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  1. It was solely due to the DD Salzburg airport in P3D, that I dragged my wife to see it (and the museum there) when we visited Salzburg in 2019. She still does not know we went there because of a scenery in a simulator. I agree, excellent. Had to get it for MSFS, of course. Mike
  2. Per the PMDG website: Go to to C:\Users\{username} \AppData\Roaming\PMDG\PMDG Operations Center right click on OpsCenterUpdater.exe and select run as administrator. This will update the OC to the latest version and solve the issue Mike
  3. Bert: I believe you need to enter "000" for the weight of the copilot. Mike
  4. The temperature does drop with the door open on the ground WITH the engine running, It dropped to 1F at KPWK right now. (That is the correct temp outside.) Hope this helps. Mike
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