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  1. X-Graphics' inland river colours are, I think, somewhat unusual. I often fly over London and since installing ASX with ASG, the River Thames has appeared in a variety of wholly unrealistic colours. I am using an nVidia 7950 GX2. From memory I run the water at Low 2x and changing it did not improve matters. Every now and again the water is its more realistic slate grey but sometimes it is a bright green! Makes for a colourful trip though. I wonder if this is related to the card or Hi-Fi's views on inland muddy river colours. I've been waiting for someone else to comment.Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  2. Hi StaffI am using ASX with FSX.In the Wx Config screen if I select the 'Load Metar File' button I cannot access any of the metar files because the 'Files of type' default is set to *.Ast and there is no option to set this to *.Wx. From the help manual, and logically, this appears to be an error.By the same token, I cannot save a weather file because it wants to save with a *.Ast extension and I'm guessing this should be a *.wx extension.Your comments appreciated.Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  3. Well, isn't IT fascinating. One question, two possible answers and they're both represented here. I thought there might be a definitive answer to my question but it seems not. Nonetheless, thanks for your input gents, it's been illuminating:-)Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  4. Hi RayMonitor space will always be at a premium and, like you, I don't realistically have space for more than 3 monitors. My main (flying) pc runs 2 monitors and my laptop obviously has its own screen. My third pc displays through the number 2 monitor of the flying pc. This is an old but still effective LG 19" which has both analogue and digital inputs. The output from the flying pc is digital (nVidia 7950 GSX) so I output the video from the third pc as analogue and feed it into the analogue input on the LG screen. To switch between the two pcs all I have to do is toggle the source button on the front of the screen which toggles between the analogue and digital inputs. I find this a very good compromise, especially as I don't need to see all the screens at once and, even if I could, I'm not clever enough to read them all at the same time. :-)Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  5. Hi DonGlad our musings proved of value to you. It's nice to know someone else has benefitted.Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  6. Ah, hadn't noticed that free zoom difficulty. It works fine on the version installed on the main flying pc but it doesn't work on the version I've just downloaded to the 'GE' pc. In fact, the version that works is v.4.0.2737 with a build date of Jan 31 2007 so Luciano may be being conservative in quoting pre-Dec '06.The problem I now have is that I installed GE direct from their site because I didn't see the point in downloading the executable so there is no way I can install the older version across to the other pc. No big problem right now because free zoom is not a necessity but I can definitely see its advantages. Re the licence, yes you're right, I have the FSX licence. As soon as I started to read your explanation I twigged what you had meant.Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  7. Hi RayFor the price of three pints of beer (or 4 in your neck of the woods :-)) I thought it was worth a try and I'm pleased my advice was useful. If you have an old copy of Google Earth it might be worth uninstalling it and downloading the latest version. The version I initially tested with was v.3 something or other and, reading the manual, it was clear that Google Earth was up to v4... so I asked mine to check for updates and it said there were none. I uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled and I now have v.4.0.2737. One or two minor problems I had been having disappeared with the upgrade.>> I bought the FS9 licence but given the pound's strength against the dollar the FSX licence is inevitable. <
  8. Hi RayI've just been playing around with FSEarth which links to Google Earth. I have the luxury of being able to run it on a separate pc from my main flying and comms pcs and I think it offers a lot. UK cost was
  9. Thanks for your thoughts on that Greg. They may not be backed up by any specific experience but the logic sounds about right. wrt defrags, I currently use Diskeeper. It may not sort the files and directories for me but it keeps the whole shebang defragged in the background without any intervention on my part. Now that's the sort of software I like :-)Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  10. Does anyone have any views on the advantages or otherwise of running FSX from a compressed NTFS folder? I'm not looking to save space, modern hard drives are more than large enough for my needs, but I just wonder if, now that FSX is capable of making fuller use of my core 2 duo's abilities, whether the improvement in file transfer speeds is more than offset by the cpu load required to uncompress/recompress the data or whether there is a useful advantage to be gained.Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  11. I've been using FSCommander as a stop gap and the more I use it the more I think it may be more than a stop gap . I like, particularly, the airport detail it shows, e.g. parking slots, taxiways, etc. I don't, like some, believe we've seen the last of FsNav. Helge said the FSX version is expected mid-2007 and I'm prepared to accept that that time is not yet past. Although he's a very uncommunicative chap, FsNav is still the best add-on product I've ever used alongside MSFS and I'll be near the front of the queue when his latest version hits the streets.Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  12. Hi JimI, too, run a second monitor and that's exactly where my thoughts were leading me. Thanks for the confirmation.Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  13. Hi StaffExellent job on the new graphics thus far but I wonder if you can advise on the following. My main PC is an E6600 Core 2 Duo running at 2.4 GHz, with 2 GB RAM and an nVidia 7950 GX2 and it runs FSX pretty well. This morning I loaded X-Graphics and ASX straight onto this pc and was very impressed with what I saw. This evening I got my head round what was necessary to run them from a second pc, uninstalled them and loaded them onto my laptop - an ageing Athlon XP 1500+ based system with just 256 MHz RAM. This was interesting. With everything properly set up it took the best part of 10 minutes to get ASX up and running, X-Graphics updated, then FSX started and, finally, the weather updated on the server - not exactly ideal if I want to take a quick flight with decent weather. Obviously, therefore, if I want to run your software from the laptop this needs a significant upgrade but, before I rush into that, can you advise on just how much gain I might expect to get from doing this? Or, to invert the question, just how much does your software affect frame rates if I run it direct from the server?Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
  14. Been using 91.47, dated 11/08/2006, for well over a month now without any problems. I understand there's another 91.47 version out with a later date but I'm not sure how that works without it having a different version number. Paul Croft15 miles north of EGKK
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