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  1. Truly this was one of the most useful FS addons ever, and one that I sorely miss in FSX. Thank you Helge!All the best,Wade Chafe
  2. This is truly a tragedy and a personal shock to me. My deepest condolences go out to his family. A great man has passed.Ron was brilliant and always very willing to try to pass on some of his vast knowledge of flight dynamics to novices like me. He was a huge help to me and many others in understanding flight dynamics modelling in the context of MSFS. Always patient, and always willing to repeat concepts until they sank in to my thick skull :-)He will be missed by many. Godspeed Ron!Wade ChafeLevel-D Simulations
  3. What's secretive about it? You buy the product, you register, you access the user support forums. If you don't own it you can still join the general forums and ask whatever you like. Obviously if you don't own it you don't need user support.If you buy it and you don't like it you have 30 days to return it. Given that I really don't understand what you're complaining about.The only people who have a real complaint with that setup are the pirates. It really sucks when you download it from usenet and then can't get support.Wade
  4. This is correct behaviour for the radios. Register for support and read the user forums at www.leveldsim.com.I can't comment on your autoland since it is n outside view and doesn't show any details of aircraft config, weight, speeds, weather, etc.Wade
  5. And also:http://www.avsim.com/pages/0505/lvld_767/lds767.htmlandhttp://www.flightsim.com/cgi/kds?$=main/re...veld/leveld.htm
  6. Also, in print, the current issue (# 34) of PC Pilot magazine.Wade
  7. Yes, Flight1 is aware of it and are working on it. They tell me it may be tomorrow before it's up again.Wade
  8. No there isn't, but the speeds, etc. are provided by the FMC. While not true to life the FMC will set the speed bugs for you. If you prefer to do that yourself a search of the Internet will provide what you're looking for.Wade
  9. Hmm, I have to look into this. I'll get back to you.Regards,Wade
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. We are very close to release now. There are no further problems to solve. We just need to create and test a complete install package, make any required changes and then make it available. Given the inevitable delays in such processes I would say that realistically we are looking at about two weeks to release.Wade
  11. Not sure what the size will be but we are going to package it with just a couple of basic liveries and make all of the many others available as free downloads. That will create a significant reduction in the size. Still I'm sure it will be over 100. There are a lot of media files, sounds and bitmaps.Wade
  12. The differences are much bigger than you think. The 757 feels quite different to hand fly. The cockpit is MUCH noisier. It's flare behaviour is quite different. There are many subtle and not-so-subtle differences in systems.Wade
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