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  1. w4fej

    Product availability

    I'll bet you are trying to use a "gift" card, right ? Yes, that is a problem that exists to prevent terrorists from funneling money fro the U.S. to over seas folks. I usually use a gift card for online purchases but glad I noticed your post so I use a regular card to purchase the Maddog...
  2. Like the video and liked the guy and LOVE the Maddog....
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Finally a useable flow chart for the Dog.. Mike B.
  4. Ok Bryan Thanks.. I was amazed by that video, I thought I was watching an actual MD-80 flight!! I have some work to do to get to that level yet. Been trying to upgrade the Dog, get wide view working with four monitors and keep the Wife happy while we are home on vacation. (Whew...) I just updated to 2010 Pro, any reason not to instal the crew yet? Or should I hold off until you release a patch to the patch??Mike B.
  5. Wow! Great videos. I have both FS2crew and the 2010 Pro Dog but I heard a LOT more stuff in your video! Gotta figure out what I am not doing to get stuff like "hello Captain" and F/A announcments etc.Mike B.
  6. "But, nothing is set in stone, so if you want you can still command the FO/PNF to set the autopilot even when the autopilot is on."Oooooh!. Will the FO change the heading then and the autopilot will move to the new heading?? I hadn't tried it with the AP actually on. Dooh... I assumed (there's that word again) that when ther manual stated the AP is off the FO commanded the heading select know and you HAD to do it that way. If the AP is on and I ask for a heading and he/she actually does it then that's super! It is a real pain when flying online and ATC turns you and you have to mouse the heading before I can answer them. If I can hand off that job to the lowly FO, great!Thanks. Mike B.
  7. Cyril: In your approach video are you hand flying the airplane or is the autopilot on?? I hear you asking for headings and the FO is responding. If you are hand flying (autopilot off) what is the point of asking the FO for a heading??MIke B.
  8. Really? :( We can't seem to get through to developers that to run FSX that a virutally new computer system is required. In my case I have close to $10,000 invested in hardware and software to run flight sim. I run 4 monitors, three video cards, external flight sim hardware and some pretty heavy duty software add-ons. I have FSX, I loaded it and removed it. It just kills my frame rates making it completely unuseable for my system. I checked with my local computer store owner/friend and I can't use hardly any of the hardware I have, not even the case!! (power supply is way too small). To run FSX is not like in the past flight sim updates where a little more RAM or a new video card will do the trick, you need a MAJOR upgrade to run FSX.Nope, it's gonna be FS9 for some time for me..Mike B.
  9. w4fej


    Bryan: Problem solved. Third time was the charm. Got the file. Just got back from the store and will now go install it on my FS computer.. ThanksMike B.
  10. w4fej


    Great news Bryan, only one problem. The web site seems to have a problem. I get to step 2 "use existing address" and just hangs and eventually give "an error occured, try again". Bummer.. :( Mike B.
  11. w4fej

    Purchase question

    Ok thanks Ian. Guess I'll just suck it up and do the over night thing. Anyidea how big the download is?? Mike B.
  12. w4fej

    Purchase question

    I want to buy the 757. Got a question. I have a VERY slow dial up connection. Flight1 products are downloaded first then enabled online. There is a computer store in town that will fill a CD for $5.00 with anything you down load. Can PSS products be downloaded on one computer and transferred to another to "unlock" and use?? Downloading on my FS computer will take many, many hours to download.. Thanks. Mike B.
  13. w4fej

    757 question

    Seeing as the other two "big" add-on guys are now abandoning the FS9 folks with their 757 products, that pretty much leaves PSS to supply us "po" folks that can't afford a $3000.00 computer to run FSX. After the release of your 757 there appeared to be lots of bugs in the product. I have been checking back fron time to time to see if the problems are being addressed. Are they? If so when can we expect the "patch" to clean up the majority of issues with the plane?? I am hot to get a high quality 757 but the usual suspects have left us FS9 folks twisting in the breeze. Y O U wouldn't do that to us, would you?? Waiting for a GOOD 757.. Mike B.
  14. I just completed my first flight with the new SB and it works great!!! Used it with level D sim 767 and they play together perfectly.I have a really crappy dialup connection and I can't believe how well the voice works. never heard even a single burp for the whole flight! I use the PFC jetLiner console and I L O V E dialing up the facility frequency and have it switch! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Been off line for 2 years waiting for the system to be updated.. Gota join another virtual airline again. (American Virtual, you hiring??)Thrilled in North Carolina... Mike B.