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  1. pbenoit

    How good is the 747?

    When the RFP was competed, many, many, many moons ago ... it was a "one of a kind" a non-totally electronic" aircraft very faithful to the Boeing 747-200 AOM. I know, because I compiled the tutorials and documentation and spent months testing with the team. For what it is and was in its day, the RFP is every bit the equal of a PMDG offering in systems and operational fidelity. You have to "LEARN" to set up and fly this aircraft ... took three people, FO, SO and Flight Engineer in the day. Honestly not sure which platform it works on these days, I last used it on an XP machine. Good luck .... this was flying and flight simulation at its very very best. Cheers! Paul Benoit
  2. pbenoit


    Hello all!! I am trying to find Ralph Tofflemire ....anyone have a clue??? email. phone? I'd appreciate any information. Thanks very much and have very happy holidays!!! Paul Benoit
  3. pbenoit

    Most boring Long Haul in FSX?

    Back in the day, When I was working from a home office, I could get up early, prep a flight, and get airborne before "going to work" I was flying for Singapore V A in those fun days, and would fly long routes, WSSS to KLAX, EGLL, EDDF, PANC, FAJS, FACP. Sometimes passengers and sometimes cargo using the PSS 777 and PMDG 744. I could work on one PC while flying on another.... watching the weather, responding to ATC, managing the flight, balancing fuel. It was a total blast, at least I thought at the time!!!!! Usually by the end of my work day, I'd be in a descent and prepping an approach. Those were the days!!!! Best to everyone Paul Benoit (Kbos)
  4. Jon, I'm the guy who compiled (wrote, copied and typed) the documentation for the awesome RFP 742 which is "as clear as mud." Leaving your judgements to stand for themselves ... you need to understand that this is NOT a 744 (ifly or pmdg) and you MUST really try to read and understand the MUD. In the Section 1, there are two tutorials, one written by Ralph, the other (annotated checklist) by me. Using either of these, you should be able to get off the ground into a stable climbout. You also need to review the AUTOPILOT section of the AOM concentrating particularly on the FFRATS section.Here's the gist:I fly manually (referring to the Flight Director) up to 7000 to 15000 feet depending on my mood ... The 742 is really very easy to fly manually for such a gigantic a/c ... but if you're patient, and can use pitch to control climb speed ... you'll do fine. The 742 handles very well heavy ... 700+ pounds. The following assumes you get started and are cleared for T/O1. While waiting for clearance to enter the runway, set the FFRATS panel to EPR and TOD. Check that you have set the V-speeds, and V2 on the "speed" dial2. When cleared for TO and doing the takeoff checklist, set the 4 orange buttons on the EPR gauges, then turn on the AutoThrottle. I usually have the cleared altitude set, and ALT SEL selected and green light.3. When ready, I use the F3 key to advance power to 1.3 or so EPR and then the FFRATS EPR limiter takes over setting the appropriate EPR. (you can also push your throttle full forward ... whatever)You DO NOT turn on the AUTOPILOT yet ... the AP is not linked to the AutoThrottle and can be used separately. Once FFRATS takes over you need not touch the throttle until final.4. Rotate at VR to 15-17 degrees or whatever specified, hold your speed to V2 by adjusting trim.5. At 2500 AGL turn the dial on the FFRATS to CLB and you are now in climb mode ... as a reference turn the speed dial to 250. Using pitch lower the nose to get to 250 and maintain 250 ... using the "FAST/SLOW" red circle on the left of the ADI as a reference.6. You can choose to use the AP VS mode to continue your climb if you want ... make sure the cleared altitude is selected, the ALT SEL on and green lit. When stable at a speed and FPM ... switch on the AP and turn the mode switch to VS (Make sure you have a heading set also, because the AP will turn to your INS or otherwise entered heading)7. After 10000ft, lower the nose either using pitch or the VS dial depending if you are using the AP. set the speed dial to 317 + ... Watch the speed and orange circle on the ADI. As the little circle approaches the FAST/SLOW midpoint, switch from VS to IAS. Don't forget to change to MACH or SPEED on the FFRATS, move the dial from CLB to CRZ, and set ALT HOLD when you reach cruise.The MORE STABILITY in FPM and SPEED you have when turning on the AP and either VS or IAS mode, the better things will be .. You have to be PATIENT and gentle ... the tutorials have been vetted by a couple of real 742 captains who attest to the behavior of the 742 as modeled by RFP.Takes time to get this right. Good luck,Paul BenoitKAPV
  5. pbenoit

