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  1. Glad that you are able to make some progress. At least we will regain usable space. So far I can find no other related files, but like you I wonder about the registry. I will save that potential problem for another day. The install/uninstall process and way the file structure is set up is so "Ugly" I doubt that I would even attempt to repurchase and install again. I will continue to fly Prepar3D V4.5 with Radar Contact V4, Orbx Scenery and UTLive for the foreseeable Future. It runs exceptionally well on my system. I did meet the "Recommended" requirements for MS Flight Simulator 2020 and was very surprised at the numerous issues that I had. JayDub
  2. These are the steps I took to uninstall the Deluxe Premium Edition also purchased from the Microsoft Store. We are really in new territory here, only a few of us apparently having to remove the program. The following steps cleaned up my system. 1. Just to be safe and wanting to make sure I was able to remove the Large 108GB folder from my dedicated Flight Sim SSD, I first moved it to an external hard drive. By doing this I at least guaranteed that I could reclaim the space on the SSD. I did this by following the attached YouTube video, and it worked perfectly. This left 3 empty folders on the Flight Sim SSD, was able to only to delete one of them, the "Program FIles" and "WindowsApps" remained. Windows 10 would not allow me to remove them. Still working on that but at least all the space was removed from the SSD. I just created a new folder copied them into it and placed it in another folder out of sight. 2. Then I right clicked on the Microsoft Flight Simulator app and selected "Uninstall". This removed the app and after that I was able to go to the external HD and remove the large 108GB Folder, but again was unable to remove the empty Program Files and WindowsApps folders. The move to the external drive first may have been unnecessary but was not willing to take the chance. I must say I have never seen a more user unfriendly installation or uninstall process in any Microsoft Software. Hope this helps, JayDub
  3. " Both attempts have ended with me speaking to MS Tech Reps ".......... How did you accomplish actually speaking to a rep. Would really love to know...... I am having major problems with the Microsoft Store version. Downloaded but Basically fails to launch most of the time. JayDub
  4. Purchased Deluxe Premium yesterday from the Microsoft store. This is not a rant or complaint, just looking for some advise as to which way to go next. I knew my system was maybe hi-mid range, but was very close to the recommended requirements. This is not firing shots at the sim, it looks like a great one, unfortunately I took a chance and it's just not working out for me. After 4 attempts to open the Simulator this AM. All took 21 minutes plus just to get to the Welcome menu screen. One of those times the menu froze and I had to shut down the program. On the other occasions after selecting any other option such as flight planner or lesson, hit fly button and it attempts to load the scenario. Bar moves slowly then after about 7 to 9 minutes the simulator crashes and says a message will be sent to Microsoft. The only way out is to end task of the FlightSimulator.exe in the task manager. So far only once have I actually gotten into the sim. One time last night I made it into the Cessna 152 takeoff lesson. Got in the air and the sim ran smoothly. I stayed with the default medium settings. That was the end of my flying experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have a help request into Microsoft for help, but not too confident that a solution will be reached. Have been using all versions of MS Flight Simulators for 30 years and have never experienced anything quite like this. Also I see no way to uninstall the sim as it is not listed in the control panel under programs and features as is 99 percent of the programs of this complexity. I only see that you can right click on the app and that gives an option to uninstall. Not really confident that that is the way to go for a clean uninstall of the sim. During the installation Three Folders went to the Drive with no Flight Simulator Directory. Really happy for you guys that have a good install and experience. Looks like I will not be among you. Fortunately I have a very smooth running Install of Prepar3D at max settings with world wide coverage of Orbx Scenery (About 215 GB). Looks like that's the best I can do with this 5 year old system. So far the only thing that went off flawlessly without a hitch was the collection of my $119.99 LOL Windows 10 Pro, i7-4790K running at 4.3GHz, GTX 970 G1 4GB, Corsair DDR3 SDRAM 16GB, Sim was installed on a dedicated 500GB SSD. Ultra fast internet down load speeds at about 850 Mbps. Any suggestions appreciated, JayDub
  5. Thanks, That's the type info I was looking for. Glad I got one good response before I deleted my message. I fly airline routes with B737 and larger aircraft almost exclusively. I have a feeling that I will not be satisfied with my current rig. All is OK though, with my current Prepar3D v4.5 setup and over 215 GB of Orbx scenery I get very good performance at the highest settings. I will be content with that. JayDub.
