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  1. http://fly-heather.avsim.net/gallery_SceneryAustralia.htmlKyle
  2. I've seen this one with large macros, like icebergs, made in gmax. Arno is right, it has to do with the centerpoint, but I have no idea what to do about it. As long as the center point is in front of your view, you will see the object; once you pass it, it vanishes. I can see my icebergs vanish as I pan and the centerpoint passes the edge of my screen, and the other half of the 'berg vanishes.If you have a tube-like macro, once you flew past the mid point, your object will vanish, but if you pan back, it will appear once the center point enters your screen view.Kyle>The 3 sections have the same centerpoint in gmax. I put them>at different coordinates in FS so that they appear to make a>single contiguous object (i.e. I line them up).>>Yes, when i go to the other end of the object the disappearing>still happens.>>Do you think its possible that my video card can't handle it?>(I really don't know much about this stuff).>>Thanks Arno.
  3. Have you tried doing a direct MP connect with a friend on line? Have them HOST the session and you JOIN it and see if you then can see him. You won't need SBRelay or SB for this, just default MP, so that may help isolate this down to the spot you're losing the connection.Kyle
  4. I use AOL myself but use IE6 browser most of the time. I have seen the error you report but it hasn't lasted more than one retry in the past for me.I'd suggest trying a different browser. If you don't have, or do not like, IE6, try Mozilla, a freeware browser that is pretty good in it's own right and not subject to hacker attacks because there aren't as many out there and I guess it's not as leaky as IE. Go to Google and search for Mozilla and you'll find it; it has some nice features.Kyle
  5. Its hard to say for sure from the limited info you provided, but it appears you did not get a successful FS9 MP session started. When you can't see others but they can see you, this is the usual outcome.Make sure you are JOINing the SBRelay sesson in MP, not HOSTing, the old way.So the order of start up is:1. SBRelay2. FS MP (JOIN the SBRelay session)3. SBHost (or HostSB, whichever version you use)4. Start SB5. Connect using SBFor more information, please use the Pilot's Resource Center (PRC).If you need more help here, please specify the steps, in order, you take so we can better direct you.Kyle
  6. The current released versions of SB only serve up to FS2002. SBRelay is used by FS2004 users to trick SB into thinking it is hooked to FS2002.So you need SBRelay for FS9, and you JOIN an MP session in FS2004 vs HOST (the old way). SBRelay is started first, then MP (JOIN the SBRelay session), then SBHost (just like FS2002), then SB, then connect.All this is explained in detail in the Pilot's Resource Center if you haven't been over there.Kyle
  7. This one is tough with what you list. In FS2004 you're NOT hosting, right? We JOIN in FS2004 to the SBRelay link. FS2002 does use the HOST method in the MP.I hope you have already gone to the PRC (left menu bar under Pilot Resources), read the FAQ's and other 'getting connected' instructions as there is where I must ask you to go first to eliminate anything obvious.Repost with your results or new symptoms/data.Kyle
  8. You can expect to see a patch at the very least released in time to prevent the programs from becoming unusable by Sunday.Keep an eye on the VATSIM main page for news.Kyle
  9. Have you visited the Pilot Resource Center (left menu bar at www.vatsim.net) and followed the tutorials there for getting FS2002 connected? The error you have can have only a couple of organic reasons, and 99% of them can be worked through following the tutorials.If you've done that and still have the error, report back here and we'll take another stab at helping get to the bottom of it for you.Kyle
  10. Go to the SBRelay web site for a discussion on routers and firewalls and what you can and can't do with them. I have mine off during SB sessionsYou guys need to remember we're kind of way out on a software limb with the current config. We first got SBHost to trick FS2002 into letting us have the SB window inside FS, then we needed SBRelay to trick SB and FS MP into thinking FS2004 is really FS2002. This far out on the limb, this will continue to be tough for us all. We all hope and pray for the health and energy of the SB 3.0 team in bringing us back off the limb where we're not dependent on so many patches. In the mean time, I'm thrilled the patches exist or we couldn't fly with FS9 at all. Thanks for the tools, guys!Kyle
  11. Not really, it proably means someone was messing with the password request screen for unknown reasons and clicked on your ID, that sent your pw reminder to your mailbox. Since no one else can see your email, your pw is still quite secure. Unless you get more than one, I'd just write it off to some kid (emotional, not age-wise) playing on the system. If you get a string of them, you can send an email to the membership director to see if they can intervene.Kyle
  12. I see you are learning quite a bit, and now you see what folks who want to do this for a living have to go through, like a couple of years and $35-50k USD. And you're learning things have a lot of details to them. Mostly you learn by doing and doing, over and over. You start out making mistakes and being confused, but one day down the road you'll fly one 100% all the way and be pretty happy with yourself.As to routes, filing a preferred route may increase your chances of getting that route but it is never a sure thing. We pilots never know the reasons we get the clearances we do. You can file direct and then see what you get in the read back if you like. But always have pen and paper nearby as you may get almost anything in the Clearance delivery. Sometimes they are long and comlicated, but more often than not I get back, "Cleared as filed".And on FSNav, the only person who can see anything on FSNav is you; no one else knows what you have there, or even that you do have it. The only way to adjust a flight plan that ATC can see is to reload it using SB and enter a new routing. Read up in the manual about how to file a flight plan; this is just refiling, same steps.We could make a checklist, but there is still sooo much detail, the checklist would likely more intimidate newbie's more than it would help them, I'm afraid. Stay tuned for more lessons in the PRC this year. Mike Bevington indicates we'll start working on the next phase very soon.Kyle
  13. Under the file menu in FSNav there is an export function that allows you to export the FP created in FSNav into FS itself.Kyle
  14. For the FAA preferred routes, use this page:http://www.fly.faa.gov/Products/Coded_Depa...s_database.htmlSounds also like you may wish to investigate a piece of shareware called FSNavigator. It is probably the last add on I'd not buy for FS and it is used by me on about every flight. Easy to type in an intersetion name and you are able to find it in seconds. Also is capable of loading the DP's and STAR's too. And it has vertical nav (altitudes) that can be programmed so you can be an absolute spud sitting there watching all that automation.www.fsnavigator.comWorth every cent I've paid for it. You can try it out for 20 uses before it quits and you have to pay for it, but 20 uses is enough to get most folks hooked.Kyle
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