    01SEP07: So What Happens Next? (Repost)

    PMDG Team,I really appreciate your decision to maintain a dual platform approach. Bravo I say!!!I wish I had the resources to buy a new platform, but my current 4 yo p42.6 runs everything I have very well ... Thanks!!!Best regards,Paul BenoitKAPV
  6. pbenoit

    MD-82 manuals

    Andreas,I have been looking for years ... have an AOM for the MD-80(DC-9-80) they always say ... but not with FMC. ONS like on the Espen Super-80. But everything else is the same as the Maddog documentation, and the documentation from MD-Max ... if you have all 3 of the MD's then you have more documentation than seems to be available otherwise.In the US with American and Delta having large fleets of MDs you would think that someone would sell a AOM to ESSCO or someone like that .. would be specially great if someone from Delta would sell one because all the Delta MD's are MD-88's with FMS ... o well, maybe some day!!!Cheers and Happy Flying!!!Paul BenoitKAPV
  7. pbenoit

    Countdown To Maddog 2006!

    I'll add my $.02Maddog 2006 is an amazing upgrade. Here on day 1:1. Tutorial ... detailed, well done, what everyone always yells for2. Liveries ... available, no waiting3. many many new features, weather radar, the whole procedural reality of an MD-80 ... at least from a "not a real pilot ... but has read all the AOMS I can find" perspective ... and if Stellan Hillmerby has tested it ... than what else can I say.4. Excellent flight model ... imho ... I love Espen's MD-80 but really don't like the nose down issues. These are two different aircraft .. different avionics, etc. Hard to compare.5. Thorough documentationPrice ... who cares ... not me ... I want the BEST MD80 I can get, loved the first Maddog 2004 and trusted Leonardo to do an excellent job ... which imho, they really did.For an MD-80 SIM ... I can't think of what's missing compared to the depth of LDS and PMDG (767, and 737-747 respectively). I think this package is on par with and ahead of both noted above in some respects .. of course it's NEW today (ex. weather and terrain radar, loading sequences (LDS has some of course) Virtual Cockpits ... well I don't like and don't use, so if you want one you're simply SOL. To NOT buy this because it has no VC is really over the edge I think, but every one has their likes and dislikes.Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I certainly agree with Brian D ... you can't really talk about this unless you own it ... if you don't like the price .. well don't buy it, but don't grouse about the price either ... this is a major major upgrade and these guys deserve whatever they can get. I hate the prices of new automobiles .. and the price of gasoline .. but when you need and want you pay.I believe everyone who develops this stuff for me ... Espen, LDS, Feelthere, PMDG, DF just to name a few, deserve a great round of applause from all of us!!!! I'm at FL340 in the middle of a flight from LGA to DFW in the new Maddog ... have to admit I needed the UG and tutorial to understand the new stuff. Absolutely great!!!!Bottom line, if you want an MD-80, FMS based avionics, with ALL the BELLS and WHISTLES, relative to the "gold standards" of PNDG and LDS, then this is it.Cheers to all. Paul BenoitKAPV
  8. pbenoit


    Thanks guys! no matter what I do, I can't access the site. Odd, but appreciate your both trying!!
  9. pbenoit


    Happy New year!!!Curious ... the MDMAX site http://www.mdsuper80.com/ seems to have been dead for sometime. Does anyone have any info about MDMAX ...??I'm very happy with the Lago/Leonardo Maddog ...fly it often ... but also have MDMAX ... wondering where they went ... or maybe I'm just missing something.
  10. pbenoit

    Load editor

    To PSS,Swearing aside, all the posters to this topic are CORRECT. I don't usually chime in, but as a very long term loyal customer ... I too would like to understand what the issue is with the Loader/Planner for the 757.I do really belive that Raniero said it all ... and that you (PSS) owe us all an explanation.
  11. Thanks very much for the link!!!! Totally Amazing!!!!! a great read!!!
  12. pbenoit

