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  1. I've updated your bonus on the tracker site. There is a mistake in your calculations - variety bonuses are worth 30 minutes each, giving you 4.5 hours in variety bonus and a total of 25.5 hours of bonus.If this is incorrect, let me know. I'll monitor and will update as bonuses change.
  2. I have updated your team bonus on the tracker site. It's still not entirely clear what your total bonus is. My math gives me 13 hours (3 burger run, 6 team flight, 3 diversity bonus, and 1 for VHHX which you didn't record). If you could provide a total each time you update, it will make things a bit easier.Keep up the excellent flying!
  3. The "Baton-carrier or wingman?" option only shows if you have "Send real-time position to server?" selected in the settings. Also, be sure to create a user (if you already exist, it won't create a duplicate).
  4. A few things to note:- Once you download the new Duenna, go to Settings and select Default for Server+URL. Then create a user. Be sure to select your team name.- In order for the tracker to track your flight, "Send real-time position to server?" must be checked.- If you are a baton holder or wingman, you MUST check the "Baton-carrier or wingman?" option on the main screen. DO NOT select this option during the race unless you have the baton or are flying a wingman leg, otherwise the Baton Tracker will add your flight. Also, YOU MUST select this option for the Baton Tracker to record your baton flight.- With the "Baton-carrier or wingman?" deselected, your flight information will still be tracked at http://www.fsrtwrace.com/track/ListFlights.php- The Duenna will automatically upload your Duenna graphic and text file to the server after your flight. If all goes as planned (and the race committee allows it), you should not need to post these files to the forums unless this process fails for some reason.- We'll be working out bugs (we're aware of several) and making improvements up to and probably even after the race begins, but if you have feedback, recommendations, or bug reports, let us know. In the mean-time, please use it.Jared "Smitty" Smith
  5. This is certainly a useful tool. However, this puts load on my server (I own the smithplanet.com server) and a little bit of load on each multiplayer server. It's not a big deal, I just ask that if you aren't monitoring what's happening that you hide the servers in Google Earth. Just uncheck the checkbox next to the server name in My Places in Google Earth.I also will be updating the following graphic every few hours throughout the race. You can get full details and compare bonuses, speeds, and other race elements at http://smithplanet.com/rtw/If someone from Team AvSim would like to help update your legs as they happen, that would be great. Just log in at the link above.Cheers and good luck!http://smithplanet.com/rtw/rtw.jpg
  6. I can't really help, but I too am quite interested in moving this P-38 to FSX, so if/when you get this problem solved, if you could post your gauge or code, I'd very much appreciate it.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by "when altitude alert is triggered", but you'll want something like this...(A:PLANE ALT ABOVE GROUND, feet) 1000 < This will display the warning light when your altitude is less than 1000 feet AGL.This same logic will work for your previous questions as well. I'd recommend that you also search the forums here for help and read the basic tutorials at http://fs2x.com/Jared
  8. I'll see what I can figure out with the C gauge. Thanks for your help. Here's another related question...Instead of writing to a file, can you display text in a gauge that is selectable - meaning you can copy it from the gauge and paste elsewhere.I want to build a gauge that essentially saves, prints, or displays a flight report with a bunch of variables that are set/checked throughout the flight.Jared
  9. Great! I have sent you an e-mail through the forum system. Thank you!UPDATE: The PM and e-mail forms on this forum seem to be broken. It won't send any message. Error says the message field is empty although it is not.I've sent you an e-mail to the one in your profile.Jared
  10. I'm assuming the answer is no, but is there ANY way to have an XML gauge write to a file? I'd simply like to store some variables externally at a certain point.
  11. You are one sick puppy! I still have nightmares about flying that Concorde hop in 2005 and overrunning the runway at SCEL. (shutters)It's been a few years, so what are the best Concorde models available?
  12. I'm not certain what you're asking. But I'll try to answer what I think you're asking.The Axis element defines the rotation point for your needle. By default, the rotation point is the top-left of the needle image. You want it to rotate around the point where it would be attached or pinned to the rest of the gauge. In this case, it means that the needle image will rotate or pivot around a point 9 pixels FROM the top and 57 pixels FROM the left of the image. Because the position of the image is defined at 77, 77 this means that the top-left of the needle image will be 9 pixels up and 57 pixel to the left of this point OR the top left of the needle will be at X=68, Y=20 in your gauge.At least I think I'm explaining this right. :-)The Main Body Sections of the tutorial at http://fs2x.com/Tutorials.htm explains this quite well, though the syntax is for FS9.I'm still struggling to figure out why MS changed the basic syntax of so many of these elements from FS9 to FSX.
  13. I also use Google Earth to get oriented with the surroundings of the airport. Turn on terrain to view any terrain obstacles and you can identify rivers, populated areas, or other landmarks that can help. FS models all of these quite accurately.I have some tools at http://smithplanet.com/fs2004/tools that can help. Just enter in the airport code to see it in Google Maps or Google Earth - as well as lots of other airport information (real-time weather, runways, navaids, etc.). If you're flying online, you can also view your real-time location in 3d in Google Earth. I've found these quite helpful in the past RTW races.Now, I'm heading back home to FlightSim.com before my teammates over there catch me giving tips to the 'enemy'. :-)http://smithplanet.com/temp/GoogleEarthTracking.jpgJared
  14. Here's what I found:- the .zip file posted above is corrupt.- I also could not get a keymapping for RELOAD_PANELS to work. You can map the reload aircraft in Settings... Assignments... Reload User Aircraft. I mapped it to CTL+SHIFT+;. So CTL+; will "Reset Current Flight" (at least that's the default) and CTL+SHIFT+; will reload just the plane. Neither of these is RELOAD_PANELS though.- To add a Reload_Panels gauge, add the following to your aircraft config file:gaugeXX=ReloadGauge!Reload, 10,10,10,10- Within your aircraft's panel folder (or your main /Gauges folder), create a folder named ReloadGauge and within it create a file named Reload.xml. Add the following (without the *'s) to the file:*********<Gauge Name="Panel Reload" Version="1.0"><Size X="10" Y="10"/><Element><Polygon FillColor="Red" Bright="Yes"> <Point X=" 0" Y=" 0"/> <Point X="10" Y=" 0"/> <Point X="10" Y="10"/> <Point X=" 0" Y="10"/> <Point X=" 0" Y=" 0"/></Polygon> </Element><Mouse><Tooltip>Panel Reload</Tooltip><Click> (>K:RELOAD_PANELS) </Click><Cursor Type="Hand"/></Mouse></Gauge>*********- This adds a red square to the top left of your panel. Click to reload the panels.- Clicking the gauge will instantly reload all XML. I had to reload the entire situation (CTL + ; ) to see changes in any gauge BMPs.- I am currently working on my gauges within the aircraft panel folder, so things may work differently for things in your /Gauges folder.- When you first load the plane, you must click the gauge once to unlock your XML and BMP files. Otherwise, you cannot save changes.- Using this set up, I was able to go 7 hours with FS open while editing gauges like a mad man. By using the .cab method and resetting the flight all the time, FS would crash every 3 or 4 resets.Jared
  15. Yes, that IS much faster. I had it in my mind that the Reload Plane keyboard command and Reload_Panels did the same thing. I'm finally getting the hang of this! I'm building a custom panel for the Round the World Race and have now replaced about 12 other independent gauges with one gauge w/ a lot of XML files. It's nothing fancy, but I have digital displays of all sorts of vital flight information.Thanks!
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