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  1. Hi, The FMC shows a different fuel quantity to what is shown in FS9. I use the freeware fuel planner from PMDG to load fuel. The quantity cannot be changed in the FMC . Any ideas. Atkin.
  2. atkin

    737 NG panel view problem

    Hi, Thanks for the replies. I am new to this extensive panel so I am sorting out some of the bugs. I discovered that when the overhead is up you just click M to return to the main panel.SIMPLE. The auto pilot takes a bit of getting used to capture it is a familiar one. The fuel quantity is still a mystery its different in the FMC than FS9 .I don't know if this is calculated by the FMC for the distance. The FMC altitudes need to be checked near the destination as they are high. I like the dynamics no bouncing that you get with other panels.There has been no upgrade to this since 2004 ? Like no VNAV etc. Atkin.
  3. Hi, When I use the clickable letters for the different panels in the main panel.I find that I cannot return to the main panel from the overhead.I must go into the view menu at the top .its annoying!! Any Ideas, Atkin
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  5. Hi, I am looking for an Airbus 320 or Boeing 737. What is the most realistic ? I also look for an FMC that is real world. Any ideas, Atkin.
  6. atkin

    Flight Planner

    Hi, I find FSnav is difficult to make flight plans with. The program has no nav aid search facility. When you fly online with the networks like IVAO you are required to fly certain routes . These can take a long time to make. The same problem with the FS9 flight planner. I wonder is there a way to both update it and add a search. I can remember FS98 had a nav aid search!! Got any ideas, Atkin.
  7. atkin

    flight planning

    Hi, FSnav does not have a Nav aid search facility. When you fly online with the networks eg IVAO .The real routes required for some events are difficult to put together.ATC can change your route in mid flight too. The FS9 flight planner is outdated and also has no search .I can remember FS98 had a nav search .!! I wonder is there a way to update and develop a search for it. What is FSX flight planner like,any improvement?? Regards, Atkin.
  8. The expression tips and TRICKS apply to this panel .This trick should save a bit of *&&^%$ . Atkin.
  9. atkin

    iFly 747-400 CDU Question???

    I have found that you need to wait for the IRS to activate 10 minutes . Then it seems to be possible to add the gross weight.This panel has many quirks I saw another post that suggested you can add the ZFW which is default 184.2 Kilos. I have a problem with the PFD and Primary Nav gauges only partly display ?? Regards, Atkin.
  10. atkin


    How about a forum section for the freeware iFLY 747. There are a lot of bugs in it but they can be corrected with mutual help. Regards, Atkin.
  11. atkin

    Ifly 747 PFD

    Hi, I have a problem with the PFD gauges in IFly .There are missing parts .I have tried a reinstall but still the same.Any ideas.
  12. atkin

    IFLY 747 and Low FPS

    Addon scenery and Multiplayer aircraft from the networks IVAO and Vatsim can cause frame rate problems. I found after a hard drive crash and a fresh reinstall of FS I get better rates.
  13. atkin

    Two questions about the IFLY 747

    There are updates on Avsim available,. You should backup original.Checkout These are SID/STAR procedures onlyThe Airac is now payware.Where there is an update N/A as yet.atkin.
  14. atkin

    iFly 747-400 Thread

    Hi RTH, Thanks for the reply as suspected it is in the CDU only.I wonder is the real 747 like this.I have been using MS flight sim for 9 years.I used Autoland once ! I think with this iFly I will try it out .You ever tried to use the iFly with ATC online .I think to re program the CDU is maybe too time consuming espically close to landing. Now I wish I had the the time to use this iFly or (itFly :D :D ) Bye, Atkin.
  15. atkin

    iFly 747-400 Thread

    I think the best way to describe IFly 747 great freeware but with quirks. Wait for updates I suppose. I have update 1 .I still cannot find a course selector for the ILS it is static at 340* There are no sids or stars available so to do an auto approach and landing on the FMC is not possible.I have inserted all the Fixes, NDB, and VOR for an approach and tried to do the landing in map mode.I find that although the FMC shows you the Nav aids with the same ID it does not set them up in map mode properly . Any ideas..