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  1. Hi All,CP Flight (www.cpflight.com) has updated their drivers to make it work with the changes from PMDG on the B737 and B747.CPFlight, thanks for your update!Regards, Ferry
  2. I think I had a similar experience a while ago, cured it and it is back again.I noticed that autosave.dll and activeradar.dll (ActiveSky) had a big impact on my Flightsim performance. Exactly each 10 seconds I had a sort of hickup which moreless freezed the screen for half a second.I removed autosave.dll and activeradar which resolved my issues. I cannot use ActiveRadar, but I do not care. I did not like it anyhow. Autosave is the risk I had to take. However, now I have installed the PMDG B747 and the problem seems to be back. So I am also figuring out what it could be. But maybe those DLLs are in your modules folder as well, and may help you.Good luck,Ferry
  3. Hi mgh,Again you are trying to access a secured internet server (your hyperlink says: httpS instead of http. If you do this you will get a warning that the https server recognised you are accessing a website which does not require any extra security. It also goes back to the http server. In the case of FSInsider you also tried to launch the Secured server which in this case did not direct you to the normal http server. Do not mix up both servers, they are virtually a complete different setup. HTTPS is a different protocol, different security than the HTTP server. You can run two different websites with the same domainnames. http://www.microsoft.com/games/flightsimulator/insider.asp is also a productpage to sell the Flightsim, whereas http://www.fsinsider.com is a site for people who already bought the application.The fact that a certain certificate is valid or not is, is not quite relevant in this case. The website uses codings that Microsoft most likely have bought elsewhere. This could be a validation rule or a login procedure or a bit of Java-scripting. In many cases it is true that you have to make sure this is not a virus or what ever. As long as you can make sure you are sitting on a safe and thrustworthy site, nothing is the matter.
  4. Lol, Now I understand you!You are making a mistake here, you are trying to access the 'https' server in stead of 'http'. The secured server indeeds asks for a certificate. Please try http://www.fsinsider.com and you will see it is better now :-) That is the Flightsim site of Microsoft.
  5. Hi mgh,The best resource you can trust on this, is to go to www.whois.net or www.allwhois.com. You will see that it is registered by Microsoft in the US. Therefore it could be very likely that Microsoft UK was not aware of this. I do not know every department in the over >160,000 staff company I work for. It could also implicate that although Microsoft owns the site, the maintenance is outsourced.I do not know how you get those Certificate, they could be from an advertisement.
  6. Hi Alkit,First it took me 5 minutes to stop staring at the Asian model. Nice picture, where did you find this one? You have some very impressing photos of your cockpit, nice equipment! I am aware that space is mostly a problem in Hong Kong. But putting a cockpit in your house, wow! Where is your bed?I cannot wait to go to Hong Kong again, most likely March 2006. You have very interesting photos and references on your site, thanks for sharing it with us!Regards, Ferry
  7. Could be very possible when you look at software development. If you start at version 1.0, you will have an idea what you will release in version 1.0 and what will be moved over to version 2. Then, when developing version 1.0 you will get better ideas or encounter difficulties that you will move over to version 2. Also you will get a better idea on the wishes of the customer and you will draft version 3. While finalising version 1, version 2 is already on the map and version 3 is in draft etc etc.. Reasons for this all is to for instance to make quick releases and deliver something to your customer which is already matching 90% of their requirements. Also they will see results instead of waiting for 3 years till something comes up. Furthermore, it is also costwise.
  8. ROTFL, *:-* :-lol :-lol :-lol :-lol :-lol :-lol :-lol :-lol :-lol :-lolNice joke...
  9. >Seriously, though, those are pretty heavy-duty job positions.>Just out of curiosity, who left the team?>>Best regards.>>Luis>I am wondering too as I thought that Mike (tdragger) was a Program Manager. Not really understand what such a person has to do exactly.
  10. Thanks for the find! Bookmarked this link immediately.Again sad to see that somebody of a flighsim community has to clarify his identity to others to get some respect. It is the contents that matters as far as I know. (But then again, those flamers are not reading this post as they would not care less... and cannot stand somebody has some real knowledge of how flightsim works)Anyhow, I am very happy to see that the staff of Flightsimulator are taking effort to listen to their customers and still are able to ignore the flames coming towards them.Good luck Mike!Update: Now I know it is this persion, funny to read quotes from tdragger:'... I got this information from "a friend of a friend of someone who really knows" so you'll have to take my word that it's the truth....' LOL
  11. I can understand your worries, but this one does not keep me away from sleeping though... If terrorists do not have hobbies. By coincendence he had this hobby, or was practising whether one of his attacks could be aviation-related...? The overall flightsimulation comunity and business is too big to just stop this. And did we have not more examples about flightsimfreaks who hijack an airplane? I remember a case in Asia somewhere? Maybe this person also played First Person Shooter games, so should we ban this? Maybe this person also was into soccer, so stop this? Maybe he smoked, let's forbid cigarettes (not cigars please...)However, looking at the newsarticle that is referred to in this post there the link is made between a Virtual Airliner and the real airliner. And that is the one that worries me. Currently there are many Virtual Airliners who, one way or another, replicate a real-life airliner. As long as the VA's follow the copyright policies, no worries. But now this hype-journalist made the link between a terrorist, a virtual airliner and a real airliner. It does not matter whether it is said literally, it matters how the reader perceives it... I would regret to see that Airliners who never knew they had a Virtual Airliner counterpart will now hunt down those Virtual Airliners. I have seen that with many Virtual Airliners such as KLM, Singapore Airliners, Cathay and many others...Just looking from a different perspective :)
  12. Hi,I had the same specs as yours and I did not notice any hit on fps.The only thing you will notice is when you move your head quickly from left to right, the system needs to load the scenery. This moving with the head goes quicker than panning, so you can sometimes notice a small stutter doing this.Indeed in some situation you need to hold your head still, especially when you need to point a mouse on a small button. But I like it very much. My primary view is the 2d Panel though. I use the TrackIR3 with Expansion when taxiing, occassionaly when cruising to look around a bit, and sometimes when landing.Regards, Ferry
  13. Hi Bill,Thanks for your reference. I was not aware such Forum existed. I think I have found the solution for my problem, though I am not able to test it yet as I am abroad.Thanks and Regards,Ferry>Ferry,>>The answer to your question can be found in the FAQ>(Frequently Asked Questions) topic at the ERJ Support Forum at>fsnordic.net. If not, post your question on that forum.>>Bill
  14. Hi All,I have downloaded the cferj.zip file from Charles Fox and Bill Grabowski which contains a total packages of the Embraer RJ135.However, although succesfully installed, I get an error when loading the aircraft. It gives me an error about the ERJ.GAU. I have copied this file in the correct folder of FS2004, but it seems not to work.Did anybody have the same experience and found a solve on this one?Thanks in advance!Regards, Ferry
  15. Hi Indeed, what did you think the only language is English? lol :) There are hundreds of non-english websites related to Flightsim.I have run a Dutch website called www.fsmagazine.nl for sometime, with links to about 300 other websites of which the majority in Dutch or owned by Dutchies.But there are many more, more than can be listed over here. Most efficient would be using Google or another website. Or start of with simflight.com. They provide links to their national websites. Those websites link to many other 'own-language' sites. Much of them with good quality and much knowledge.But then you have to learn other languages as Dutch, German, French and Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish (or Portuguees). And an english speaking person, speaking French -->'Allo 'Allo.... Lol, good luck though!Regards, Ferry
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