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  1. Brilliant shots, Alex. Makes me miss home that much more. :)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.netVeuillez me r
  2. Tyler Reilly

    Proving My Own Ignorance

    Thanks for the information, guys. Shame it wouldn't work, because I too would like to see FS run on a stable operating system. :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.netVeuillez me r
  3. Tyler Reilly

    Proving My Own Ignorance

    I was thinking about that, but it seems like it would be compromising either the simulator or the Mac OS. Oh well...kind of what I figured. :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.netVeuillez me r
  4. Tyler Reilly

    Proving My Own Ignorance

    Quick, potentially absurd question for you all...Will FS2004 run on a Mac?-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.netVeuillez me r
  5. Tyler Reilly

    Project Airbus EULA

    That would be lovely if in fact they have reorganized.Many thanks for the information, Jeff. :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.netVeuillez me r
  6. Tyler Reilly

    Project Airbus EULA

    Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that my intention is only to gather information and not to 'stir the pot.'Here is an excerpt from the Project Airbus EULA:"Repaints:You may repaint the plane in a livery that has been painted in the past and present that the Project Airbus team have not painted. You must post for permission in the Request Repaint forum if you are to distribute our aircraft out on the Internet. You must send us a copy of your aircraft so we can post it up on our website."My question is this: due to the fact that the Project Airbus Request Repaint Forum no longer exists and that there are no files available for download at their website, dues the EULA become null and void?I ask purely out of ignorance, and therefore any help is appreciated. :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.netVeuillez me r
  7. Tyler Reilly

    FS2002/NVIDIA Graphics Issue

    Hi Bert,I actually went to www.nvidia.com and downloaded the 30.82 drivers from their archive, as for some reason I can't seem to make the ones from guru3d download.In any event, I did just as you said and the problem has absolutely disappeared. I hope this is the case for a few more days as I run further tests, but at this point everything looks 100% better. Thanks so much for the tip! :DAnd again, many thanks to everyone who responded to this thread - I really appreciate everyone's help.:-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.net
  8. Tyler Reilly

    FS2002/NVIDIA Graphics Issue

    Hi Steve,I actually thought precisely the same thing - it makes sense...the lights are the ones that are most affected by it...but alas, it didn't remedy the situation. However, I am just about to install the 30.82 drivers as recommended by Bert. :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.net
  9. Tyler Reilly

    FS2002/NVIDIA Graphics Issue

    Hi jacsantos,Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that box is and has been unchecked. :-(Thanks for your time, though - I appreciate it! :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.net
  10. Tyler Reilly

    FS2002/NVIDIA Graphics Issue

    Hi John,Because I honestly didn't know, I checked both the settings on my display properties from within Windows XP and in the simulator. It turns out both are running in 32bit, with FS operating in full screen mode at 1024x768x32 (the highest resolution my 15" monitor will sustain).Many thanks, though. :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.net
  11. Hello all,I did a search on the forum and saw that the solution that is being offered to remedy my problem is a popular one - unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working for me.Around all lights and most scenery objects, black squares are now appearing. I have an ancient 64MB GeForce 2Ti with the 45.23 drivers from nVidia installed, and the problem began occurring only when I installed these particular drivers. I have tried to download and install previously issued drivers from nVidia, but Windows XP is "strongly recommending" that I abort installation each time.Here are two pictures of what I mean:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/35534.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/35536.jpgAgain, the solution that I've read about has had to do with Texture Sharpening being enabled; mine is and has been disabled. Here are the current settings:Image Settings: QualityAntialiasing Settings: Application ControlledAnisotropic Filtering: OffHardware acceleration is activated within the simulator, and I am running it in 1024x768. I am relatively illiterate when it comes to graphics and the inner workings of my PC, so any help is VERY much appreciated.:-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.net
  12. Tyler Reilly

    FFX America West 737-300 NC

    Hi bkircher,Before this post gets locked or deleted, I figure I should let you know what's up: the image is too big, and it's illegal to post an Airliners.net picture (a link is okay, though).You'd be better off asking on the General Forum, although I think I remember Rick painting one a while back....-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.net
  13. Tyler Reilly

    FFX 737 beacon

    I too would like to know if it's possible to remove the reflection on the ground. I think it's a huge step in the right direction to have that reflection, but it would be nicer still if it flashed rather than rotated. :-)-TRhttp://www.itn.net/gif/itn/ua.giftoreilly@pacbell.net
  14. Thank you so much, Michael - you are a wizard!:-)-TRhttp://www.imagemagician.com/images/toreilly/United.giftoreilly@pacbell.net