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    REVIEW - Azul Ladies in Pink


    Azul Ladies in Pink by Just Planes

    A review by Marlon Carter









    Just Planes has once again revisited Azul for another exciting program that features a special initiative from Azul to bring greater awareness to breast cancer. A few years ago, Azul began painting some of its aircraft in a pink livery, which promoted FEMAMA, a Brazilian non-profit organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer.


    In this program, we will be focusing on the female pilots of Azul as they take us on a series of flights across Brazil. Dressed in pink uniforms, the ladies of Azul will surely capture your attention as they commonly do while walking through airports. This program features flights onboard the Embraer 195 and the ATR-72-500 series. Some of the destinations featured are Campinas, Salvador, Florianopolis, Rio and Foz do Iguaçu. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.










    This program starts off with a few introductory comments by the Marketing Director of Azul as he outlines the Breast Cancer Awareness program that Azul has been actively promoting. Azul has a goal of citing various cities with their specially painted E195s and ATR-72s in an effort to draw attention to this important cause during the month of October. Thus far they have visited some 50 cities in Brazil an along with Azul, Embraer and ATR have also partnered on this effort.


    What makes this event such a special occasion is the fact that all specially painted airplanes are flown by an all-female flight crew dressed in pink uniforms. After the presentation was complete, we join the flight crew for our first flight as they make their way through the airport terminal for a brief photo shoot. The flights that follow take us to Campinas, Salvador, Florianopolis, Rio and Foz do Iguaçu onboard the E-195 and ATR-72-500.  During these flights there were many highlights, which included throughout cockpit briefings, cockpit presentations, startup procedures and interesting facts about some of the destinations.


    One of the most outstanding features of this program was the camera view that allows the viewers to have the best perspective of each flight. It goes without saying that Brazil is a beautiful country with many interesting sights. Perhaps the most significant is the famous approach to Rio, which offers a stunning view of the city and approach procedures.


    In the end, I have to say that this program was very unique and very insightful into the operations of Azul and the professional manner of their female flight crew. Azul has shown itself to be an airline that cares about important causes and they have spared no effort in bringing special awareness to breast cancer. If you are a fan of Azul and the operations of their aircraft, this program is definitely for you. Most importantly however, if you purchase this program for $30.00, a portion of each sale is donated to the Femama Organization. The Femama Organization is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization, organized to bring a reduction in the breast cancer death rates in Brazil. With this program, you can benefit from hours of aviation entertainment while helping to save lives. It is for this reason that I would highly recommend this program as an addition to your video collection.










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