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  1. Hello,Yes, after experimenting with CYCL, I agree with you that this would be an improvement to AS if it was possible to use the Fetch to access the met from a known station nearby, other than the one in the upper window, Closest Station Report, and be able to move this one in the upper window. This selected station would then load the met in FS. In this case for CYCL, I had remove it as proposed above from the wx list and it picked up the next closest station at 69nm away but it did not load this one. So, I reinstalled CYCL in the list but the problem with this met station is that it does not provide pressure altitude, and quite often no cloud conditions, so the wind is the only parameter left. This is not realistic. I live near the end of the runway at CYCL. This am the ceiling is about 500 ft and it is snowing. The met report provides wind only. In AS, CYCL is in the top window, CS Report, but FS shows a clear bue sky...not quite realistic, right. This is the reason why, like you Bruce, I would like to be able to replace the CYCL report in the top window with another met report(next best closest station) and even be able to insert a pressure altitude as their are other data bases that provide this info. For comments and consideration.Cheers,Maurice
  2. Hello,Yes, removing CYCL would be a solution as there are two other stations nearby. How? Thankyou for the prompt reply.Maurice
  3. A good addon but I have a problem when I use an airport with limited met data. At CYCL, for instance, the met report for CYCL in the upper window, Closest Station, does not include pressure altitude, most times, and often does not include cloud conditions. The only data is wind. What you see then at CYCL is a blue sky with normal pressure (29.92). This is annoying when flying to another airport as this CYCL condition will prevail until the program identifies another met station with complete information. It appears that it is not possible to manually select one of the next closest station with complete met(in the upper window, Closest Station) althought it is there in the background. It may be possible to get around this by using the Custom Station Report and Fetch the proper met for the other closest met stations assuming their IDs are known. In summary, if I fly from CYCL to say CYQM at this very moment,under a low pressure system, the sky is completely covered(8/8) all the way, means that the visibly at CYCL for takeoff is a clear sky since the met report only has wind data, it would become completely covered as soon as ActiveSky would pick up a next station with the appropriate data. It appears that at least three basic sets of information are required in the Closest Station Report identified to produce a realistic met picture, that is wind, cloud conditions and pressure altitude. So, can anyone clarify this for me? How can I can get a realistic met condition at an aiport like CYCL which appears as the Closest Station Report in the upper window of ActiveSky (Ver 2004.5)?Maurice
  4. I an attempt to land on the BC of an ILS runway with the -700, it did not capture the BC and the aircraft flew straight on. Close checking this situation on the VOR, the bar is present and where it should be on approach. When the aircraft crosses the axis of the runway it flicks to the opposite side. The bar does not gradually move to the center and align itself as the aircraft turns towards the axis of the runway. It is either one side or the other with full deflection as you cross the axis of the runway back and forth. Tne -800 does the same thing. I checked this with several other aircraft at different airports and this problem does not appear. It is a problem unique to the Pmdg 737 on my system. Has anyone else experienced this situation?Maurice
  5. mlaviole6255

    PMDG Design Team: Cockpit lighting

    The Pmdg 737NG is the best simulation I have come across in my six years of flight simulation. But there is always room for improvement and the lighting on the 737 deserves better lighting. On my system, I cannot see the swithes on all the panels but the main panel. I would not expect anything like the above but some improvement is necessary. I am hoping that the Pmdg team is looking at this. It is so obvious...Maurice
  6. mlaviole6255

    What does this image mean to you?

    N means US registration and not North American. 738 is B737-800 and PM is to tell us that Precision Manual will be issuing the 800 and 900 perhaps versions soon.Maurice
  7. mlaviole6255

    Landinglight is like a blinding milky soup

    Agree, landing lights are very poor but panel lighting other than the main panel is also poor. Especially the overhead and trottle quadrant are terrible. Mine have a dark brownish background and the switches are just not visible. One has to quess where they are located and hope something will happen with a mouse click. Well, I can live with this if there is no solution because other than that this Pmdg B737 is great.Maurice
  8. Hello,I have completed a download of the B737NG update. It is a zip file 67Mb in size. When I attempted to unzip this file, I received the message as follows: Either multipart or corrupted file. Has anyone experience this with this B737NG update and what can be done to avoid another download of X hours?Maurice
  9. Hello,When I move the chat window in SB to a new position or immediately after sending a message in FS2002, the engines drop RPM and the aircraft speed decreases by about 50 knots. Fortunately, the RPM and speed increases again to their original values in about a minute. This is more of an annoyance than a serious problem but I am puzzled as to why this occurs. It does this also when I change things in Flight Navigator. Has anyone experienced this strange behaviour in SB or FS Nav?Maurice
  10. mlaviole6255

    New 767

    WadeGood- I am hoping that it will be an evolution of the 767 and not a revolution - entire new designMall