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  1. Mark, I was able to get my installation of Radar Contact V4.3 up and running perfectly in Prepar3D V4.5. That is all I used in FSX for many years (Kept the FSX ATC disabled). I never did solve the problem of the Prepar3D ATC issues, but no longer care. As I understand it Radar Contact V4.3 is now freeware. I did nothing but open my previously installed Radar Contact V4.3 program and point it to the Prepar3D folder containing my .pln files. I created those files using the P3D flight planner and everything works without a hitch. Do this and you will never look back. Even as old as it is Radar Contact far exceeds the quality of the stock ATC in both FSX and Prepar3D. Find the additional voice files and your ATC experience will Radar Contact will be filled with additional radio chatter throughout your flights. Hope this helps you, JayDub
  2. Several weeks ago I finally purchased and installed Prepar3D V4.5 I got very involved in setting up my scenery and finding the sweet spots for performance. Yesterday I finally tried out the ATC system only to find that I seem to have a problem. After creating a flight plan and loading it when I attempt to contact clearance delivery or ATIS nothing happens, no voice or text message either across the screen or in the ATC box. As I click each request in the box it moves on the next as though I have interacted with the system when I have not. ATIS to clearance delivery, to ground control, to tower . On the ATC page it indicates I should select a pilot voice but the selection box is empty. So far no voice and no text messages. Tried the help section of the sim but so far have not found a solution for this problem. I have been using FSX and Radar Contact since 2006 so not new to this, but for now I am temporarily stumped. Voice and text messages seem to work fine in the tutorials. My only addons so far are a very large Orbx scenery install and Ultimate Traffic Live. Would have posted on the Lockheed prepar3D forums but having logon problems. Any suggestions appreciated, Thanks,
  3. Good Day, Posting here first before taking a chance on the Orbx forums...... Since there appears to no longer be an Orbx forum on Avsim I am posting here. Just purchased Prepar3D 4.5 after flying FSX since Oct. of 2006. No going back now, it is hard to believe the improvement. My install of FSX had approx. 200GB of Orbx products installed, all the Global and major areas. All of my non DVD areas transferred without issue to Prepar3D using FTX Central. Four of my NA areas are on DVD and will need to be exchanged via the "DVD Crossgrade" in my account. Has anyone had success or failure using this tool. I have the original receipts from PC Aviator USA for all my DVD areas would that be sufficient to purchase the crossgrades. . Any suggestions appreciated, JayDub
  4. Two Samsung 850 EVO SSDs added to my new i4790K/GTX970 system two months ago. One 250GB drive for the OS and the other a 500GB drive exclusively for Flight Simulator X. One of the best hardware upgrades I have ever made. Minimal performance improvement, but load times reduced by about 75 to 80 percent in FSX. That alone was worth the price of admission for me. My current FSX program tops out at just over 200GB so load times on a conventional drive could take up to 8 minutes in the past. Up and running now in around a max of 90 seconds. Go for the SSDs you will not regret it.............................
  5. John,3rd try was successful, appears the minus sign made the difference. I don't recall sending it during the initial installation.Have not run the program yet but past the registration screen and into the active Radar Contact page so assume all is well.... Will let you know if I have further problems.......Thanks again,JayDub
  6. John,Below is the product ID with A "-" sign in front of it..... You have sent me another key number and that also has not worked.... However, I have been sending you the product ID without the - sign as appears template is looking for numbers only..... Will try a third time......... -860653375Thanks,JayDub
  7. John,Need a little help,Had to reinstall Windows XP..... Sent you new key request and you quickly sent me a new one..... It does not work. When I attempt to reopen Radar Contact V4.3 it just takes me back to the registration page. I am using "Cut and Paste" so should be no typing error.... I had no problem with this procedure the first time around...Please advise...... Program purchased two months ago DEC 2007.....Thanks,JayDub
  8. Jaap,I tried the 1.5GB configuration last year with no success. My motherboard it seems will not acceptmixed size modules, the computer would not even boot with a 1024MB and 512MBinstalled. or any combination of two 512s and a 1024. Just for an experiment, I did a quick install of FS9 to my C: drive as you suggested. I sawno improvement in performance or texture loading times. As I stated earlier, I believe Ihave attained the max potential of this computer system. I can live with the fineperformance FS9 is running at now and will stop trying to push the system beyond it