    I'm done

    Just a couple of thoughtsBob, congratulations on retirement!!!! (I'm insanely jealous!!!) and best wishes for success in the rest of your life!!!I gave up tweaking, worrying about stutters, frame rates, etc some time ago and really enjoy every opportunity to plan and fly!!! Even as a terrible cynic, I still see FS as the glass half full ... incredible software with incredible addons which allow me to do something I can't afford to do in real life ... all in the comfort of my own home!!!I guess like in the rest of non-FS life, it's all in the expectations!!!! Having been in the computer biz for 30+ (yikes) years now, I'm simply AMAZED that anything works!!!!Like some of you I have finally stopped buying "everything" .. I have no addon scenery, and other than adding a the awesome grounhandling gauge and Reality XP Weather radar where needed, I "tweak no more" ... I've stopped buying GA and BizJets because I never fly them ... however I did join a VA (FTG - Singapore Airlines) and find that it gives me some structure to what time I spend ... and I fly everything from ERJs and ATRs and Maddogs to all the Boeings and Airbuses all on real scheduled routes ... some fun for me!!! I go up and down in my "time spent" ... being at a down at the moment, but I'm sure the spirit will move me to a daily flight soon again!!! I use AS6, RC4, FSNav for moving map, FS FlightKeeper for logging and FDC for checklists and general ambiance ... and have a excellent experience almost every time!!!!The key is just doing ... not worrying about this and that ... realizing that it is software ... quite complicated ... and that for a few bucks I can sit in a 747 or MD80 and actually "fly" in my mind ... and suspend reality for a few minutes!!!!Cheers to everyone and again, Best Wishes to Bob!!!
  13. pbenoit

    PPS or Level D

    quayle,I'll start the war of words going (cynical old me ... hahahaha) first .. probably not good style asking your question on this forum, may be beter to ask on the MSFS forum.But since you asked ... the answer is simple for me, I "pre-purchased" and have been flying the PSS 757 since it was released ... and am very pleased with my purchase. PSS has done a good job with this aircraft, in my opinion. It's not as detailed as some other developers might do ... you know who ... but the modeling is fine for me ... as much as I like gorey detail, I never use failures because life has enough of those already ... hahahaha ... and I like to enjoy my sim experience not be worried about it!! The 757 allows me to do what I want with my sim experience and provides a great level of immersion for me.I heartily recommend the PSS 757 (and the 777 also) as great examples of good software ... modeling enough to keep you interested, but not so much as to give you ulcers!!! and the FMS has a FIX page ... and there is weather radar!!!Someone once said, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Applies in this situation I think.Cheers, and
  14. I agree PaulAt least it took a couple of days for the critics to begin.I have experienced none of the issues listed above on my lowly old PC ... and find that the PSS 757 is a very fine piece of software after 3 long distance flights.As someone noted ... the 757 is reputed to be vastly overpowered for it's size ... have flown in 757's many time over the past 5 years, I can attest to a very steep initial climb out and a feeling of power ... but that's just meJust goes to show you that you can't please everyone, sadlyCheers, and
  15. pbenoit

    Now the 757 is out...

    While I respect everyone's right to complain all they wish, all I can say is that "You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time."I was a pre-purchaser, and downloaded when just by serendipity I looked on the PSS site. Unfortunately didn't have time to fly that day. Next day, there was ALREADY an update, which I d/l'd again. Did a very nice flight ... AA226 SAN --> BOS ... no issues even running with all my standard stuff ... ASv6, RC4, FSNav, Flight Keeper and FDC .. So I, for one, am a happy camper ... yesterday flew BOS to PBI, flying DL907 ATL to LAX right now ... enjoying the experience.Having been a PSS customer since the old old days of the 744, I have come to expect PSS to provide a quality product ... which they have done here, and with the 777. Support has always been excellent, courteous and prompt. Fixes always available, albeit sometimes after a difficult time bug shooting!!! ... but that's just the reality of the software biz ... things "ain't always intuitively obvious" especially when you can't recreate customer's problems.I expect PSS software to be medium complexity ... not heavy duty, all systems modeled, failures available, all that. I appreciate what I get, and live with it. Satisfaction in life seems to me to be setting appropriate, realistic expectations. As much as I would like the Flight Recorder test button to move the needle, as much as I would like to press the alert button to alert the cabin crew of things, much as I would like to set the temps, etc ... I don't expect these things from PSS, so I'm not disappointed. The 757 has a FIX page and the T7 has the FIX page retrofitted via patch ... so I can't complain about that.At any rate, I feel badly that some people feel cheated and disappointed ... don't personally agree with those feelings, rather think that I an VERY happy with the 757 I have now, in the virtual air north of DFW. I WILL buy the other 757 when it comes out some day in the future, but in the meantime, I will be enjoying the heck out of the PSS 757.and I will edit my profile to fix the following BEAT to BEST ... hahahaha ... not fun getting old .... 8-(=