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  1. Just to to say thanks to Steven for his help with the installerFor the Boeing 777 liverys everthing worked great. Thanksagain. Cheers Greg
  2. Hi Steven, Ihave the same problem as well, could you please emailthis file that will allow me to download these liverys for the 777LRand 777LRF. Thanks in Advance Greg
  3. Hi Mo, Anymore news from Robert? Cheers Greg YSSY
  4. Hi Mo,Thats great that Robert has replied to your email, I must say I amlooking forward to downloading them. And as they say you cant rushanything thats good. Certainly worth the wait. Cheers Greg YSSY
  5. Greg, Just go into the avsim libary then fs2004 airline repaintsthen type in boeing 747-400 british airways pmdg and you will findthem there Cheers Greg YSSY
  6. Mo, I really hope you get a reply from Robert soon there are really great paints that you have added to the collection. And its peoplelike you that do these works of art that makes Flight sim so great.It really is good to be able Fly these different liveries. And peopleallways have there favourites. Any way thanks again Mo. Cheers Greg YSSY
  7. Yes I hope Robert, would give Mo, the green light to continue withhis work. Maybe even he could look at giving Mo a job with PMDG ifhe wanted, his work is top notch with out a doudt. I didnt eventhink there was an issue there seeing that the paint kit is available to download from the PMDG web site.Anyway Mo thanks again for those great world Tails that you have made for us. Cheers Greg YSSY
  8. Mo, Thanks for doing the World Tails, I never thought anyone woulddo them for FS9. I hope you do the complete series. Thank you. Cheers Greg YSSY
  9. Hi Tim, Just in case you might have overlooked these two items, that I found made the 777-200LR go a bit pearshaped 1st Make sure that youhave set the load editor. And also the fuel settings. Cheers Greg YSSY
  10. Hi Alan, Sorry to hear about the divorce, Well the Federal Police clearance,would not be a problem for me I served 10 years with the RAAF1979-1989. And back then I had to have a ASIO clearance done.But at the moment i could not justify spending $1800 dollarsfor the experience.I want to upgrade my computer when the patch is released forFSX.But it is something I will plan for in the future.Yes it something special going up in a simulator. I had a very brief session in the FA/18 hornet one, back in my RAAF days.Which got me interesting in flying.Well in simulators anyway.I will look forward to reading your longer report. When you do it.Thanks again Alan forthe imformation.And next time you are in Sydney let me know. Cheers Greg Sydney Australia
  11. Hi Alan, I remember reading your article with envy, seven years ago.I can`tbelieve it was that long ago. If my memory is right. I believeit was your wonderful wife that got it for you as a birthday present.You are one very lucky guy! Please could you give us some details.About who to contact at Qantas to do this. I live in Sydney andits something I would love to try. I have been using flight simssince the early 90`s version 5.1 was first anyway 747-400have always been my choice of aircraft that i enjoy using the most.And i am so glad to read that you enjoy using the pmdg 747-400as much as i do.And that it just about as real as it gets. Cheers Greg Sydney Australia
  12. Christiaan,Yes I agree you have left me speechless,don`t change the panelin the aircraft. Take a deep breath count to ten.Sit down and read the manuals, that come with this great aircraft take some time to setup your aircraft. I can`t stress how important it is set up your load master for the 747-400 first then work your way through the aircraft it is very easy. When you follow the instuctions you find what a joy it is to fly using the fmc on the aircraft you never want to fly any other aircaft once you learn how.When you think you are ready to give it a fly. Try using a straight out flight that ends with a straight in landing may I suggest YBBN to YSSY departRWY19 Brisbane Land RWY 16R Sydney try this flight till you get the hang of it then. When you feel confident fly where everYou want to. But first you have to put in time to read things.And dont be afraid to ask if there is somthing you dont understand. Cheers Greg
  13. Hi Ray, Glad you liked the pictures, no i dont own a digital SLR camera,I did not even take the photos . A mate I work with had them emailed to him. We dont even know who the photographer was!But the pictures were taken about five minutes from were I live. Which is over towards Balmain.Anyway thats the story behind the pics.I bet you you miss Australia having lived over towards the beachesfor a while.Have you been back since then?Also something I read inthe forum was that Norman has left PSS due to health problems.Have you spoken with him lately? Anyway if you do pass on my best wishes to him. Anyway good to talk with you Ray. Cheers Greg YSSYPS Yes I do live in Sydney hence the YSSY
  14. Hi Ray, Sorry to hear about the RSI that is nasty stuff,I do hope you get that sorted out. All is good ` down under`. We had a great electrical storm the other night. Not much rain with it but quite a show just the same. I have pics I will try and post. I know its a bit of the topic but worth while having a look at just the same. Cheers. Greg YSSY
  15. Hi Ray, welcome back, how are you? Cheers Greg YSSY
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