  9. Jaap,Sounds like I would have to scrap my two original 512MB modules of PC3200 DDR and replace them with two 1024MB modules. At this point it looks like thats not much "Bang For The Buck" as we like to say. It seems they are just giving away DDR2 at extremely low prices but the older DDR is twice as expensive due to the manufacturing process.Still curious about my install of FS9 on the slowest part of the hard drive if you could explain.Thanks again,JayDub
  10. Jaap,Thanks for the reply.... Not really sure about your meaning re the slowest part of the harddrive. I have oneprimary 120GB drive partitioned C: D: and E: with Windows XP on the C: drive and FS9the only program on the E: drive. I also have a 300GB backup internal drive with 3 equalpaartitions. Over the years I have never seen an advantage performance wise having FS9 onany of these partitions. Also I did find answers to my questions re the virtual memorysituation.... Although that also can be very confusing due to the many opinions many ofthem opposite of each other.....In any case...... I give up, after many years I am done tweaking ..... My system seems torun FS9 at the best performance it is capable of...... I should be happy with it as it is.....Currently I can run FS9 with all sliders maxed out and FPS locked at 35 with only minimalblurries in very high density cites such as LAX. FPS stays in the 28-35 range about 90percent of the time.... I also run MyTraffic 2004 at 100 percent and Radar Contact V4.3.My PMDG aircraft may take the FPS down in the teens at times but I rarely seen anythingbelow 12-15 in any circumstance. I run the sim at 1600x1200 on a dual monitor system. Ihave constantly been in pursuit of a crystal clear image without any blurries at all but havefinally come to the conclusion that this is not going to happen. I will just fly it and enjoythe experience. The additional 1GB of RAM actually seemed to slow the system down. BIOS autoclocked the mem at 333mhz but even after I upped it to its rated 400mhz I had somestutters. With the memory configuration returned to 1GB the sim smoothed out again.JayDub
  11. Good Day,I could use a little help from the experts. Just added another 1GB of RAM to my system for a total now of 2GB DDR PC3200 at 400Mhz. My MOBO will not support DDR2. What is the best way to manage this Memory. So far I have seen zero improvement in load times or overall performance in any programs. I thought I would see an improvement in texture load times in FS9. FPS not an issue as that was great prior to the additional RAM being added. I had previously set up my memory as a custom setup with Windows XP Home, but just changed in to let Windows manage it. Currently it shows Windows recommending a 3070MB page file per disk, but has allocated 4094MB. Both processor and memory usage are set up for programs. If recommended that I go back to a custom setup what Should the Initial size be and what should be the Maximum size be as can be set up on the virtual memory page. My primary drive has 3 partitions of around 38GB each with Windows on C: and FS9 having its own dedicated drive E: I also have a 300GB internal backup drive with performance not an issue on that drive.Any help or suggestions appreciated. I just don
  12. Same here.... Unable to download most files and getting the not connected page since approx Jan 01.... Just tried this AM and still having the problem..... Using IE7 and Windows XP Home..... Not having this problem at any other site....JayDub
  13. Vulcan,Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I have tried removing all the FSUIPC files and letting Version 3.75 recreate them. Still have the same problem that way and even tried to edit the ini file with no good results. You may be right and the completely freeware version 3.04 of the past is the only one I will be able to use to control the visibilty.I would think that many others owning PMDG 747-400 and Radar Control would have experienced the same visiblilty problems but see very little evidence of this on the forums. It would be unusual that all of them would be using registered versions of FSUIPC, but I could be wrong....."Just enough knowlege to keep myself in trouble"Thanks,JayDub
  14. Good Day,I have a very puzzling problem with FSUIPC and visibility in FS9. I have lived with the problem for a long time but am now attempting to find a lasting solution. Any help from the experts would be appreciated. I have attempted to get on Peter Dowson
  15. jd,Thanks, the upgrade to USUIPC 3.75 appears to have solved the problem. The .rcd files now being generated into my Flight Simulator Files folder. During installation and in the guides I seem to remember that the latest USUIPC file to make Radar Contact V4.3 work was included....... So I did not look into that further. Now naming all my Radar Contact flights ...... Starting with RCV4 - to keep them separate and easier to manage.....Will probably have a few more questions after I have more time to give the program a good
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