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  1. With global flight operations, I understand that with persistent aircraft that a person may fly an aircraft for instance with an INOP APU. Will this and similar situations be displayed in the Panel with a MEL sticker?
  2. tbarker1989

    What is going on here?

    Check the FS2Crew FB Page. www.facebook.com/fs2crew/
  3. tbarker1989

    Light simconnect values

    Sounds good. Thanks for the update.
  4. tbarker1989

    Light simconnect values

    I did some further testing in an attempt to assist with the issue. I tested these aircraft with the following results: 747-400 & 747-8 - OUTBD L and R, INBD L, Beacon, and Nav provided updates. INBD R, rwy turnoff L & R, taxi, strobe, wing and logo provided no updates. The wing and rwy turnoff lights aren't an issue 777-300 & 777-200 - Landing L, N, and R, Beacon, and Nav provided updates. Rwy turnoff L & R, taxi, strobe, wing, and logo provided no updates. The wing and rwy turnoff lights aren't an issue just like in the 747. 737-800 - Fixed landing gear, taxi, logo, anti collision, and position all provided updates. I was by myself so I could not verify that the Position light on steady was nav lights only and on strobe and steady that it was nav lights and strobes. Retractable landing, runway turnoff, wing and wheel well lights provided no update which isn't an issue for the application. Based on previous aircraft tests being the same I only tested one version of 737. Based on my results I believe the 737 is fine where it is at. It could be added to the retractable if you wanted it to be symmetrical. I know some of the information that I provided is not needed but might as well be thorough. All aircraft are the current release versions. I hope this is beneficial to the process Thanks,
  5. tbarker1989

    747 -8 EFB & DATALINK

    Per PMDG Forum rules, you are supposed to sign your post with first and last name. I believe the AUTOLAND option is like a logbook entry which will be later further expanded upon in Global Flight Ops.
  6. tbarker1989

    Light simconnect values

    Rob and Chris, That is not a problem, I understand the aircraft are very complex and if it cannot be done then it cannot be done. I just wanted to state what I had experienced. This would not impact my flying experience directly but it would impact it indirectly. For instance someone seeing the correct lighting of my aircraft as I have it configured or if they are flying the aircraft then I will see their current light state as they have it configured. Thank you for the quick replies.
  7. tbarker1989

    Light simconnect values

    Vpilot ACConfig is how vpilot syncs your lights, gear, spoilers and flaps to the vatsim servers so other people see the proper configuration. It doesn't effect me it just effects how others sees my lights. If you open .debug in vpilot and start flipping the light switches, flaps, spoilers and gear, you will see "sending incremental ACConfig update." This does not happen with the R INBD Landing light, both runway turnoff lights, taxi light, strobe light or logo light. The INBD R Landing light and runway turn off lights aren't an issue because there only needs to be one landing light to sync up the landing lights and runway turn off lights aren't modeled in the ACConfig. I know these aircraft are very complex. I know these things work on other aircraft. I will understand if certain things may not be able to be changed but if a few minor simconnect changes in the aircraft would make it standard so these things sync up might be an option. If not no big deal. I was just inquiring to see your opinion. Does this make sense? An explanation of this is seen here https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=67607 Thanks,
  8. I have noticed a one thing that I have a question about. The logo light, taxi light, and strobe light do not sync up with the vPilot ACCconfig. I spoke with Ross on the vPilot forums and he said it could be the fact that the aircraft is sending other than default simconnect values for logo light, taxi light and strobe lights. Is this true? I don't know where to look for this otherwise I would look for it myself. Could you provide any information about this? I believe it was observed with testing on the 777 as well. Thanks,
  9. .com2 will change the com 2 frequency. The caveat to this is are you using in the settings to disable comms if misconfigured. If so then check to see if you have the radio on to receive where the light is on above the dial. Not the mic but the radio. Remember VHF-L is comm 1. VHF-C is typically a data connection. VHF-R is comm 2. Once you select the VHF-R to be able to receive. you should be able to change that frequency with .com2 command. You will not be able to transmit on it until you select the mic button. Hope this helps,
  10. tbarker1989

    Aircraft shakes during pushback with GSX

    This effect is a combination of the PMDG takeoff shaking effect and no nosewheel disconnect for pushback. I believe this is due to PMDG not incorporating a bypass pin into the nosewheel steering. If you watch during pushback the tiller will vibrate like crazy so this shows gsx is trying to turn the nosewheel but the plane is centering it back to where your control has it. You can alleviate the issue some by turning it with GSX but this is not efficient because you are busy doing other things. If you have the Aerosoft A320 and use GSX pushback you will notice when the bypass pin is inserted that is notated on the display as NW STRG DISC. This alleviates the issue because you can turn the nosewheel with it but it does nothing for it. So in my opinion, FSDT does not currently have anyway to fix the issue. PMDG would need to incorporate a bypass pin to allow the nose wheel to be turned by an external source then FSDT could implement it.
  11. tbarker1989

    Is FS2Crew working with QOTS II -8?

    no it is not. They need to update it to work with the -8. Tim
  12. tbarker1989

    Global Flight Operations

    Any up to date information on GFO? Thanks, Tim