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    question for nvidia users

    This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:
  2. bob.bernstein

    Can we stop naming products with X?

    I'm too old to be a gen-Xr but I'm having Xactly the same problem. I think acronyms have reached a CROSSroad. An intersection, if you will, between abreviated clarity and numbing sameness. I'm considering calling this situation AWX for Acronyms with "x". XXXoooosBob
  3. Thanks Tom...logical response. Partly I was just checking to see if the products were essentially modifying the same parts of the sim. It appears on the surface that improving landclass, autogen placement, perhaps the textures the primary contribution of both ftx and utx+gex.....agreed?Bob
  4. Can anyone compare and contrast this product with UTX+GEX combo that some of us now are exploring?Bob
  5. Why avoid geotiff? I find it works most easily. Bob
  6. bob.bernstein

    Thanks to Nick and GEX

    I've just finished your optimization and new purchase of GEX...just lovely and very smooth flying.Thanks,Bob
  7. bob.bernstein

    Boeing Field, WA

    BIll, I did all my flight training and flying out of bfi. I know quite a few nice spots for flight spotting. Primarily my favorite spots (besides the tarmac) are on the west side of the field near the tower there are places you can part near the fence. On the west side of the airport is the pilots shop, you may find spots near there to see cool things, if not, its a good pilots shop. you can drive all the way on the west side to the south, and see awesome planes, and watch landings if the pattern is to the south.The museum of flight has a cool "tower" exhibit with an awesome view of the field itself. Probably the best viewing available.Enjoy!Bob
  8. bob.bernstein

    I need your experience...

    Scott, what is the default projection of Google Earth? Unless its geographic, the guy's roads have no hope, don't you think?My stuff lines up with fsx default vector data surpisingly well.
  9. bob.bernstein

    Ariane Designs - Safe now or not?

    A quick google on Peter Tishma turned up nothing about a conviction. There was a logical forum post referenced that said he bankrupted PapaTango and another company name also, oweing substantial amounts to crediters, while providing assets to Ariane for the financial gain of Ariane. The contention was that Ariane's assets from Tishma should have been provided to the creditors. Bob
  10. bob.bernstein

    Ariane Designs - Safe now or not?

    I didn't know Tishma was convicted of a crime. Is there any press coverage you're aware of?Bob
  11. bob.bernstein

    I need your experience...

    The imagry can be converted from one projection to another. I never have found any imagry that is provided in Geographic projection.All imagry I've used is therefore reprojected. Read Google Earth, and look for information on their projection. It'll be there, perhaps in "meta data" file. The project that usds uses is Utm (universal transverse mercator). Conversion utilities are out there for free. Several threads have contained recommendations. I'm sorry I can't be specific, I have a commercial tool I use called Global Mapper. I believe Fwtools is one of the useful freeware utilities.Best,Bob
  12. bob.bernstein

    I need your experience...

    I'll start by admitting I don't know anything about google earth. But I do know that this result can happen if you don't use imagry that is projected using the geographic projection with the right datum, wgs84.Check this at least.Bob
  13. toprob...I think your tutorial is a work of art.I would suggest one change, thou..Since devcon, we've learned a lot about the impact of draw calls on performance. I'm sure youve read Adrian Woods' blog.... would be a service to the learner if they could use your great tutorial and learn these lessons as well.specifically, this new learning drives a different conclusion regarding texture size choice..not to make the smallest, but rather perhaps the biggest possible if you can include on that texture all the structures or many of the structures in a given area, as that will reduce the draw calls. With modern video cards having large memories, you'll have a favorable tradeoff in performance with fewer draw calls and bigger textures.The harder one for me to actually attend to is texture fracturing, althought I promise to try! lol But its worth discussing if you don't have to individually adjust each side seperately, you'll avoid doubling or worse your vertex count.Anyway...a suggestion.Cheers,Bob
  14. bob.bernstein

    Treadmill definition.

    very good clarification...makes sense every time the object attempting to move acheives its movement by pushing against the conveyer surface. like a person walking. or a car driving. or a cow walking...or a horse walking...Can anyone think of anything else that pushes against the surface it sits on to move forward?Lets see...(airplane? doesn't push against the ground to not an airplane)....hmmmm...wait I have another...a llama! yes a llama wound not move forward if it was on a treadmill....:}}
  15. bob.bernstein

    Piracy Charges

    sounds like enough...not sure what you mean by next?you're bringing the idea I guess its back to you...Next?B