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  1. Recently I purchased a new computer. Unfortunately it came equipped with Vista Premium Home Edition. I installed FS9 and to my surprise it worked great. Fast, smooth beautiful..... I have started putting in addon scenery - freeware and payware - and have run into a problem. When I add scenery in the scenery library they do not save. The files save in the addon folder just not in the priority list. Some do and some don't. I go back into FS9 and try to add them to the library again, restart the sim and the newly added airport or mesh are not in the list and when I load the airport it is not there. Any ideas or should I go out and get FSX.ThanksGraham
  2. I have the PMDG Boeing 744 and the Flight 1/Dreamfleet 727. On the 727 when you use the breaks they make a groaning sound. I absolutely love it and want to have my 744 do the same. I have located the wav file for the brakes sound and am wondering if anyone knows where I can place it/rename it in the 744. Any ideas?CheersGraham
  3. I know what you mean.A while back I intalled the Embraer 120 and it was the only plane in my fleet that was see through. I got frustrated and removed it. Try downloading an envmap.bmp file off Avsim and see if that fixes it. CheersGraham
  4. I figured it out.I was missing my envmap.bmp.Got a new one.....
  5. Hi folksI was flying today and noticed that all the planes are slightly transparent. When I look at one from the outside the textures are light and you can see the back of the textures on the other side of the plane and through as well. In the attached photo you can even see the runway lines through the C172. I am not sure what I have done or how to fix it. Any ideas?ThanksGraham
  6. It is a simple fix. You are missing the fssound.dll file. Easy to get. Just google it and put it in your modules folder.Graham
  7. I was just over in Japan on holidays and was poking around Tokyos electronics district-Akihabara. Happened accross a software store the sold all kinds of addons, books, charts etc. Books on the 747 that looked really great but unfortuately all in Japanese. They also had several flying stations setup with massive monitors yokes and pedals. If you are interested in Japanese simming and are over there. I reccomend checking it out.CheersGraham
  8. To Jon and HolgerI installed your addon last night and took a burn around in the B206 to take a closer look. Jon as you know I am in and out of here 5 times a day in the T/O and I must say the work you two have done has got this place looking very real. Especially the addition of the buildings behind our terminals. Every year they build more and more condos around landing area Alpha. To the poind where if you are landing Eastbound you really get a closed in feeling on short final. If I might make a couple of suggestions.1 Put "The Line" on the east end of Alpha. A set of checkerboards that will land you in legal trouble if you land short or long.2 Add more large buildings along the Laurel Point and Songhees shorlines to improve the boxed in feeling.Every day I am at work I marvel at how real you have got YWH feeling already. All we need now is a Twin Otter that actually flys like the real thing and some gusty xwinds out of the south to finish the picture.I had a friend over the other day. He flys the Saab 340 for Calm Air. I showed him the freeware Winnipeg scenery and he was blown away. Right down to the brick wall they have to watch not to hit when parking. I have an huge amount of respect for the work you designers do. Without you and the internet this hobby would be dead. Thank you. My girlfriend and my dog don't thank you. But I certainly do. Jon if you have any questions or need some pictures email me.Graham
  9. Hi thereJust wndering if anyone out there knows how to speed up the rate which you can pan around in the Virtual Cockpit. I was sure you could edit this somewhere. Just can't remember where I saw it.ThanksGraham
  10. Has anyone seen this one?http://www.evergreenaviation.com/supertanker/Might be fun to model in FS9.
  11. Well I must say that I absolutely love my PMDG 737NG and have been considering registering to FSUIPC. How will this improve my Flight sim experience when flying my 737-700 or is this something for the very advanced users out there?Graham
  12. Can't wait it looks GRRRRRRRRRREAT.Graham
  13. Where heve you seen pictures of this. I could not find any at the PSS website. Sounds pretty cool.Graham
  14. To John and DaveThank you very much for the help. Using the command D has fixed it. Much appreciated.Graham
  15. Thanks for the tip John. I changed the key combo to Shift + D. When I press them the main exit opens and closes. Unfortunately when I press Shift + D + 2 it doesn't seem to recognize the 2 and just closes the main door. Its not the end of the world but some of my virtual passengers would like there luggage. Hee Hee. I wonder if there is anywhere in the cfg files where I could change the luggage doors open close to something completely different like Shift + P or something. What do you think.Thanks for your timeGraham
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