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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm currently tweaking the original AF2 and working it in ADE. All the AF2 default buildings are still there and I'm slowly linking the parking spots to the taxiways. According to WoAI there's no airlines listed for KIWA, only GA jets & turboprops. This is an excellent scenery ..... did you know he's got auto vehicles travelling along the highway to the north of the field? Pete.
  2. The original scenery is by Ryan Whitford, but the 2 updated AF2 files are by Robbie Hardy. The problem is that the 2 updated AF2 files are off by 900' too far west of the photo scenery ( or the photo scenery is too far east ) Ryan's original AF2 is ok for position , but the aircraft parking spots aren't connected to the taxiway links. Also there's no airline coding on the parking either. Hopefully this will be sorted as this is a very good scenery. Thanks. Pete.
  3. At Flightsim there's a good selection ( 27 files ) ..... http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=17055522 DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, Curtiss C-47 etc etc By the way, several years ago someone did a Buffalo repaint for the Antonov An-12 which I lost in a HD crash. Love to get another copy if anyone can help , please. Pete.
  4. I've got all mine on an external HD. But try doing it a bit at a time ( say 20 - 30 aircraft ). Pete.
  5. I've used this in my previous sim , highly recommend it .... and the price is right Pete.
  6. Beautiful model, Thanks to all who developed it. One small thing ...... I've installed the "Aviation Partners Boeing 737-700 scimitar winglet (N162WC)" textures ( Filename:tds737_avp.zip ) but nothing shows in the sim . Can anyone help please ? Thanks again. Pete.
  7. The crowds gather and excitement builds ...... Pete.
  8. Hi Kyle, The latest texture pics look great. I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of this model. Thanks for persevering with this design. I for one am a fan of the 737 and along with most, welcome another. Thanks again, Pete.
  9. Thanks. I'm aware of the UK2000 scenery, some nice stuff to, but most of my flying is western US, Alaska & Canada. Why you might ask, well Sid and I have done a heap of EZ Scenery addons in these areas and it's such a beautiful area to fly in. Thanks, Pete.
  10. Thanks Guys for your comments. I'm not worried about AES capability. At this stage I'm tending towards the cheaper option .... Blueprint LAX & Fly Tampa SFO. I understand these are not the most up to date as far as Terminals etc, but it's always way better than default. Still like to find out if these fit with the Blue Sky photo ground texture. Pete.
  11. I’m looking at several FS2004 payware airport scenery options and would appreciate some feed back please. I’ve had the SimFlyers Los Angeles KLAX scenery for a number of years now but it’s showing it’s age and also doesn’t fit very well with the Blue Sky Photo ground textures in the Los Angeles area. The options are either the Blueprint LAX or FSDT LAX . With the Blueprint scenery about half the price of the FSDT one , that’s looking good. The next airport I’m considering is San Francisco with either the FlyTampa SFO or Flightbeam Studios version. I have the FlyTampa Seattle KSEA and I’m very happy with it , so price wise I’m leaning more towards the FlyTampa SFO. Will the FlyTampa SFO work with the Blue Sky Photo ground textures ? Another airport I’m considering is the Aerosoft Anchorage scenery. Who has this and what are your thoughts on it ? Looking forward to any thoughts and help. Thanks. Pete.
  12. Very smart paints and likewise thanks for continuing to support FS9. :Applause: :Applause: Pete.
  13. Thanks Kyle, it looks great. If this is anything like the new TDS Boeing 787, then it will be well received. I'm eagerly but patiently waiting for it's eventual release. Pete.
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