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  1. Hi, Sorry to say I tried what you said and I end up with a FATAL ERROR!when I start the sim it asks if the software can be trusted but it would not run. Willing to try almost anything to get it going. Really like the way the aircraft handles. and still waiting for Eaglesoft to come out with its pride and joy.Thanks anywayTony
  2. Hi, Thanks will try them all to see which one works.Thanks Tony
  3. Hi, Back in Nov I noticed that fs9 citation x was able to be ported to FSX which I tried however my panels never showed up. some one offered to share the panel cfg. However I was out with eye surgery and am now able to finish it, if I can get an assist.ThanksTony
  4. >We are hearing user feedback from those who have>Acelleration/SP2/under DX9.0c that our FS9 CX1.0 is flying>well in FSX and the windows have majically returned.:-roll Ron, After reading the above I reinstalled your CX V 1.0 but sad to say I don't get any of the instrumantation on the blank panels only. But the aircraft does indeed fly !!! Is there a special tweak I missed ?Thanks Tony
  5. Hi, Anyone have the same problem after installing "water.fsh" last week and getting great water now after installing ACCELERATION I get NO WATER Have allowed a new config file to generate but no joyCan anyone helpThanks TONY
  6. >I was browsing the Circuit City Web site and they say they>will be selling FSX Expansion Pack for $17.99, $12.00 Off,>Lowest price I have seen! Check it out....>>http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Flight-Simu...roductDetail.doGreat news except that in Southern Calif (San Bernardino) They don't have them on hand yet ! Back-ordered already!!!Tony
  7. Hi, Since last OCT I can't remember how many times I have had the 1722 error and that was without overclocking . I think the error is built in to FSXTONY
  8. Hi, Try this :http://support.microsoft.com/ph/11941Good luckTony
  9. Hi, Just as a reminder.....next week is SEPT and I've had problems since last OCTOBER and so far the fixes are far from over!Tony
  10. Doug, I don't know what kind of setup you have but the best is to put FSX on a separate hardrive and that way the reformat is not such a problem. I have had the errors since last October and have not done any reformats.Tony
  11. Hi, Tried the download but the FSX link will not work, am I wrong ?Tony
  12. Nick, been having activation problems since last October and have tried all suggested fixes and been around the horn with BOMBAY and still no fix and no respounce from the gods.Just to let you know!Package currently on the rack.TONY
  13. >>Will changes made to FSX configuration and Add On products>>affect SP1? I also wondor what the Beta testers are using?>My>>hunch is that they are working off a clean unchanged version>>of FSX and not one that has been tweaked.>>This has already been covered. Short answer: If you have not>applied tweaks that involved renaming, removing, or editing>(non-cfg) files you are probably OK.>>Do an Advanced Search on "SP1 clean install" and you should>quickly find the carcass.>>-Doug>Doug, Nothing in "sp1 clean install" Do I read this right that after all the waiting SP1 will not fix the activation problem ? Tony
  14. BRANDON, Just so you and the TEAM know it some have had this problem since OCTOBER with no fix and am hoping that the SP1 will solve the problem. In the mean time the package sits on the shelf.Not a nice feelingTONY
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