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  1. ibanez737

    Why can't I zoom??

    Thank you for the tip, I'll go try it out.-Scott
  2. ibanez737

    Why can't I zoom??

    I have this annoying little problem where I'm flying along happily in FSX, zooming the view to my heart's content, and then all of a sudden I am unable to use the + and - keys to zoom in and out. I'm still able to move the camera around the aircraft and I can still use the Ctrl+ and - keys to move the view towards and away from the aircraft, but the zoom is disabled in all views, even top down. Anyone else have this issue?-Scott
  3. Thanks a bunch, it works great now!Took my first flight with FP in Kauai, one of my favorite places. I've been waiting for years for it to look like this in FS! What a great program!-Scotthttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/172052.jpg
  4. Hi all,I've messed around with the .inf file and thought it looked good, but when I try to fire up the program it tells me there was an error connecting to the filter port (see pic). Any idea what could be causing this?-Scotthttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/172036.jpg
  5. As far as I know we haven't had any failures, but then again I haven't started training in the seminole yet and neither have most of my buddies, so I might not have heard. But yeah, having most of your info on one or two big screens always seemed a little sketch to me. Even when flying our warriors I try to rely on our GNS430s as little as possible just so I wouldn't become completely disoriented if it failed on me.What time were you flying yesterday? I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and did a commercial flight over MWH, down to Pasco, then over to YKM and back to the burg. One of your JAL 747s was doing touch and goes just as I passed over the airport, about scared the pants off me haha. I got a pretty sweet picture of him passing underneath me though.And btw, I'm in the process of making 2m photoreal scenery for all of Grant County right now :)-Scotthttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/167374.jpg
  6. Hi David,Both of those schools seem like pretty good ones. Because of your post I'm actually now considering switching to a Commercial Pilot specialization at CWU, getting my instructor ratings at ATP, and taking the 100 hour multi-time building program at Ari Ben. So thanks a lot for making me rethink my well-placed plans :) I'm curious to know more about these programs, if you wouldnt mind sharing some info. Have you ever taken any of the ATP courses, and do you know how they can be so fast-paced while still giving you proper training? What were the bad sides to Ari Ben that you mentioned, how are their aircraft, and is there anything else I should know about? For the record, CWU is a great school and I believe that with it's longer, more in-depth program you graduate with a better knowledge of flying and the aviation industry than with other fast paced programs. However, CWU's instructor course is quite a bit overpriced and takes way longer than necessary, so maybe an ATP style program would be better. I know I want to get my Multi at CWU though, as we just got a brand new glass-panel Seminole, and from what I understand the multi training at CWU is better than most places. Most students here get their multi after 20-25 hours and a lot of mock engine failures on takeoff.-Scott
  7. Well I see that lots of other people have replied to your post, but I guess I'll throw in my two cents. I'm going to Central Washington University to get a Flight Officer degree, which is closely tied in with a local flight school to provide you with every license and rating necessary to get in the airlines, except your ATP certificate, by the time you graduate. There are also many aviation management classes available, and if you want you can even major in it although flight training is not part of that major. I've decided to minor in Business Administration as well to keep my options open, which I believe is what you are looking for too. Funny thing, while I was searching for colleges in high school I was pretty intent on becoming an engineer too, but at the last minute I met a few guys with careers in aviation who made me realize that if flying is what you're all about, why spend 4 years of your life studying something you don't care about as much? Majoring in aviation will not only allow you to take classes in things you would not normally learn much about in a regular flight school, it can also help you meet many great people who can help you get your foot in the door of the airline industry, a place where contacts are more or less vital. And whatever you do, don't go to Embry Riddle, I hear the girl-to-guy ratio there is pretty shabby ;) Hope this helps,-Scott
  8. You know, like the kind of thing Birds Eye View and Flight Environment did for FS9? I think addons like these could do wonders for FSX, as personally I am not too impressed with most of the defaults. Anyone agree with me or have any info? And does anyone know an easy way to at least convert 24 bit FS9 sky bitmaps to FSX's 32 bit type, so I can use the FE textures in FSX?-Scott
  9. This is incredible work, I never thought that something like this would be possible with current technology. Can't wait to see where it ends up!-Scott
  10. This is really incredible work... I might be wrong, but I think that the imagery remains the legal property of the original distributor (such as Digital Globe) regardless of the viewer you are using to look at it. So I think that even imagery coming from Microsoft Virtual Earth would have the same distribution constraints as Google Earth. I would really like to learn more about this, because these programs have so much potential for creating sceneries for FS.-Scott
  11. Definitely yes; do any re-writing necessary. If this leads to new, even more amazing 3rd party addons, then who needs backwards compatibility?
  12. Hey, I'd be glad to try to clear this up for you. First to define "photoreal". Flight Simulator allows people to paste down satellite or aerial photos to their real-world locations within the sim, so when you fly over those areas you are essentially flying over a photo of that area. Very similar to programs like Google Earth. If made properly, this can result in a very realistic-looking rendition of the real world. Hence, "photoreal".Mesh is simply the actual 3-D model of the terrain. If there was no mesh in the sim, everything would be completely flat. Mesh creates the mountains, valleys, and all other features in the sim that have to do with elevation. The accuracy of mesh to the real world is determined by its resolution; mesh is made up of a grid of elevation points spaced out at even distances, and these distances determine the resolution. If the distance between points is 19 meters, the mesh has a resolution of 19 meters. FSX can handle all different resolutions of mesh, shown in the slider in the Scenery Display Options page. I believe the highest-resolution default mesh in FSX is 19 meters, while the lowest is 1 km (I might be wrong about that part). Texture Resolution refers to how detailed the textures are that cover the Earth's surface in FSX. This is determined by how much area each pixel of the ground texture will cover. The maximum texture resolution for FS2004 was 4.8 meters per pixel, but in FSX it can go all the way up to 7 cm per pixel. The default game, however, ships with ground textures at 1 meter per pixel.Hope this helps, just ask if you need anything cleared up =)-Scott
  13. ibanez737

    FSX is a Game

    >had to reply to this one>>>motion is NOT a requirement for FAA simulator certificationOK you're partially right... Straight from the FARs-FAR 61.1Flight simulator means a device that-(iii)Uses a force cueing system that provides cues at least equivalent to those cues provided by a 3 degree freedom of motion system;So basically they want you to get some kind of sense of motion, but it doesn't have to be a full-motion capable simulator.-Scott
  14. ibanez737

    FSX is a Game

    According to the FAA's Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), the official definition of a flight simulator is a full-sized mockup of the cockpit for a specific type of aircraft that includes motion capability and must be approved by the FAA administrator. Just trying to stir the pot a little :)-Scott
  15. ibanez737

    ORGANIZED thread for FSX demo issues

    My demo installs fine, but when I try to run it I get a message saying this:"Flight Simulator cannot run because the version of Microsoft DirectX installed on your computer is incomparible. Please reinstall DirectX 9.0 by running Flight Simulator Setup, or download the current version from www.microsoft.com/directx."I have DirectX 9c, so I should be good, but I tried to download and install it again. No change. I also reinstalled the demo.Oh well. At least I got a new Beaver to fly in FS2004 while I wait :(-Scott