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  1. It looks like Carenado will be releasing a long sought after aircraft soon :-)http://www.carenado.com/ecommerce/incomings.php3I am very much looking forward to it's release!!
  2. >I perhaps deserved it this time but you've had it in for me>for quite a while haven't you?I don't have it in for you, I just hold you to a higher standard is all.To hear you whine about FSX gives me the mental impression of you sulking off to a corner and sucking your thumb because you're not getting your way. Is it a fair impression? Probably not as I know you'd like nothing else than to not have the shackles applied to has they have. I totally understand that. I personally don't think you need to explain to anyone why you're not going to develop for FSX, except for maybe a cursory explanation to keep the hounds at bay.I respect your work, but not how you've conducted yourself during this release. And I realize that is totally my problem, not yours :-) But it is what it is......And Please don't think I'm an MS cheerleader, I'm not even using FSX. If I had the hardware to run it, I probably would. Truth be told, I'm upset with MS for what they've given us, but you won't find one post by me here where I stoop to bashing them....Instead I've let them know via tell_ms@microsoft.com........
  3. Well Elvi5, you're confusing cheerleading for FSX with my disgust at your actually talking down a fellow developer IN PUBLIC! In your vain attempt at taking yet another jab at FSX, you actually try to take down another developer in the process. It shows such an absolute lack of character on your part that I am quite frankly blown away.You could have taken the high road and posted your congratulations to Cloud9 and perhaps mentioned what you find lacking, again, in FSX but no, you post "tried it, it sucks, uninstalled....(weak paraphrase but it sums it up).I will NEVER, EVER buy a Fly Tampa product again thanks to you. And I'm sticking with FS9 just so you know. I have KSEA and love it. Too bad I won't be sending you, or your team any more of my money.
  4. >The demo runs too poorly to be flyable here. Nothing>impressive visually. Un-installed.I love how FS developers (In this case Fly Tampa = Elvi5) talk trash about other FS Developers.Very nicely done Elvi5!! I'll be sure to run in the other direction if/when you stop stop complaining/whining about FSX and release your own payware scenery. At least someone out there is making the attempt :-) For that reason I have a TON more respect for Cloud9 than Fly Tampa....
  5. I believe that Tingoose is the one who's in denial as he just can't believe that people actually like their FSX and are satisfied with the performance. Are all those who are satisfied with the performance looking forward to even more performance in the future? Of course! But instead of coming here and complaining, complaining and complaining some more, they are enjoying their sim and I think Tingoose is just jealous :-)I've heard it said here that FSX is for the GA crowd only, well, someone better tell Jun182 that as he seems to think he can fly the heavies just fine......http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=57675
  6. >And btw.. PAE doesn't work on all systems. It's mainly>designed for server systems which really need more than 4gig>of physical memory.I don't mean to be rude, but since most, if not all of us here use FS on a workstation, what was the point of your post? You tell us that you can use this other kernel as it can address more than 4 GB, then at the end say it's only for servers.......perhaps you can clarify how we can use it on a workstation?Thanks!!!
  7. >The atmosphere here would be so much more relaxed if people>would just enjoy whatever sim they prefer instead of comparing>goddamn numbers all day.Well said Jens, well said.....(clapping hands smiley :-) )
  8. Smarti05, all I've seen you do in this thread is scoff at fellow flight simmers and then in the same sentence ask for help. You do see the disconnect here don't you?? This forum is full of fellow simmers trying to help others achieve some level of happiness with their FSX installs...perhaps you could stop poking everyone here in the chest and start looking around the forums for the information you need.Or do you expect those here to summarize, just for you, the the collected knowledge gained in the last couple of weeks??
  9. So what you're doing here is calling those who are satisfied with their FSX experience and FPS liars and putting the burden of proof on them? Now before you say it, I know you didn't "actually" call them liars, but it's quite easy to read between the lines.Nice.....I don't think for second you're doing this in the spirit of genuineness and fair play. I can't believe how far downhill this forum has gone........
  10. 18 replies before the first troll popped in for a negative comment, thats gotta be a record lol...:-)
  11. >Not only some people think all is going well, they even have>the gall to say that all of us are BS. 50 odd of those 64 gave>FSX a pathetic review-take that!!Being a lover of aviation and flight sims in general, I'm saddened by the fact that FSX is taking such a hit. Some of the flak deserved, some not. But what I find most pathetic Santanu, is that you seem thrilled that FSX getting those bad reviews. What a guy.....
  12. Hi Francesco!!Try placing an occupant in the right seat. As far as I know, the flight dynamics of the Maule are pretty much spot on so the plane will drift to the left if it only has the pilot in the left seat. Its a "weight" thing....
  13. >Paul, once again ... I don't care :)Huh? I wasn't even talking to you......
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