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  1. A new product Line?? "Commencing with the release of the Airbus 380, PMDG welcomes the Airbus family to its fleet of aircraft "..... How I wish... At least the Airbus joystick control would be a better match for my Saitek/Logitech X52. :-) Ever since the Aerosoft Convention in Munich in 2012, I have lived in hope for an Airbus from PMDG. At this conference, Mr Randazzo asked the person who mentioned "Airbus" to perform the lucky draw and he also said that after the 747 would be a product "that would be a surprise coming from us". This presentation is available as a 4 part Video on YouTube. The interesting questions and answers is in part 4/4 at 3:40. Maybe I read too much into this... I live in hope. Personally, my favourite Airbus is still the A340-600. Thomas Singh
  2. Please, oh please, I would be extremely grateful if I could have a Royal Brunei livery that's on their current 777s. Royal Brunei is changing to a dull, boring, awful (in my opinion) new livery. The Oh-My-Gosh, incredible, awesome PMDG 777 will allow this livery to keep gracing the skies on my favourite Boeing. Thank you. TomS
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