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  1. I have been waiting for a multicrew environment for a long time too, hopefully for FS11? FS is a long way behind in multiplayer than other online games hopefully this will change in the future. The lead has to come from MS though I feel, individual companies have a hard enough job to adapt their aircraft to a new release every couple of years before the next release comes out.With DX10 graphics on the way, for me the next big leap in FS is to crew an aircraft with friends online.Simon
  2. Lefteris I dont believe I have ever name called in this forum, I have at times expressed my opinion and qualified it by "personally" where necessary. I have not set out to insult anyone and apologise to Terry if he has been left insulted.I have in turn though been very frustrated over the recent weeks after years of hard work on UK procedures.I still beleive that fragmentation and duplication of work and time on "freeware" procedures, is a subject that needs to be looked at more. We could achieve so much more if we worked together on these projects rather each with their own empire. I apologise if my vision is too much for this forum but its how I feel.Again I apologise to Terry for the comments I have made.Simon Butler
  3. The idea of the Future UK AIP AIRAC Amendment (28 day cycle) pdf, is that you download the pdf prior to the cycle release date. Its giving users chance to prepare in advance.Therefore if you look at the Future UK AIP AIRAC Amendment (28 day cycle) right now you wont see references to TOMMO at EGLL because thats old news. Its telling you changes for April so that you can get ready.A Brief extract from last months which came in 2 parts and this was in part 2.Bournemouth
  4. NATs produce a summary in pdf format of forthcoming changes in the UK airspace 28 days in advance of the change, this is available to anyone who logs on their site.It's a pity that you couldn't have left the UK to someone who has years of experience keeping it up to date. Look for the document with changes in the next 28 days and you wont get caught napping again!!Simon Butler
  5. I was hoping for more news on the UK Avsim Convention planned for the Spring.Simon Butler
  6. The bulk of my work is not on my site yet, I had been planning minor tweeks and updates to my other formats before uploading to my site.I had covered most of the UK majors, for a good majority of the companies products, work available from Navdata and Feelthere (fliteprep.de) sites.My aim has always been quality rather than quantity, my work is all hand written in text editors and had taken a pride in keeping my home country procedures up to date especially in PMDG format since the first release of the 737.I started out because the DAFIF procedures, were lacking or poor in Europe and left some UK airports out. Since the end of DAFIF, I decided to carry on as PMDG procedures from Navigraph appear to be a very long way off yet. It had been my understanding that your database was just being updated for US airports since the end of DAFIF, until now when you have made the decision to start covering the UK from data from NATS. Personally I don't see the point of 2 sets of files being produced from the same UK source, for the same major airports.Simon Butler
  7. I got the information for the bit between the star and the approach from vatsim, to add some realism and make life easier when not using online ATC. They are vectors used close to the real world. The rest of the information I get from NATS each month.Quite why we need a second set of procedures of the UK majors for PMDG, I'm not sure either, after I have covered them well over the years and advertised my work in this forum as well as several others.Simon Butler
  8. All sidstars for the UK major airports have been done and updated by myself and are available from navdata.at or my site. These have been available and accurate since the early days of the pmdg 737 release. Some update dates may appear old but in those cases there will have not been significant changes to warrant an update. Watch next cycle, several star changes to the London airports on the way.With regard to Transitions from Star to Approach, I have added to my EGLL file, procedures close to the real world vectors from information that I could find, to make life easier.Simon Butler
  9. Hello RakhamMost of the sidstar files you can download are very close to the real world. Some have required additional fixes depending on the fmc, but the overall result is very real. Many of the files that have been written have been done because the DAFIF database either didnt include the airport or didnt cover it well enough. The majority of major airports are kept up to date.There are also many free chart sources available to check them against http://www.ais.org.uk/aes/login.jsp , http://www.myairplane.com/databases/approa...ndex.php?mode=d theres many more.One thing to remember though is magnetic variation, this can be out by 2 or 3 degrees in FS as compared to real world charts. Simon Butler
  10. HowardEGLL, EGKK and EGCC sidstars, I have now updated and working with Demo 0609 cycle, so hopefully will work with 0610 too. I hope to have the rest of the UK uploaded by the end of the day.Simon Butler
  11. Hello HowardI will upload to navdata and my own site as a backup. I will post the url when its ready.Many problems have been caused my this showcase demo cycle which would better been named a beta and released a lot more than a week from an expected launch. Once I am home I will try to catch up with whatever 0610 brings and have my sidstars working for this cycle, expect a few days delay though while I try to catch up.Simon Butler
  12. Hello HowardI hope to have all UK sidstars working with the new release within a week or so. I will work on EGKK next, EGLL should already be fixed for the 0609 demo, and hopefully the forecoming 0610. I will start uploading files to navdata from Sunday, I am away until then working.Simon Butler
  13. The DENUT3C departure has been around for quite some time, my chart from 13th April 2006 shows it.I am unable to reproduce the error you have described. I can't remember getting an fmc error message in the past that says "the sid is not complete"From your email this morning, it would appear you are having overall system problems, however please send me a screenshot and more details of how you have set the flight up and I will try to reproduce it. Simon Butler
  14. There is also herehttp://www.users.on.net/~mervA/pmdg.htmThe text files can just be copy and pasted into C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9PMDGSIDSTARSSimon
  15. www.navdata.at why re invent the wheel?Simon
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