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  1. speedbird2001

    Air Canada Executive Airplane

    Actually, it was meant as bit of a joke and a back-handed compliment. I was referring to 'The' Normans, (1066 and all that) as Ron felt that the word 'Monsieur' was a little too latin for his liking. I merely pointed out that Chelmsford (I town I know very well) has its fair share of Norman influence from an architectural and historical perspective. Anyway, this doesn't detract that us Brits has produced another very talented Aircraft Painter...so Bravo.. I mean Well Done :(
  2. speedbird2001

    Air Canada Executive Airplane

    There is plenty of Norman influence in Chelmsford :(
  3. speedbird2001

    Air Canada Executive Airplane

    Lovely paint. I was also drawn to the fantastic water just love the white tips on the waves.
  4. speedbird2001

    VFR on Lario, Italy (FS9)

    Ian summed it up perfectly. Thanks a million.
  5. speedbird2001

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    I was referring to the general migratory pattern many of our good fore-fathers took from Europe, armed with only with a blunderbuss, chewing 'bakky', grizzled looks and a far sighted glint in their eyes.
  6. speedbird2001

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    This might just be the time for me to spend a little time in the good ole US of A. 99.9% of my time is flying around the UK and Europe, Thanks Aerosoft. Heading Westwards !
  7. speedbird2001

    Imp.War Museum, Duxford

    Simply amazing !!!!!!!
  8. speedbird2001

    AI Shipping Do Complete Packages Exist ?

    Chaps.Thanks very much for coming up with some excellentideas and pointers. E-Z scenery seems the way forward to. But it is interesting that technically at least it is possble to create, AI shipping. I have spent many years writing Flight Plans, however the whole business of creating AFCAD's for shipping, let alone waypoints and other things is a bit beyond me. I am sure however that one day, we can all look out our repestive cockpit windows and see shipping, similar to what we do in real life.Tristan
  9. speedbird2001

    AI Shipping Do Complete Packages Exist ?

    Hi JohanSounds interesting. Excuse my ignorance but what is EZ ?Tristan.
  10. speedbird2001

    AI Shipping Do Complete Packages Exist ?

    Hi IanThanks, well perhaps I should volunteer myself. I can understand the difficulties. From an English perpestive a route from Liverpool docks to the Thames estuary would take you (as the crow flies) across the mainland. Having said that I am surprised that there is not a Dover-Calais package or something a long those lines.Tristan
  11. Having recently returned to the UK, descending over the Channel, I am always amazed by the amount shipping that is chugging around beneath me. I then realised how much more fulfilling and immersive my Flightsim experience would be if there were a large number of AI ships in FS9. I paid a visit to Fs Shipyards which although appears to be an excellent site, does not seem to cater for complete packages such as an Fs Traffic or Ultimate Traffic. I am asking for the impossible or do packages exist that I could get my hands on. Any pointers would be much appreciated. RegardsTristan
  12. speedbird2001

    Suppression Flight - Wet Operations

    Uuum and I was just about to buy this. I would be very interested in some feedback from anyone that bought it. Thanks.
  13. speedbird2001

    The Best Freeware Airports and Scenery for FS9

    Up there has got to be LROP-Romania http://dl.flightsim....ls.php?file=210UAAA-Almaty http://www.avsimrus....nload&hl=Almaty URMM-Mineral Waters http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/urmm-2009-beta-25256.html?action=download&hl=URMMUSSS-Yekaterinburg-Klotsovo http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/koltsovo-2006-usss-tolmachevo-team-5465.html?action=download&hl=USSSURSS-Sochi..Which is my favourite. I am surpirsed that Zvartnots-Amenia. Has had only the odd mention. http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/mega-scenery-zvartnots-armenia-2008-16623.html?action=download&hl=Zvartnots%20UGEE%20
  14. speedbird2001

    Video Driver Update fx5700le

    If no one can help me I will go to another site. I expected more from AVSIM than this