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  1. qcaptain

    MJQ400 for P3dv4 and Chaseplane

    I have to Pro as well outside view working not in VC. Custom Flight Model Due to the custom Flight Model in the Majestic Software Q400, Acceleration, Gyroscopic, Engines, Blast and Anticipative Motion Effects may not function properly. I have deleted cameras but still the same.
  2. Hello Pilots has anyone had issues with chaseplane not working with the MJQ400 I use Track IR as well and neither works when I select the Q400 all fine in other aircraft.Cant switch views either with Chaseplane with this aircraft. Any help appreciated.
  3. Hello Just wondering if anyone could do the repaints attached in the word doc. Thanks in advance.https://www.dropbox.com/s/cn7claoha6srssc/Doc1.docx?dl=0
  4. Well worth buying and the cloud shadows too. It breathes p3d into fsx while still maintaining good performance. I have P3D but find myself going back to fsx.
  5. qcaptain

    Exterior Light Splash

    Ive had issues right from the start and still no splash lights in the new update.FSX Accel
  6. Have discovered some interesting stuff on the 747 with your advice Steve. I still have no splash lights effects, I switched back to direct x 9 in the control panel, started the sim and notice that the soda can appeared in the cup holder. I then ticked Directx 10 preview in the sim restarted the sim and the soda can was gone but a case with books appeared beside the captains seat. I did get some error messages that couldnt load texture this and that etc in the sim when loading.I have now done a repair of the 747 and just doing the upddate with directx 10 still off. I guess some things may have been answered by this experiment for you in an update later for your dirextx 10 fixer, your work is amazing steve and I dont wish to run the sim without it.
  7. Thanks Steve will try and report back, I should have mentioned that the 747v2 is the only plane I am having issues with, The rest are fine.
  8. Hello Steve I have the new PMDG 747 V2 and the splash lighting isnt lighting up the runway day or night, I can see the lights on externally but doesnt light up the runway/taxiway etc and suggestions? I have run the new update from pmdg and still no luck. I have the latest fixer and cloud shadows.
  9. having used ezdok and now switched to chaseplane I wouldnt go back to ezdok. Chaseplane is very easy to set up cameras/ effects and froogle has a great video in it. Its being continually updated for free too as already mentioned in an earlier post.
  10. Tried disabling directx10 uninstalled shaders etc as posted above no luck at all. Tried disabling directx10 uninstalled shaders etc as posted above no luck at all.
  11. qcaptain

    No splash lights on ground at night?

    Tried your setting Chock still no luck.
  12. Hello Congrats on a great aircraft but I have one bug that i know of while I can see the landing/taxi/strobes etc lights on externally there in no light effects ( illumination) showing on the ground.Ive tried just about everything on the forum to fix the problem but no luck at all. Is there an update coming to fix this? I am out of ideas.
  13. qcaptain

    No splash lights on ground at night?

    Thanks so much Chock. Ill have a look and compare with my setting.
  14. qcaptain

    No splash lights on ground at night?

    Great screenie. I have gone through all my settings, all other aircraft are fine with lighting so Im a bit puzzled. Cloud shadows are working maybe there is a setting on the dashboard of the fixer thatr need to be ticked or un ticked, could you please send me a screen shot of your settings in the fixer when you get time.