software packages, servers, PHP / MySQL implementation and more.

    3. Initial cost - Using a third party system as an alternative:  Available wrapper systems can cost you a 10% commission or more for each product sold.

    5. AVSIM's PWS is tied to the number of Keys you purchase: as an example, we will offer a 500 KEY package that costs you a one time fee of $50.00. If you sell all 500 keys, that's $0.10 per product sale. When we launch the PWS, we will offer a number of attractive pricing packages.

    7. If you need more keys resulting from popular product sales? No problem, we will sell you a second or third or fourth batch for your product.

    9. Product sales: You can sell your product anywhere. Users are not constrained to any one web site to acquire your product. You could even sell the product directly if you have a Single User License Key System (SULK) in place. Alternatively, you could sell directly and provide keys via email to your confirmed customers. We hope you will choose to sell your product in the AVSIM Market Place, but you are not required to do so.

    11. Commerce Systems: Using the AVSIM PWS, you are free to choose the commerce system you want. You are not tied to a vendor's system and you don't have to pay additional commissions or processing fees if you chose to go your own way.

    We will be announcing more about the PWS next week and will start signing up developers on Monday. If you are interested, please contact us at marketplace@avsim.com.


    You can discuss and ask questions in our forum thread dedicated to this subject here.
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