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  1. Hi,I'd like to find the rating system being used in the Reviews. Is it published somewhere? I figure 1 to 5 is from good to best but where do the following fit in - or do they fit in:5 stars- AOE what does AOE stand for? I assume this is better than a plain 5 stars.What is the difference between a Gold Star Award, a Gold Star, and an Avsim Gold Star?Where does "see review" fit into the rating system or does it?thanks.Russ
  2. I recommend 1/8 to 1/4 inch from your mouth same as I recommend to my real world students.Hope this helps.Russ
  3. Execute it within your FS9 folder. What does that mean?I downloaded it, opened it, and executed it. At the end it said it was installed.Thanks for your help.Russ
  4. Thanks everybody, I found it.Russ
  5. Hi,Where can I find the update of FS2004 to 9.1 (FS91UPD.exe)? I've done something wrong and it shows as 9.0. Additionally I want to install it on my other computer.Thanks.Russ
  6. As usual I am the problem. Indexing is required with the addition of the aircraft and I forgot all about it. Russ
  7. I just bought the DreamFleet PA28-181 Archer II and get the failure message "Starup failed, unknown FS aircraft type PIPER PA-28-181 Archer Dream Fleet- 1" when I load VoxATC. I have been using VoxATC for some time successfully with other A/C I've bought specifically the Flight1/ Dreamfleet Cardinal.I need some help. When I go to Select Aircraft it's listed along with the Cardinal and appears and loads normally except for it's relationship to VoxATC.ThanksRuss
  8. Oh, I've got to watch that mind set of mine. Yes sirreee Bob I thought the picture was the access point to the download and the title was - wow what a mind set I had. Thanks a bunch JD.Russ
  9. The link is still dead as of this moment - to me any way. Maybe there is something I don't know but I can't down load it. Can anybody help me?I've downloaded many PDF documents but this one doesn't seem to work the "normal way". When I attempt to download the version 4 manual the image "ON TIME & BOARDING & ON TIME" emlarges but it stops there. If I "Save Target As.. I've simply downloaded the image to my desktop.My copy of RC4 has arrived and will be delivered to me on Christmas morning in the mean time while waiting I could at least be reading the manual. I'd like to be reading manual. Yes, I would! Russ
  10. Sorry about the use of the word "download" regarding the Garmin 1000. I didn't download it I ordered the CD at the URL given in a previous reply to this inquiry. I've done a large number of downloads lately and I got careless with the word. Russ
  11. Hi,Thanks all for answering my enquiry. Great help as usual. Especially the last one.When I disconnected the joystick and put it into the TRACK FPL mode the airplane icon now tracks the flight plan and the attitude remains stable. I originally thought the joystick had to be connected because the OPTIONS menu has a Joystick Axis Configutsation - so the user must be able to use it (sure would have been a nice feature). Additionally without a joystick connected the PFD attitude flopped all over the place uncontrollably and mostly up side down. I can get along with it now. Programming flight plans and flying it with the autopilot works just fine for my learning needs.As for giving the URL for down loading the Garmin 1000, when I went back to the site I couldn't find it. So much thanks to the reply of the responder who did find it and gave it to everyone.Hmmm. As for the simulator taking a lot of CPU power I remember the 530 did also and that has now been fixed. Thanks,Russ
  12. Hi,Has any one downloaded the Garmin 1000 simulator and got it to work? I did in anticipation that some one is going to put it into an airplane for FS2004 shortly (anyway I hope so) and I want to know how to use it. Additionally as a CFII I hope to teach in an airplane with one of these things and again I want to be ready. It's beautiful. It cost me $9.99 - mostly shipping.Questions I have come up with - I connected a MS yoke to it as suggested but only get slow pitch and roll response on the PFD and the airplane icon does not follow the control movements. Has anyone a better response?I cannot turn the Demo mode off. Has anyone a different experience?In the DEMO MODE with the TRK MODE in "TRK FPL" the airplane icon does not track the flight plan. Same question, has anyone got it to track the flight plan?I've read the manuals - there's a lot to read - but find no answer to my questions. As I read the manuals I get the impression the yoke can be used in the manual mode of the DEMO MODE to fly the airplane thorough a simulated flight plan. Another impression is that the airplane icon should track the flight plan with TRK FPL enabled. The engine RPM goes uncontrollably to 2940 RPM and the airspeed to 178 knots and stays there.Still a heck of a lot to learn from it. Can anybody help me? What am I missing?Russ
  13. Hi,I just finished the VoxATC demo of the above flight with the Meridian. It was a very nice flight. Some comments:The squawk number is the same on all of the demos and all of the flights I've generated. I wonder if different numbers will be available on the next up date?Twice I was given vectors for traffic; for each course change for traffic the first vector turned me 90 degrees off course, the second turned me back at 90 degrees to my course, and the third issued before I arrived at my course turned me so that I was flying away from my next waypoint. When I was told to resume my own navigation I had to turn an angle of probably 135 degrees to get back on course. I felt the vectors were quite unrealistic and wonder if this is being addressed also.I flew this flight because it included a STAR. I've been trying to generate my own STARs without success. In this case however the STAR was issued to me (KASPER 2) and although I've never been given one in real life I thought I did well. After being issued the STAR I began to wonder how I would know when to begin to descend only to realize when the star was issued the words included, "descend via the kasper two arrival mason city transition" and so began my descent at that tme. Nice flight. I really enjoyed it. Question: Has anybody generated a star of their own? I have been issued the SIDs I generated but never the STAR. When I get to the point in the flight where it would be issued - it is missing.Russ
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