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  1. Arne, Create a CHARTS sub-folder under either the PMDG\EFB\EFB Documents Library\747-8 folder or the PMDG\EFB\EFB Documents Library\Common folder. In the first case the documents in CHARTS will be accessible only in the 747-8, in the second they will be accessible from any PMDG aircraft with an EFB (in the future).
  2. Bob, This option is not uplinking alternate FLIGHT PLANS, but the alternate airports LIST, that meet the preset criteria. This is, if you are talking about the same data link option I think of. There is one more option related to alternates that has to do with weather uplinks. In either case there is no flight plan uplinking functionality for alternate airports.
  3. Yes EFB units are aircraft specific. However, the default EFB units of each aircraft are set to be the same as the FMC units. So, if you load a new livery that has KG units and you are fine with that you don't have to change the EFB preferences. But if you want LBS then you need to change both the FMC options and the EFB preferences from KG to LBS. You have to do this once. The next time you load the same aircraft the units of your choice will be retained
  4. Aaron, The EFB unit preferences are written in the [EFB] section of an .ini file located at [Sim folder]\PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTS II\Aircraft and named after the aircraft registration number (for example N748PM.ini for the house colors passenger 747-8). To be 100% sure, can you confirm you set the EFB units from the EFB SYSTEM>APPLICATION PREFERENCES page and then press the SAVE button? If you can confirm this then please contact support and pass them the above information.
  5. Jeff, During the update the whole W&B system of both the -400 and the -8 was revised to allow for more accurate cg effects/calculations. During this process base data, payload stations locations & numbers etc. were updated and results were verified against various airline companies trim sheets. I can't recall what was it that led to the specific 747-400F MTOW change. Probably done for consistency in selecting similar MTOW options for the various 747-400 variants.
  6. EFB units are not saved to the panel state file, but to the options.ini file and are specific to the airframe. Aaron, are you aware that EFB units are independent from the units you select in the FMC options menu? You could have LBS selected in the FMC and KG in the EFB. EFB units are selected from the EFB itself in the SYETEM>APPLICATION PREFERENCES page. If you set LBS there, the EFB will remain in LBS each time you load the same aircraft, regardless of panel state.
  7. A fix was provided with the 747-400 update at the time the 747-8 expansion was released (2 months ago). If you still see the white box I guess you have not installed this update? Since this is the 747 forum I assume you were talking about the 747. If you were talking about the other PMDG aircraft, the above post also explains how you can manually fix this for them as well.
  8. Keith, I checked this and found it was a bug indeed. No need for a support ticket it is already fixed for the next update.
  9. In the next 747-400/747-8 update the issue will be fixed for the Strobe and Taxi lights. The Logo lights issue will remain for now because it interferes with our custom visual lighting process, but it will be addressed in a future update (same applies for the 777).
  10. Yes, it will be through I micro update, not an SP. We just want to finalize a few more fixes that will go into this micro update. It won't be long.
  11. This problem has been fixed but you have to wait for the next update of the 747-8.
  12. Only rectangular generic buildings will be shown on the airport map. This means practically no buildings at all for add-on sceneries (since developers rarely use generic buildings) an only some buildings for default scenery (only rectangular ones). This is due to limitations of the data included in the AFCAD files. We have plans to improve this situation in the future with the help of add-on developers.
  13. Jack, It must be something more than chocks involved, because it works fine here. Can you reproduce it every time? If you can we need all steps/conditions from the moment you launch P3D.
  14. Paul, See this post: If your issue is not caused by a wrong PC time as in Heins' case, then it is something else going wrong during the communication with the Navigraph server. Unfortunately at this time the CTD is not allowing us to know what the exact issue is but from the next update there will be an error message logged in the EFB SYSTEM page.
  15. Jack, We have heard about his situation from other users a few times. But unfortunately it is not a consistent behavior and we have not been able so far to reproduce it in order to determine the cause and fix it. What we need is someone that can reproduce this issue following specific actions that will result in this behavior every time he performs again the same actions. If we have this information we will be able to fix it.
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