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    Tornadoes in FS9?

    I have a scenery addon for Mobile Bay. I beleive it's called Mobile Redux. This scenery has a waterspout (almost the same as a Tornado, isn't it?) spinning around outside of the Barrier Islands. Uncomfortably close to the Oil Platforms. And Guys, this program can be fun or serious. It's what you make of it. If I didn't enjoy it, i wouldn't be using (Or playing) with it.Bill *:-*
  2. Old Bill


    After trying lots of different Aircraft, most of us settle on a favorite. I wouldn't attempt to influence anyone in what that favorite should be. In the first place, we Simmers have different areas of Flight Simulator that are important to us. The real Pilots and the Wannabe Pilots are hot for real life stuff like Sids and Stars, accurate flight characteristics, such as performance being based upon amount of passengers and luggage, and fuel, etc. And then theres us who want Eye Candy. We dont fly at 35000 feet above the clouds and care less about whats going on below us. I want to look down and see a River or shoreline where it's supposed to be. I want landclass and mesh to resemble the real thing. The aircraft I have settled on after years of trying just about everything out there Is the Beech 200. I have it in a special US Marine Corps livery made for me by a great Painter over at the Evolve AI forum. I loved the paint, but found it uncomfortable to fly as I perfected my flying and landing techniques with the default Beech King Air. So I switched the air file and I've got exactly what I want. Not too fast and not too slow. I get around with a chance to watch the geography below and not having to shave before I get to my destination. My Thanks go to the scenery and Mesh designers, Payware and Freeware, who make this enjoyable for me. The thing that makes Flight Simulator Great is the variety of things we can obsess on. Pick yours and try not to find fault with anybody elses.Bill :-outta
  3. Old Bill

    Guess I missed it,

    Well! I gave it a shot, using Art Poole's Daytona Speedway scenery for FSX, And you were right Tom. Nothing bad happened. Of course no scenery showed either.Bill
  4. Old Bill

    FS9 and Quad-Core!

    With Task manager running, I checked the affinity on several processes that were running. They were already set for CPU1 & CPU2. I have never set the affinity for any of these processes since I installed this new MOBO and Processor. Yet here they were runing on my core2 system like they never were run on my old P4 CPU. I assume I'll have to have FS9 running to be able to check he affinity for it. I'd be willing to bet it's set for both cores. Something I have never done. Oh! My head hurts.Bill :-bang :-hang *:-*
  5. Old Bill

    FS9 and Quad-Core!

    As Bugs Bunny would say," Ya got Me Doc!" Where the Heck do you set Core affinity in Task manager. Or maybe this is only a Vista virtue.Bill :-hmmm :-hmmm :-hmmm
  6. Old Bill

    Guess I missed it,

    48 Hours, and no reply. I don't know Gentlemen, is this a tough question? Or such an easy one, that nobody will respond? Some of youse Guys is real Smart. Give a Dude a little help.Bill
  7. Old Bill

    Guess I missed it,

    Bumpity Bump!
  8. Old Bill

    Guess I missed it,

    I see some interesting sceneries being posted in the Library for FSX. Are they backward compatible for FS9? A .bgl file is a .bgl file. Isn't it? I guess I could try to install one but I wouldn't want to screw up my FS9 which is working beautifuly at this time. Ya know, "If it ain't broke, Don't fix it." Chicken Bill :-hmmm :~P
  9. Old Bill

    FS9 KMIA Runway 8L/8R & 26L/26R

    Actually there are several AFCADS for KMIA and assorted sceneries, although I have and am a big Fan of "Fly Tampa's Miami" I use Jim Viles version of the AFCAD because it uses multiple Runways for landing and Takeoffs. It seems to prevent the GoRounds and waiting for runway clearance to takeoff till they disappear. American Airlines by themselves can keep KMIA active 24/7.Bill :(
  10. Thanks for the new Target! And as far as realistic crash graphics, it's an imaginary crash and the explosions are imaginary too. Bill
  11. I have a Confession. Many years ago when I first started flight simming, I crashed into the Twin Towers while trying to manuever between them. This was way before the actual tragedy on 9/11. What the "Heck" I figured. Since I wiped out one Landmark, I'd try for them all. As FS advanced into new versions and new landmarks, I have dive bombed and collided with them all. From the Pyramids of Egypt to The Vatican in Rome, no place has escaped my relentless search for targets to hit. I even include geographical locations, such as Mount Everest, Mt Fuji. the Dead sea, etc. It's my own Personal Guiness book of records. There isn't a Building of note, a Bridge or Landmark that is safe from the terror of Old Bill and his Super king Air in Marine Corps livery. It's like I have an alter Ego such as Superman or Batman that needs to be satisfied.Bill ;) :+ :-jumpy
  12. Old Bill

    FS2004 & The World of AI

    As A newbie, are you in for a Surprise. WOAI and similar addons place actual real scheduled airlines at airports and they fly their scheduled routes. A whole new world!Bill
  13. Old Bill

    Flying a GPS approach

    The GPS will guide you to the airport, usually the center of the Runway or Runways. About 30 miles out, contact the tower for landing instructions. They will assign the landing runway and then you can tune your Nav radio to the ILS frequency. Line yor aircraft to approaach from below the ILS at about a 45 degree angle. Switch from GPS to Nav and let the auto pilot take over. I disengage about 300 yards out from the numbers and land manually from that point. If you fly an IFR flight plan, ATC will put you on final approach, then release you to the tower. Sometime ATC takes a very round about way of getting you there.Bill :-roll
  14. Old Bill

    This is annoying...

    I believe the ILS for TNCM was added and not a part of the original scenery. Check the Libraries for Queen Juliana addons and fixes.BillPS I was too fast on the trigger. The reply about the VOR approach was correct. My reply about the ILS stands.
  15. Old Bill

    Crazy AI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Call the texture file anything you want. It ain't gonna affect the aircrafts flight characteristics. I do this all the time for my own clarification. You probably had a corrupted download or changed something else in the aircraft file, but it asn't the paint. Glad you got it straight tho, Now onto the next problem.Bill}(