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  1. OK Jim, fair enough.Thanks for replying.Dom
  2. Not sure if I'm right but it looks like the initial load of ASX loads the weather for all stations worldwide.Anyway, it takes a very long time to load - is there any way to shorten it, say by limiting the station coverage if I only fly in Europe for instance?cheersDom
  3. Hallo all,I can only confirm with what Kav is saying here.I get sudden and severe wind shifts flying small GA aircraft.Do not use FSUIPC.I'd be willing to offer more info if necessary.ThanksDom
  4. >Lets be clear. Neither Fs9 nor FsX can stretch one view over>two monitors. You have to put one "new" view on each monitor.>resize the view so that the edges do not fall off the edge of>the monitor.>One "new" view placed on each monitor with the sides not>dropping of the edge of the monitor is the correct way.Oh well, tried that and I'm afraid it did not work.Well, it did, as I moved a new window with a new view over to the other monitor, but by the time I did that my fps went from steady 20fps to 2fps with long pauses when trying to move the cursor.I recall from long time ago, FS9 early times, when there was a statement, that you cannot transfer a new 3D view over to the other monitor for heavy performance penalty.It was OK to move 2D panels, as it did not deteriorate the performance, just not the 3d outside view.Looks like this is the same case here.CheersDom
  5. Interesting.Kimchoc, don't you suffer any performance degradation running another 3D view on another monitor via the same video card?Gotta try that bit later then,Best regardsDom
  6. Thanks for all the replies.Second monitor is working - I have it displaying extended part of the first monitor. Dragging any of the sides of the FS window beyond the first display results in dramatic frame rate drop. Also, the part of the window on the second monitor is blacked out.Guess this is something only possible with Matrox 3-display unit.ThanksDom
  7. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=31593
  8. I use ATI tray tools to tweak all my video card and display settings.Could not find anything relevant to this very problem,Dom
  9. Hallo everybody,Got my FSX running relatively smooth by now.I attempted to fire up another monitor i have plugged to my PCI-E Asus A800XL card.Windowed mode minimized I tried to pull edges of the FS screen window to another monitor to have it spread over the two of them.Unfortunately, the second monitor part is all black (nothing visible on it) and frame rate drops dramatically to 5-6fps with long stutter.Is that a limitation of FSX or am i doing something wrong here?Thanks for your help,Dom
  10. N4865G

    Realair SF260 checklist

    Should have looked there in the first place.Thanks a lot,Dom
  11. Anybody can direct me to SF260 printable chcecklist please?ThanksDom
  12. Hallo, started off with Tileproxy yesterday.This is what I get:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173095.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/173096.jpgThis is SP1 installation, Google source and AMD64 processor.Any clues?ThanksDom
  13. I would be grateful for someobody to send me a working ini file for GE with FSX SP1 please...db@propilots.netThanks in advance,Dom
  14. N4865G

    Thinking about moving to FSX

    Good point.Reading through relevant posts on SP it looks like the critical benefit will come for those using multicore PCs.Is there any hope for single core users, or is it the time to think about an upgrade (adding another processor)?CheersDom
  15. N4865G

    Thinking about moving to FSX

    Thank you very much indeed for your replies.I guess Mike nailed it. No point applying all those tweaks if they might be the thing of the past in couple of weeks time,CheersDom