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    Review by Marlon Carter




    + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras!

    + Flight Preparations

    + Cockpit Set-up

    + Briefings

    + Checklists

    + Cockpit Presentation

    + External Walkaround

    + Departure & Arrival Airport Charts

    + Pilot Presentations

    + Cabin Presentation




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    AUH Abu Dhabi, UAE








    AUH Abu Dhabi, UAE






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    The A380 has always been an intriguing aircraft for aviation enthusiasts. A few years ago, Just Planes released their first A380 video featuring the operations of Air France and it was a very popular video that provided an intimate view of what it takes to fly this aircraft. This time around, we will be getting a closer look at the operations of the A380 with Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways is a newcomer to the Just Planes line up and one that is most welcome given their global popularity.

    Featuring a round trip flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris, this program starts off with our pilots preparing the around for departure from Abu Dhabi. During this segment, the viewers will have the opportunity to see how the FMS is setup and they will also have the benefit of a brief cockpit overview. After discussing the takeoff briefing, we begin our taxi to the runway where the size of this aircraft becomes ever more apparent with the aid of cameras being used to safely stay on the centerline. Despite its size however, as the A380 accelerates down the runway under the command of the First Officer, its performance was certainly quite impressive.

    Once airborne and enroute to Paris, there were many noteworthy highlights that may be of interest to the viewers. For example, while cruising at FL340, a clear view of another A380 can be seen from the cockpit window just 4000 ft. Due to the high volume of traffic in the area, our flight was restricted to FL340 with FL360 and FL380 being occupied. While this may seem fairly routine, this situation posed a challenge due to adverse weather in the area. However, after deviating from nearby thunderstorms and being clear of most other traffic, our flight was finally able to climb to a final cruising altitude of FL400.

    From this point onward, with a slightly reduced workload, our pilots took the opportunity to sharetheir history with the company. For example, the Captain discusses how she become the first female Captain at Etihad and our First Officer also shares her career history and her thoughts on the A380 vs the A320. These presentations were quite informativeand they may be an inspiration to anyone interested in becoming a pilot and anyone who is avidly interested in the A380.

    For our return flight to Abu Dhabi, the final highlight of this video places its focus on the airline and their commitment to provide an unparalleled level of service to their customers. To showcase the unique amenities of the A380, both the Butler and Cabin Manager take the viewers on a tour of the residence and first class areasof the aircraft. These areas nicely showcases the unique product provided by Etihad which offers the very best in comfort and convenience to their customers. Other tours include a closer look at the business class area and galleys where we meet the top notch cabin crew members who fully explain their roles to the viewers.Ultimately, after viewing these presentations, one can’t help but to admire the dedication, professionalism and innovation displayed by Etihad and their hard working flight crews. As a private pilot and an aviation enthusiast, this program surely instills a desire to someday work for such an amazing airline. Additionally, the insights provided on the A380 were a most welcome reminder of why this aircraft is in a league of its own and why the men and women who fly this aircraft have all fallen in love with it. With this being the first Just Planes presentation to feature Etihad, one can only hope that it will not be the last. With Etihad also operating flights with other fleet types such as the A320, A330, A350, B777 and the B787, I am eagerly look forward to seeing more videos from this airline in the future and I am sure you will also after viewing this program.



     JUST PLANES ETIHAD A380 Product Page  .


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    I've seen some of the advertising clips on youtube. Just Planes films are invariably great to watch and this one seems to be no exception.

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