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  1. MGH made the best point yet. Billions are lost every day to failures, poor investments, heck even natural disasters. What can ya do?Remember.... Laws only keep honest people honest. We live in a world full of dishonest people. Heck, do some looking into how much of your insurance premium goes to paying off insurance fraud in the USA. It might actually make you physically sick. Be Good,Scott
  2. Is anyone willing to share their opinions on the Go Flight 737 MCP or any other Go Flight avionics. Disregard, I went ahead and purchased the student pilot system. It looks like I should be able to program all the functions I was looking for throught those two modules. Maybe some day in the future I will go for the MCP. Thanks,Scott
  3. Thanks guys. I will give it all a look. Respectfully,Scott
  4. Thanks Jim, but I was thinking that something could be made that wouldn't cost the price of an economy car. Granted what Simkits and Go flight have produced are outstanding, I am thinking something more along the lines of a generic "plastic" if you will design. Something that wouldn't have the displays and totally realistic look, but rather jusst the function of programmable dials and a few buttons. Simkit's radio stack is awesome, but at over 3000 euros??? I am not sure what that equates to in our weak dollar right now, but OUCH. It is somewhat amazing to me that a 60 inch plasma TV costs less than some flight sim hardware systems. For that price one could purchase 3 high end computers.Don't get me wrong... the quality of the products being poduced appears outstanding, but a simple plasic model with some programmable switches, dials and buttons could be designed at a cost similar to CH's yokes and throttles I would think. Respectfully,Scott
  5. I have recently wondered why some hardware developers have not made a device that contains knobs/dials etc. Something like the CH Products throttle quadrant with a few dials would be great!I know there are some folks that make MCPs and other radio stacks but they are very expensive. There would not be the need for digital readouts on the devices itself, just programable dials for radios, heading, course, altitude set etc. It would be great to get even less dependant on the ol' mouse. Also, back in the old fs 98, 2000, 2002 days there was a mini radio stack made be someone. Does anyone know if that still exists? It wasn't all that expensive compared to some of the products available today that seem to start in the $800-1000 range. I would think that the flight sim market is getting large enough that something of this nature would be feasable. Scott
  6. I was afraid of that. :(Thanks,Scott
  7. Is it possible to somehow keep the Acceleration aircraft installed, but remove Acceleration? I love the aircraft but the total package is a CTD nightmare for me. Until there is a resolution with MS or Nvidea, or whatever is the cause I would love to keep flying the new birds. Of coarse unless they may be part of the problem. :(Respectfully,Scott
  8. Since I mostly run FS9 I will probably stick with the best dx9 card for my system. I know it is not a slow turtle but it is no rabbit either. I may look at the 8800 GTS. I am assumimg that they are mostly PCI express now correct? Respectfully,Scott
  9. I132

    PSS 320

    Double check that you have the fuel valves on. I struggled for a while once and then realized the fuel valves were off. Scott
  10. I use fs9 mostly, but have been trying fsx. I get pretty good results with fs9 with all sliders to the right except for weather. There I back it off a bit with the 3d clouds, distances etc. With a simple GA plane I usually get anywhere from 18-30 fps. With more complex craft like LDS 767 or F1s ATR it drops around 15-18. Still very flyable. With FSX and pretty much across the board medium type settings with no traffic of any kind I pull 12-20 with GA and 8-15 with Jets. (Third party like LDS, FT's Legacy, etc. The biggest killer for me in FS9 is weather. I use Flight Env with their DXT 128 clouds and that helps but the weather settings are pretty low in FS. FSX really isn't all that bad if I stay away from larger citeis. I really only use it for GA flights, and for that it is not all that great with the ugly ground textures. We are all aware of the desert througout the midwest etc. As for the power supply... I thougth that when I bought it the guy said it has a pretty good one, but heck he is a sales man. I have not been able to find specifics on HP's site or anywhere else for that matter. :(Sorry to write so much dribble, i guess what i am really asking is will a better card actually do my system any improvement? No need to spend 4 or 500 bucks on a bottleneck. If it would make a difference, I wouldn't mind paying someone to upgrade a power supply to expand my choices. Thanks so much.Respecfully,Scott
  11. Thank you for your interest in helping me.My current card is a Nvidia 7600 GS 512.I currently run this at 1280x960.I am not sure what power supply I have. It is the one that came stock with the computer. Is there a way to find this information on the computer itself?Respectfully,Scott
  12. Any recommendations for a video card for this set-up?HP PavilionAMD 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5000+2.61 Ghz, 3.50 GB ramWindows XP media center edition service pack 2Sorry, I don't really know what any of that means. I pulled it from the my computer properties. If this is not enough information to help with a suggestion please let me know. Respectfully,Scott
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