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  1. Over the years with Win10 if I've learned anything, I've learned that even though your account may be at administrative level, you should still (if you know the app is from a reputable source) choose the option to "run as administrator" ! Many smooth installs using that thinking.
  2. All, Read the following and take note: https://wccftech.com/nvidia-hints-at-rtx-3080-graphics-card-with-20gb-memory I'm in the same boat and waiting so to speak.
  3. Ian, Managing many (~300) desktops running 1909 and 2004, I have learned that every update before 2004 must be run first. Attempt to do a check for updates and be absolutely sure that you have run every update. Try that first and let us know. Best of luck... Chris
  4. Hi Rob, Thanks for the tests. I too dabbled with FS2004 and a ramdisk quite a while back when still using a mechanical drive and saw how CPU dependent that piece of software really was! Great insight and a good reason to spend your $$ on a better CPU / cooling solution. Thanks.
  5. As a general rule, MS should concentrate on the main engine and provide simple ATC and AI for users to start with. The SDKs should provide for third parties to let the program shine for those that wish to have more accurate traffic and ATC. They (MS) probably can't do everything in the time frame provided. With that said, some of the better third party applications can then expand upon the controller concept. Win win situation for all involved!
  6. I find it hysterical how a discussion about some possible tech aspects of a new flight simulator always leads to drama and hysteria! Enjoy the teases out of MS, read the updates and go for the ride and hope for the best! Chris
  7. Tony, Please try this...remove power plug from PC and press the on button to discharge the M/B and capacitors. Then plug back in and restart. If it starts and runs OK, it's most likely the main board. Also make sure you have a fresh battery on the mainboard. Sounds like the M/B or maybe power, but most likely the M/B. To make life easy, get another exact same board and swap out to allow system transparency.
  8. Many years ago I was fortunate to attend multi-day seminars in Boston at Harvard hosted by John Donovan discussing the three-tiered approach to computing. Back-end servers, middle-layer processing and front-end presentation. This in effect is what I believe will be the approach as you have spelled out, as well as a previous post describing Azure processing in the background as we reap the benefits of flying in a very realistic world. Interesting to see what comes about. My feeling is that this will be an Ala-carte solution based on the amount of data to be made available. We'll wait and see. Exciting times ahead! Chris
  9. Sorry for the late reply as I just saw this, but if I can help others with the same problem, so be it..... I too have had this issue for quite some time. Appeared out of nowhere one day on my Win10 ver1809 build. I ctrl-alt-del and shut down the instance of FSX running then restart it again and have no issues for that session from then on. I run nothing out of the ordinary that isn't mainstream here and keep my system at peak performance, even though I still run an Intel 2500K and a FTW1070 for graphics. Sorry you had to rebuild, but at least problem solved for you.
  10. Rob, Try this site...I use it for trying different combinations of hardware before I "dream" of my new system.....http://thebottlenecker.com/#home Interesting results often times. Regards.....Chris
  11. TrentXWB, As an answer to your original question, and a clarification, if you are adding then get the F4-3200C14D-16GVR and not the 32GVR. The 32GVR set is 32gig in 2 or 4 sticks. The 16GVR is 2 8 gig sticks that can be added in the spare slots, as long as your M/B comes with 4 memory slots! Everything else that other members said about quantity of memory is still valid. 32gig will help if using the PC especially for photo or video applications, etc... Hope that helps.
  12. Tom, Experienced same if not similar until I found out it was my video cable...went from a display port to an HDMI (did not have a dual DVI) and have never had the problem again. Hope this helps as it was quite frustrating as well. FYI... this was on a P68 board running an i5-2500K and an AMD card. Now using a FTW1070. Chris
  13. I'm in a similar situation with an i2500K. Waiting to pull the trigger on new hardware real soon but as a reference for bottlenecks I use http://thebottlenecker.com From what I have seen, the bottleneck with your updated system would be the m/b and cpu running such a high-end gpu. Even my system running a EVGA FTW1070 gets a 30% bottleneck because of my motherboard, an ASRock P68 and the i2500K. BUT...my FSX is still stutter free. I fly the QW 757 with lots of ORBX, UTX NA and AS16 on SSDs, not mechanical HDs. Regards
  14. Veemaniq, Give spybot's anti-beacon utility a try and let us know. Enable all options. It stops a lot if not all of the constant reporting and chatter over the network from your Win10.
  15. Even though I was a technet subscriber and had access to the Win 10 betas, I haven't had time to keep up and DL the betas. When the anniversary update is available to all beginning on August 2, we shall see! Thanks for the heads up. BTW...I just like the older Win7 (and XP) look to my menus and screens...and others may as well, so to each his own! Chris
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