  6. Sorry........... Just read this forum requesting no hardware topics....... I have removed my post text Moderator, please feel free to delete the entire topic and post.. JayDub
  7. Hi, I installed Win 10 pro from my Win 7 pro system four days ago. Had been running Win 7 pro for the last 5 years and was extremely happy with the performance. So far, not too happy with the way my installation of Prepar3D is running with Win 10. It seems slower and more jerky. Also, I had virtually eliminated any "blurries" with Prepa3D, now I seem to have some back. I did use the Microsoft free update to Win 10 site and the installation did go well. Also, I did elect to save my personal settings and programs rather than reformat and complete clean install and that may be the problem. My Win 7 install of Prepar3D along with all my Orbx scenery was over 300GB so I did not want to start from scratch and have to redo the whole program. Also updated to the latest Win 10 64bit Drivers for my GTX 970. I did this also to be ready for the release of Flight Simulator 2020 and can only hope that it runs better than Prepar3D on this system. As always I suspect that some "User Error" may be in play on my part, so I will keep working with it. Intel Core i7-4790K Haswell 4.0 GHz CPU 1150 8MB 4 cores/8 threads OC to 4.2 GHz ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2 Motherboard Gigabyte Geforce GTX 970 G1 4GB Video Card Corsair DDR3 SDRAM 16GB 1866MHz Vengeance Series RAM JayDub
  8. I hate to ask a stupid question, but here goes. How do you obtain a legal licence for Windows 10 when using the below upgrade link. And also, does this link and upgrade still work. I am currently running Windows 7 Pro and as many others wishing to upgrade only to be able to run the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I am currently running Prepar3D V4 with about 215GB of Orbx scenery on a dedicated 500GB SSD and do not want to lose this installation if I can help it. Any suggestions? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Take it easy on me, I have to play the age card. I am getting too old for this stuff.......................... Thanks, any help appreciated. JayDub
  9. Mark, I was able to get my installation of Radar Contact V4.3 up and running perfectly in Prepar3D V4.5. That is all I used in FSX for many years (Kept the FSX ATC disabled). I never did solve the problem of the Prepar3D ATC issues, but no longer care. As I understand it Radar Contact V4.3 is now freeware. I did nothing but open my previously installed Radar Contact V4.3 program and point it to the Prepar3D folder containing my .pln files. I created those files using the P3D flight planner and everything works without a hitch. Do this and you will never look back. Even as old as it is Radar Contact far exceeds the quality of the stock ATC in both FSX and Prepar3D. Find the additional voice files and your ATC experience will Radar Contact will be filled with additional radio chatter throughout your flights. Hope this helps you, JayDub
  10. Several weeks ago I finally purchased and installed Prepar3D V4.5 I got very involved in setting up my scenery and finding the sweet spots for performance. Yesterday I finally tried out the ATC system only to find that I seem to have a problem. After creating a flight plan and loading it when I attempt to contact clearance delivery or ATIS nothing happens, no voice or text message either across the screen or in the ATC box. As I click each request in the box it moves on the next as though I have interacted with the system when I have not. ATIS to clearance delivery, to ground control, to tower . On the ATC page it indicates I should select a pilot voice but the selection box is empty. So far no voice and no text messages. Tried the help section of the sim but so far have not found a solution for this problem. I have been using FSX and Radar Contact since 2006 so not new to this, but for now I am temporarily stumped. Voice and text messages seem to work fine in the tutorials. My only addons so far are a very large Orbx scenery install and Ultimate Traffic Live. Would have posted on the Lockheed prepar3D forums but having logon problems. Any suggestions appreciated, Thanks,
  11. Good Day, Posting here first before taking a chance on the Orbx forums...... Since there appears to no longer be an Orbx forum on Avsim I am posting here. Just purchased Prepar3D 4.5 after flying FSX since Oct. of 2006. No going back now, it is hard to believe the improvement. My install of FSX had approx. 200GB of Orbx products installed, all the Global and major areas. All of my non DVD areas transferred without issue to Prepar3D using FTX Central. Four of my NA areas are on DVD and will need to be exchanged via the "DVD Crossgrade" in my account. Has anyone had success or failure using this tool. I have the original receipts from PC Aviator USA for all my DVD areas would that be sufficient to purchase the crossgrades. . Any suggestions appreciated, JayDub
  12. John,3rd try was successful, appears the minus sign made the difference. I don't recall sending it during the initial installation.Have not run the program yet but past the registration screen and into the active Radar Contact page so assume all is well.... Will let you know if I have further problems.......Thanks again,JayDub
  13. John,Below is the product ID with A "-" sign in front of it..... You have sent me another key number and that also has not worked.... However, I have been sending you the product ID without the - sign as appears template is looking for numbers only..... Will try a third time......... -860653375Thanks,JayDub
  14. John,Need a little help,Had to reinstall Windows XP..... Sent you new key request and you quickly sent me a new one..... It does not work. When I attempt to reopen Radar Contact V4.3 it just takes me back to the registration page. I am using "Cut and Paste" so should be no typing error.... I had no problem with this procedure the first time around...Please advise...... Program purchased two months ago DEC 2007.....Thanks,JayDub
  15. Jaap,I tried the 1.5GB configuration last year with no success. My motherboard it seems will not acceptmixed size modules, the computer would not even boot with a 1024MB and 512MBinstalled. or any combination of two 512s and a 1024. Just for an experiment, I did a quick install of FS9 to my C: drive as you suggested. I sawno improvement in performance or texture loading times. As I stated earlier, I believe Ihave attained the max potential of this computer system. I can live with the fineperformance FS9 is running at now and will stop trying to push the system beyond it
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