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  1. I totally agree with you in the sense that photoreal paints retain their dark belly's which is unrealistic when looking from underneath or during turns, but I just can't help but love photoreal textures none the less!:( I've just modified some of the colour and shading on that part of the Emirates fuse so that it's a good compromise of the dark colour for the underside and the light colour of the fuse. I appreciate all the help that's been given here, it really was driving me nuts! I think it just means that after this paint I may re-consider attempting another using the overland 777 paintkit, as the modellers decision to texture two parts from one spot on the fuse is not really helpful at all and rather limiting, especially when working with photoreal textures or more complex/special paint schemes.Cheers! ;)
  2. Guys, you've been a great help, it may be mundane to you guys but it feels like sheer genius what you've found out, as nobody else has managed to provide the answer, so thank you.I have 2 problems remaining...1. When installing the demo of FSrepaint, I have a dll error :(2. Secondly now that we've identified the area in question, how would I go about painting it to blend in with the fuse and the nose gear door??? The problem is the paint is photoreal and it would ruin the photoreal effect if I was to darken the rectangle on the fuse to get the doors to show up! Bit of a dilemma any suggestions?Thanks again for your help so far! ;)
  3. Thanks for your suggestion. I've gone back to every single bmp to try and identify if it is to do with any other file but it's not. The reason being, the area in question is paintable directly on the nose section of the fuse as shown on the default aeroflot pic I've posted. The painted bit there should all just merge automatically in the sim.As you can see from that bmp shot of the Aeroflot example (which has no problems), the area in question has a blue stripe running along the bottom of the fuse in the nose section and when in the sim, this shows up fine without the missing sqaure texture problem I'm having on my paint, despite it being painted the same way as the aeroflot if that makes sense.Could it be anything to do with my photoshop settings, or the way I'm saving it? Or perhaps using DXTBMP? I'm just thinking on a wider scope now...
  4. Ok, I've realised that this missing section which forms the front gear door is not part of a seperate texture as such, it's actually part of the left and right fuse nose section, check the pic below as just an example, it's of the default SMS aeroflot paint that comes with the package.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/176688.jpgThe red bit that I have marked in the nose section is the problem area in the Emirates paint I'm currently doing. I have this bit painted perfectly, yet it still remains untextured as seen in the original pic I've posted. I've even tried cutting and pasting another nose section (which doesn't have the untextured problem) onto my 773 Left and Right bmp's, but amazingly that part still remains untextured! It's not making any sense and is very frustrating. Below is the paint that I'm trying to do which is giving me all the grief. As you can see, the texture's all line up accordingly but I'm still experiencing the missing texture in the sim.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/176689.jpgAny ideas?
  5. Can someone please point me to the part of the Overland paintkit where I can paint this part of the nose gear door i.e. the section in front of the main nose gear door bay with the reg on it...http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/176687.jpgIt's driving me insane, I can't seem to locate this part of the paintkit! Any help is much appreciated.
  6. Hey guys I've noticed when in the cockpit view with the main panel on the 330/340 series, after I press the 'W' key on the keyboard, the panel goes away as it should, to leave just the standard FS basic instruments e.g. altimter, VSI, attitude indicator, along the bottom of the screen.The problem is when I press 'W' again i.e. to return to the original cockpit view, I get this view instead:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/171733.jpgMy question is, how can I edit the panel.cfg (for personal use only of course) so that when I press 'W' the second time I get the normal forward looking cockpit view as I do when the aircraft loads into the sim i.e so that I can still see the runway and the cockpit?I know there are click points to return to the normal forward facing window but I want that view set as default so that I don't have to manually clcik the cockpit to get to the view each time.I hope this makes sense, I can provide more screenshots if anyone needs them. Thanks for your help in advance!
  7. Guys, I have the exact same problem. I hate to sound stupid, but can someone tell me how to adjust the AA settings on the card as opposed to the game? I have tried going to the control panel and going to the nvidia control panel but I can't seem to find the AA settings. Thanks for any help!
  8. Guys, just noticed a big problem with fs2004. All of a sudden, when i load up the sim, the bit where the aircraft is shown on the menu appears to be black, with no aircraft showing, not even the default aircraft.However, the drop down list still shows all the aircraft there, such as the default planes and all the add on aircraft, but they're not being shown spinning around in the menu.The aircraft seem to load up ok as well once i've made a selection from the drop down menu and chosen an airport. But when I exit the sim, my screen goes black, my mouse cursor is able to move around, yet it seems as though the PC has crashed in a way. CTRL+ALT+DELETE does nothing and so I have to manually hold down my power button on the Unit to restart my PC.The only significant things that I've done on my PC today, which may or may not have had this effect on the sim is that I installed drivers for my nVidia Geforce 4 graphics card. Also I installed some gauges for a panel.However since noticing this problem, I have uninstalled the drivers and deleted the gauges files that I installed for the panel I wanted. Despite doing this, the problem still remains.I have checked the main fs2004 folder and I've noticed that there is a file called 'runh.exe'. It is there, but there seems to be no icon for the program. That's the only thing that looks odd to me in the main fs2004 folder.Does anybody have any ideas what's going on? The last thing I want to do is re-install FS, as it would be a painstacking near impossible event to retrieve everything again!Thanks for your help.Regards,Bhavesh
  9. Hey, I was just watching some aircraft approaching the real world Heathrow this afternoon and noticed how bright the aircraft's landing and taxi lights are, being very visible from afar and even during daylight hours.It got me thinking about FS2004 and how the nav lights seem to be visible and brightly lit, however the landing lights and taxi lights don't seem to be as bright as I would prefer.Is there any way to increase the brightness/intensity of the landing and taxi lights in aircraft.cfg or fs9.cfg?Thanks for any help.
  10. Hey, just wondering if there is any way to eliminate individual antennae's from the exterior model and also to add the satcom bump that is found on particular carriers? The reason i ask is that i've noticed the model seems to have a lot of the antennae's on the fuselage and as you know, antennae configurations are airline specific and vary from carrier to carrier.I know that other developers such as LDS with their 767, have allowed users/painters to select which antennae's will show up on their paint by using alpha techniques, rather than having to make seperate models for each antennae configuration that exists. So can painters use this alpha technique with the PMDG 744 paintkit too or are the antennae's all set this way by default?I know it may seem mundane to some, but i'm all for eye candy and detail!
  11. Nice shots!!! Guess i'm lucky to get to see all these beauties here in London :-hah
  12. Check out the screenshot below...I've noticed this problem ever since intalling the FS9 upgrade 9.1. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/104867.jpgAnybody else having this problem and what can be done about it?
  13. Hey guys, i keep getting the following error message every time i load up any aircraft using Eric Marciano's A330 panel:'ERROR - FS9Flight simulator was unable to load some aircraft or software. You can continue using flight simulator but this aircraft or software will be disabled.File: GAUGES/A330.GAU'I have FS9 and have installed the FS9.1 Update.Any ideas what it's all about and how i can fix the problem?
  14. Thanks guys it's all good now, your help was much appreciated! :-kewl
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