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  1. Did you even get your Vrinsight overhead to work?   Same issues as you.  VRinsight support just sucks!   I can't believe they are in Business.  Their website looks like it was in 1999.   LOL

  2. NO!, problem not solve, still looking for a solution 😟
  3. progress is shown but On "Panel Installer" 1) Select FSX folder which is, 2) Select "VRinsight Panel" to "V737 Overhead" 3) Select "Aircraft" to "Add-on aircraft" 4) Click "Install" button. Then you must see "Success" message no success message
  4. Guys, I need help to make work with Prepar3D v4, my VRinsight V737 overhead panel. I cannot make it work, I want to use the PMDG 737ng, with it but no success, please someone help me to writes script or anything else that would make it work
  5. No problems with Prepar3D but only with X plane 11 XPUIPC is used for x plane
  6. Need some help! Cannot start any ACARS, I have this message "fsuipc Error #1: Fsuipc Err_open" I have already reinstall XPUIPC, and still no connection to any ACARS Any help would be appreciated Stephane
  7. Cool, whenever I add any new addons, I'm checking for the change in the roaming files (exe.xml and dll.xml) and cut and paste into ProgramData, and I'm done!
  8. so if all in Programdata, no need for me to have them in Roaming, if I'm the only user
  9. but still, I observed that when it is placed in Roaming/... it doesn't loadin
  10. why having those in files dll.xml and exe.xml are both in Programdata and roaming files ? and still are not the same ? Stephane
  11. I did look at this option, but no
  12. Guys, Ever experienced flying with Prepar3D with Windows 10, having when retracting gears, no more access to your keyboard, the only way to get it back is to bring up the configuration menu, click keyboard and clicking on and off one of the buttons on keyboard menu to reactivate the keyboard, also happens with mouse wheel sometimes, any ideas, someone ?
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