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  1. Yes wide screen support would be nice, other than that the package is awesome.Cheers,Fido
  2. Yes wide screen support would nice, other than the package is awesome.Cheers,Fido
  3. I bought it and I'm not really happy it. I only used it once.Cheers,Fido
  4. The only thing I would say is buy buy buy. Trust me you will never be disappointment.Cheers,Fido
  5. RC team have the best support in the FS community. Your email solved my problem. Thank you so much.Cheers,Fido
  6. My platform is Windows XP Professional SP2. I have included the minus sign infront of the number when I send it by email. Should I try again?Thanks,Fido
  7. My platform is Windows XP Professional SP2. I have included the minus sign infront of the number when I send it by email. Should I try again?Thanks,Fido
  8. Hello,I just got a new system and installed my copy of RC 4.3. I'm trying to activate it now, but even when entering the key which was send to be by email, it keeps prompting me to enter my key again.Your help is much appreciated.Thaks,Fido
  9. Hello RC Team,I just got RC 4 for my birthday few days ago. All what I can say to you guys is that you have done a hellva great job, and I wanted to thank you for this amazing piece of software before I go thank my wife personally for this gift ;-).Keep up the good work.Cheers,Fido
  10. Hello,Well, after long time of contemplation I decided to buy fs2crew for ATR, and what a difference this add-on has made. The downside of it is that my wife is complaining now that she doesn
  11. Hello,I have a question for the PMDG 747 dev gents. I'm wondering if there are any planes to release an update for a certain price to add weather radar capabilities as two payware producers have done in their birds.Yes or no would suffice.Thanks in advance and happy holidays everyone.Fido
  12. Hello Gents,I have questions before buying:1. Should I buy it now, or wait until it is patched?2. ActiveCamera, is anyone working on creating one for PSS 777?3. As an owner of PSSS 777 for FS2002, do I get a discount for the new release or not? Thank you for the answerCheers,Fido
  13. Hello Gents,OK, here is my system ocnfiguration:P4 2.42 GB OCZ dual channel PC3200ATI X850XT AGP 256 MBNow, before upgrading my ATI card, I used to have ATI 9700PRO one, and I was really happy getting and average of 22 fp with everything maxed except for the weather stuff. However, since I installed ATI X850XT card and using catalyst drive 5.1 now with everything maxed I'm get 18 fps!!!Can someone point on how to increase the fpsthanks,Fido
  14. Hello Gents,Few minutes ago I went to view the main AVSIM page, and the first line of the news was PMDG Releases Documentation for 747-400, but I read the first two words only, and I got a jolt to my heart out of excitement... I think PMDG has to prepare us mentally and emotionally when the Queen of the skies is just about to be released.Cheers,Fido
  15. Any chance that Kuwait Airlines will make it to this list?Cheers,Fido
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