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  1. Hi all..I have the Citation from Carenado. Works a charm but for some reason I cannot click on any of the buttons on the EFIS control panel and the MFD is not on and none of the buttons on the this work or are clickable. Any ideas ? Tks...JB
  2. Hi Folks:I just recently updated my home cockpit by adding another super computer for scnery and using Wideview. I use a second computer for my cockpit panels and run them both through Wideview. My outside view/scenery computer has the following specs:- AMD Athalon PC - 1.5 g RAM- Sapphire ATI PCI-Express 512mb video card I get great FPS's on both PC's (50 FPS) but my problem is no matter how I play with the AA, AF and screen resolution settings on the scenery PC I can't get rid of 'shimmering' on buildings and airports when I fly towards them. Would it be worth while trying a new PCI-e graphics card to see if this gets rid of the shimmers ? Any suggestions on a real nice one less than $300 which you know won't give me shimmering ? Many thanks for your thoughts ...JB
  3. Hi...tks for the suggestion. I have figured it out now and seems to be fine. You can drag the scenery window smaller in full screen mode and it will be behind the panel so solved it. My plane is the really nice BAC111 by Dave Maltby. I also fly the HS748. I have all the glass cockpit planes but for some reason I enjoy flying these old ones.Tks a bunch....JB
  4. Hi all:I just got Wideview all hooked up. I use 2 PC's - 1 for scenery and 1 for showing the instrument panels (flying PC) When I run the flying PC with the instrument panel in Full Screen mode the gauges look really nice. The problem is I can't get rid of the outside scenery on this monitor (I don't need it on this one as my other PC runs the scenery).I can get rid of the scenery by running in Window mode by undocking the scenery window and minimizing it but the gauges on the instrument panel are really blurry and I can hardly read them.Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this ?Many thanks...JB
  5. Hi all...well I finally got a 2nd super computer for my cockpit (it is a 3.4 AMD Atholon with 80GB hard drive and 1.8MB RAM) which I will use for my outside view and so I can upgrade to better scenery.I have seen scenery add-ons for certain areas like New York, San Fransico etc. but is there a really nice upgrade to improve ALL of FS2004's worldwide scenery ?If you have a suggestion on best upgrades, please let me knowMany thanks...JB
  6. Hi all and a Happy New Year !This may be a dumb question, but I bought a new 3.4 Hz PC for my sim. The PC I had before was a 2.4 and it has all of my fligt sim files - FS9, FSBUS, FSUIPC, my add in planes etc.What is the simplest way to put all this on the new PC ? Do I just burn a CD with the FS9 account and copy it over to the new PC hard drive.Many thanks for your advice...JB

    FSBUS and Setting Up Flight Yoke

    Hi all...I've done a little more checking....1) When I rotate my 100k pot I get readings in FSBUS AD of between 128 and 161922) If I look at the airplane aileron position gauge it shows they are centered at 128 and full right bank at 161923) I don't seem to be able to get the pot to bank left with the settings I have and the full pot rotation...only centered to right bannk !!Any ideas anyone ?Thanks a bunch for your help...JB
  8. Hi all...I made a new yoke out of 2 pots. I am using FSBUS and can't seem to set the aielron and elevator up to neutral when yoke in neutral position. If I look at the plane from the outside my ailerons are constantly in the position to bank right...even though the yoke is centered in my ####-pit. Can anyone tell me the correct FSBUS settings I should have ? Here is how I set them up (but I'm not sure what I'm doing !):MULTIPLIER 95MAX VALUE 16383MIN VALUE 7000 (This is the lowest number I get when I turn yoke)OFFSET VALUE 0CENTER VALUE 118 (Not sure what this means so this could be the problemCENTER WIDTH 5If anyone has any ideas or can point me in the right direction I would certainly appreciate it...all the best....JB
  9. Hi everyone...I have just built a co-pilot's yoke for my King Air sim. It uses two pots - one for elevator and one for aileron and I want to interface it with FSBUS on my system. For my captain's Yoke I use a CH yoke.I wnet to try and install and set up but I have some questions:1) It set up nicely in FSBUS and added FS destinations for elevator and aileron's2) When I try and fly it will not work in FS9.3) I still have the CH yoke installed in FS9 and this runs fine4) Should I be doing something with my FSUIPC ?5) Should I disconnect the CH Yoke completely from FS9 ?6) Any ideas on how to get both working at same time ?Many thanks...JB
  10. Hi all...currently my sim uses 2 graphics cards to drive 2 monitors - 1 for the outside view and one for the instrument panel. When I undock the panel to display on second monitor I get a frame rate hit.I've heard that Wideview would allow me to run 2 PC's - 1 dedicated to the scenery and 1 for my instrument panel. This would allow me to have maximum scenery FPS on my most powerful PC (2.4 g with 1.5 MB RAM). I have a P3 650MHz I'd like to run the panel on and network them together using WideviewWhen I went to the Wideview site in the FAQ section it says Wideview not good for running instrument panels on 1 PC and recommends running 1PC with 2 graphics cards which I have now ??? Is this right ??Many thanks for any thoughts ?....JB
  11. Hi all:I replaced my graphics cards and now have 1-AGP FX5200 (Outside View) and 1- PCI FX5200 (Panel View)...I amd getting good FPS rates in windowed and non-windowed mode.The problem I have is I am now getting a audio and video stutter evry 5 secs and its a pain in the rear !!!Any ideas what might be going on ?My system is 2.4 ghz PC, 1GB RAMMany thanks...JB
  12. Thanks Ian...I'll give it a go this weekend and see what happens....Regards....JB
  13. Hi all...Currently I have a dual output Radeon 9250 128 MB DDR running 2 monitors on my King Air sim. One monitor for scenery and one for gauges. The scenery is hooked to the VGA out connector and the gauges to the DVI out. The problem I have is in full screen modes I can't get over 10 FPS !!! (My FS2004 settings are all set to Medium settings). In window mode I stay around 10-15 FPS...Would I get better FPS and smoother operation by doing one of the following:1)Use the Radeon 9250 to drive one monitor ....say the scenery and add a single ouput AGP graphics card for the second monitor ?2) Remove the Radeon dual ouput card and replace with a single PCI and AGP graphics card to run the 2 monitors ?3) Any others ???My PC is 2.4Ghz, with 1 GB RAM so I think I have enough horsepower to be able to get smooth scenery in FS2004Any suggestions would be really helpful...all the best....JB
  14. Hi all:Recently I had to get a new FSKEY card made. My old one broke. The old one had 7x16pin IDC connectors where I could connect my switches using ribbon cable uses 16 pin female socket connectors from Mouser.My new FSKEY card has one 80 pin IDC socket and one 48 pin IDC socket which in total can give me 64 switch inputs.The problem is my switches are on ribbon cables and I can't find 80 and 48 pin female connectors ? I can't use my 16 pin connectors side-by-side as the clamp connector can't fit between pins...Anyone have any ideas ? Ideally I would like to have some kind of screw connector for each pin ..Many thanks for your help...JB
  15. Hi Mitch...what's going on ? Are you giving up on the project ? Do you have an FSKEY classic card for sale ? As you can see on this forum I've got problems with mine.You can e-mail me at so we don't tie up this forum.Many thanks...JB