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  1. Hi,Another question... Is there going to be a small patch for the "added features" so to speak? ( ie the replaced buildings, improved nerd spotting position on the car park etc. )In general it works great for me, so I am reluctant to remove everything and download again, but being human, I want the latest/greatest improvements.... so .. any hope of a little patch?Thanks for this great scenery!Cheers,Paul
  2. I think your AI frames are better around India because the overall traffic in the area is less.Let me explain- In India you might well have 400 movements a day in/out of VABB etc but you do not have the same quantity of overflying traffic... in Europe for example, it's not just a case of looking at the arrivals.deps in Frankfurt.. think about all those aircraft that are flying over the Frankfurt area... enroute Southern europe to scandanavia.. and east west...The skies are far more crowded overall in N America and Europe.An example too is London.. movements per day are approx EGLL 1300, EGKK 720, EGGW 315 and that doesnt include Stanstead, London City etc....Paul
  3. Thanks Cesar,Will have a good look at this... I already have a freeware SPIM but it isn't up to the quality of the new Delhi, so was hoping for a better freeware.I certainly don't mind paying for scenery, but I am not sure how long I will stick with FS9.At the moment I use FSX for GA and FS9 for heavies.Cheers,Paul
  4. Hi Eric,There's already a good Bombay out there...Check http://www.simviation.com/fs2004scenery79.htmAlso this list gives a pretty good selection of what's out there....http://walhalla.mine.nu/fs2004.phpCheers,Paul
  5. Hi Wilax,As I live in Lima, I fly through there a lot.... flying out in a week or so, so I'll see if i can get a few shots.... problem is it's a night flight, so probably won't help much.... same when I arrive back.. it's about 11pm.There are a few shots of the new terminal ( like 2 years old )available via Google, but not many. There is also the good artist impression of how it now looks.They have a web www.lap.com.pe or for english http://www.lap.com.pe/ingles/Also a good friend of mine is a bus driver for LAN... well that's what I call him.. he's a senior a319 captain, so he may be able to help.Thanks for considering it and I appreciate all the work you put into Delhi.Paul
  6. Hi Wilax,Thanks for Delhi....Any hope of a Calcutta? Or a Lima?Cheers,Paul ( in Lima )EDIT A Singapore could be another good project as I don't think there's a good freeware. ( Please correct me if I'm wrong on this anyone )
  7. Hi,Just a heads up to the new Delhi scenery available in the library.It has been forever that I've been looking for a good VIDP ( well any VIDP!! )and now it looks like we have one! Search vidp.zip .There was a good Bombay out there but no Delhi. Now I need a Calcutta Dum Dum to complete my real life Indian airport experience ( there's already an Udaipur, Goa, Cochin and even an Ahmedabad all of which I have been to IRL ).Thanks to William Morgan / FRF Studio for this.Paul
  8. Ron,Never had an OOM so I rose to the challenge... LDSX, UTerrainX, UTrafficX (40%) out of Kennedy, straight over Manhatten and onwards.. no problem.... well, frames weren't exactly sky rocketing, but it was flyable.Once out of the area they settled into a flyable 18-20.Paul
  9. Mike,I know it doesn't help much... but I am running FSX on vista64 very well, stable, frames OK ( not fantastic, but OK -24 locked with the Realair SF260 out in the countryside,40% AI- less in urban areas )and no bluries.I am running a lesser system, an AMD64x2 3800, 2gb ram, and this could well be critical - an ATI x850pro. I am wondering if the nvidia drivers are to blame for some or all of your issues? Have you experimented with drivers?Another thing. just a thought, but vista always tells me that FSX is incompatable with certain visual elements and switches to vista basic upon launch of FSX. Does yours do that?Paul
  10. Thanks Marc,The Moomins took me back quite a few years! I didn't know they were still around/published/popular, but I still have my books!MD11 looking good.... It's a shame ( sort of ) that KLM used to bring them into my local ( SPIM ) but now it's a 777 direct to EHAM. So it's no more MD11 for me ( real world ). I used to fly AA MD11's a lot on both trans Atlantic and trans Pacific routes... even took one out of SDQ to Kennedy once...Apart from KLM who else are using them on PAX routes nowadays?Cheers,Paul
  11. Very cool!What happened to the announcement thread tho? EDIT- I see it's been reposted.Also what's with the Moomins? One of my fav books as a kid was Comet in Moominland!!!!Cheers,Paul
  12. Hi Mike,I use Vista x64. As far as I am concerned it runs fine. A few small FS related issues... you cannot run 16 bit apps on x64, so if you use the Reality XP garmin units, as supplied with the DF Baron amongst others then you won't be able to use them.Also hardware drivers. In reality I haven't come across any problems with this, as most manufacturers have x64 drivers now. A good example is the Saitek x52 pro that i just got, I had to go to the website and download drivers and beta drivers for it, but it works. If you own older hardware or stuff from obscure manufacturers then this could be an issue.Every 5 years or so I do an OS upgrade and decided on x64 because I wanted to stay "future proof" for longer... Whatever issues people were having, these are being ironed out and once vista SP1 comes along then I am sure it will be even better.I imagine in 2 or 3 years the minimum spec will be 8 core cpus with 4gb, and we will all be there with our smooth as silk FSX complaining that FS11 runs terribly... and so the world goes round!!!Cheers,Paul
  13. Bob,Not sure how it is where you are.... down south.... but it's pretty chilly here... worst winter in ages.In Lima it's not so bad... but the people in the hills are having it real bad.Cheers,Paul
  14. Thanks for the clarification Marc.It seems such a good idea..... even as a money maker.. you have several hundred people stuck in a metal tube... bored for hours and hours... why not charge them per hour for use? As far as I understood the system before... you had to register with the Boeing supplier PRIOR to flying.. is that correct? If so, that seems a pretty poor business stragety, seeing as most of the users would be spur of the moment - " I'm bored.. oh look Lufty has internet.. neat... lets play with it-" types.I really hope another solution is found and implemented.Paul
  15. Hi Marc..Looks like they still have the service.... must be some other solution.Taken from their website today....Boeing 777 and Airbus A330: Experience our World Business Class sleeper seats with 170-degree recline, 190-cm length, privacy canopy, massage setting, laptop power, telephone, interactive entertainment system, video on demand and e-mail/text messaging to any e-mail address or mobile telephone anywhere in the world;Cheers,Paul
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